The Holidays Made Easier with our Amazon Echo

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We’re in full on holiday mode over here and the kiddos have been lovinggg it. It’s such a crazy time of year but I’m really trying my best to slow down and have lots of laid-back family fun time. Now that we’re in the new house, it’s nice to be home as a fam while bringing in fun activities to keep the kids occupied which you know can be tricky at this age 😉 Today I’m sharing some snaps of how we’re kicking off the holidays and new purchase that has been SO helpful in our household!

Luca and Ava both love baking with me, so that’s always something I try to incorporate into the holidays. To help us do this, I’ve been using the Amazon Echo non-stop. Baking with two busy kids isn’t the easiest thing in the world (mamas, you know what I’m talking about), so the Echo is what I use to keep the process fun and somewhat sane!

You girls might remember I mentioned the Echo as a great tech gift this year and I can’t rave about it enough. I actually keep ours in the kitchen because I use it so often for so many things. Listening to music, creating playlists, checking the weather, holiday shopping and even creating our weekly grocery lists. Everyday I’m finding more and more ways it’s come in so handy!

As mentioned above, baking is one of our all-time favorite things to do right now. Ava and Luca are obsessed, and I love creating these fun memories with them, especially during the holiday season. But let’s just say the Echo is a Mama Must for baking with littles. Things can get chaotic when I’m in the kitchen with these two, but the Echo helps in so many ways. Setting timers, reading step by step instructions and converting measurements are just a way the echo helps keep baking sane over here!

This week the kids requested sugar cookies, so I asked Alexa to help find an easy sugar cookie recipe for us. She found one instantly!

To make sure we had all the ingredients, I asked Alexa to call them out and create a list for me (which is amazing because she can create the list and then send it directly to my phone via the Alexa app. No need to write it down myself)

Luckily we had all the ingredients already on hand but Ava who is very eager to write at this stage, jotted down her own little list too ;).

amazon echo alexa

Another bonus to baking with Alexa 😉 was that fact that I could call out to her for the next steps in the recipe. It was SO much easier than a cookbook or trying to scroll through my phone with messy hands. And the fact that Alexa can convert measurements depending on what types of tools you’re baking with is MAJOR. Definitely key for a fun and easy family holiday experience like baking this time of year! 

And what holiday baking session is not complete without some tunes! Luca wanted some Christmas jams on and so I asked The Amazon Echo to play some, and it was great to have music without having to find a playlist (not my strong suite). Basically, the Echo was my very helpful second set of hands for this fun baking sesh! We’ll definitely be keeping the Echo in the kitchen for more holiday baking, cooking, and for family dance parties 😉

The Echo would be such a perfect gift for any family member on your list or parents who need an extra hand so definitely keep it in mind while doing your shopping! They have several on promo SALE right now and found it currently on SALE for $69!! 

One big fun mess, tons of yummy treats, and end less smiles later, we made these adorable melting snowman sugar cookies. Thank you Alexa for helping us creating this super cute snowman sugar cookies and Christmas memories!


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