September is going to be a FABULOUS month!! H&M and ZARA are finally getting on board and offering online shopping on their websites!!! yeahhhhhhh!!! Let me say it again…Yeahhhhh!!!! It seems they will be UK sites unfortunately… but at least we will be able to browse all the clothes and hopefully they will have shipping to US! Im keeping my fingers crossed for a great return policy as well!!

Also is bringing their website to the US!! That means cheaper and faster shipping! I seriously cant wait!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh!! That is awsome!!! I dont know if its bcz I am too lazy to drive to the mall or I hate waiting in lines at the cashier and dressing rooms or bcz summer parking is rediculous… but I am so stoked for Hm and Zara online. I heard about Zara for September but I did not know about Hm!!! Yay!!


  2. This is good…but it could be bad too, lol! I'm sooooo excited though! Zara and H&M are my favorite places to shop, but they are both kind of far from where I live. This will be heaven!

  3. @petiteasiangirl…youre right! 🙁 I got so excited! It is a UK online store but it will be better than the current website and hopefully they will have shipping to the US and better return policy than topshop! I will update post xo

  4. Hey Andee are you sure Zara is shipping to the US as well? It seems like on the website they list a bunch of different countries but not ours :/ I realy hope they are, I think I am the most excited about Zara! Oh and Asos is shipping to the US for free until aug. 31st =)

  5. @aleksis not sure as of yet if they will be shipping to US but they would be silly not to! And good to know about free shipping till aug 31st thats awesome! xo

  6. I am so excited I can't wait. I visited H&M for the first time when I was in Vegas in June and loved it. I was upset that they didn't have online shopping. I contacted headquarters to find out if they had catalogs to send out. But so glad that they finally considered this. Thanks for sharing. I may do a post about this on my blog for my readers if they don't know yet.


  7. Woah, I feel like a neanderthal I can't believe this is the first I heard of H&M and Zara offering online shopping! Thanks for sharing this, my credit card is going to hurt a lot as I really like online shopping.

    I am crossing my fingers for a lenient exchange process though…

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