Our Puppy Q&A and Must Haves

I know it’s been a several months since we brought our new French Bulldog Beau home but you girls seem to be interested in alllll the puppy thangs. I put up a question box last week where you girls sent in puppy/dog questions so I wanted to answer those here today along with some of the products we’ve found most helpful for training.

It’s safe to say it had been a long time since I had to train a puppy. For those who don’t know, we had a Frenchie named Louie who passed away last year and we had her for 12 years. We all had a very hard time with losing her (Ava especially took it the hardest as they grew really close over her last couple years) and we knew we definitely wanted another frenchie baby. We surprised the kids during quarantine (you can see their sweet reaction on my IGTV HERE– UGH my heart!). Needless to say Beau has been just what we needed this past year and has already brought our family so much joy! Seems like we’re not the only fam who brought home a quarantine puppy, so let’s dive into some of the question you girls left …..

Q: Favorite shampoo, treats, toys, harness and anything other new puppy must haves?! Give us all the things!

A: Frenchies are sensitive with allergies and skin so the treats we like These Buckley Trainers  small and perfect for training and also these Whole Paws.

For Shampoo we currently use This Fragrance Free Shampoo 

A harness is a Must for this breed- This one is similar to the one we have.

We try not to let Beau go upstairs especially during potty training (bc we have some carpet upstairs) so this folding gate has been great for blocking off the stairs until he was fully trained. I like that it folds so the kids can easily move it too and no climbing  over or assembly required.

New pet equals new smells. 😉 I posted this Area Smart diffuser on IG last week and it’s been great at keep our main living area smelling refreshed.

Lastly this grow me with crate is great for those first few months of training. It allows you to start small with the amount of space you give the puppy in their crate (if you give too much space they tend to pee in their bed) and then you can keep adjusting and adding more space for them as they get bigger. I Also love that it comes with a cover that goes over the top.

Q: How was Beau’s temperament as a baby? Just got our Frenchie and she’s giving me anxiety!

A: He was so so sweet. This is our first time ever having a boy dog so we weren’t sure what to expect but honestly he is such a sweet chill boy. He definitely has his “crazy runs” and wild bursts of energy (which are hilarious) but think those are pretty common. We definitely  have to walk this guy a lot (Louie HATED walking ha!).

Q: Boy dog names you loved but didn’t use?

A: Maverick, George Michael (lol I laugh every time), Duke ( or should I say “The Duke” for my Bridgerton fans) , Bosco and gosh I think there were a few others but as soon as my mom said “Beau” ( French for handsome) we knew it was the one.

Q: What do you feed him?

A: We currently are feeding him This Food (sorry couldn’t track it down on Amazon)

Also we had to get this feeding bowl which is great if your dog inhales their food. Louie did the same thing where she would inhale her food and then end up throwing it up and Beau did the same thing. This bowl has been awesome because it forces them to slow down when they eat.

Q: Did he have an issue with barking? My dog just turned 1 and the barking is driving me insane.

A: So luckily Frenchies aren’t major barkers. They actually make a hilarious sound when they get worked up that almost sounds like they’re talking (it’s crazy lol) but luckily Beau doesn’t bark often unless he’s in a super playful mood.

Q: How many times did he pee on your rug?!

A: Oh my gosh don’t ask my husband that lol. Oh he has a few accidents but honestly both Beau and Louie were super easy to train. If you have a pet This Pet Stain Remover Device needs to be the first thing you purchase! Literally the best $79 you’ll spend.

Q: Do you use anything specific to try and keep him from chewing furniture?

A: So I feel like he definitely chewed more than Louie which was my biggest concern after moving into a new house! I will say stock up on chew bones and new toys so they always are chewing on the right things. We have been through several and this style that’s thicker is the best! As even Beau tried to swallow that thinner ones before her was even half way done with it. The thicker braided style lasts longer and requires them to chew more.

Q: Do they shed a lot? I want one!

A: No Frenchies don’t shed that much!

Q: How does he do in the heat and running with the kids? Wondering if a Frenchie could “keep up with us”.

A: Ha, Louie never even liked to walk but Beau seems to be the one leading the pack here! You just have to be careful with the heat and this breed.

Q: Best tips for new Frenchie moms please!

A: Prepare to fall in loooove! Stock up on lots of chew toys. They’re pretty easy to train but they do tend to have more health issues are they get older. They also seem to be more sensitive with skin and allergies. They are so fun and their personalities are the BEST. Oh also be prepared for bad gas and snoring ha!


Alright frenchie moms, did I miss anything else!? Feel free to chime in!

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  1. Frenchie Mama over here too! Our frenchie is quite active compared to the one I had growing up so we definitely needed things to distract her with. On Amazon there is a treat dispensing ball (under $15) that she LOVES. Instead of treats we just put a little of her kibble in it. Easy entertainment for her!

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