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Needless to say I did some serious DAMAGE today! I found so many great things and cant wait to share them with you! My bday is less than two weeks away so im justifying it as early presents 😉

So we all know I’ve been eyeing this jacket from H&M. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I went to the store and saw this guys sitting all alone in my size!!! It was meant to be. Well I tried it on and I actually didnt end up purchasing it! It just didnt give me that “YOU NEED THIS” feeling 🙂

I tried the black as well ( which i liked better)

What did give me the “I NEED THIS” feel was this amazing shearling jacket from Zara!! Im absolutely in love with it and it was only $79!!!! Can you believe that? I thought for sure it would be like most of their jackets $199. So happy and I LOVE the camel color! ( If you look at H&M’s magazine they have a sick one on the cover which should be in stores in two weeks)

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  1. Gorgeous jackets. I had my eye on this too from online but you saved me a trip. I've been looking for a good leather jacket – but they all seem so short/cropped this year!

    Found a cute one at BR, but again, just way too short!

    The search continues.

  2. Happy early bday! What a fun way to treat yourself 😉 I love the shearling jacket! BTW, did you go to the South Coast Plaza by any chance? I know we are both SoCal girls and that mall is the closest to me that has a Zara.
    ♥ Noelle

  3. thanks so much girls! @beautygirl24 YES I did get it at South Coast plaza! didnt realize we were so close 😉 Unfortunately it was the last small. Maybe they will be getting more in or you can call another Zara to see if they can ship it to you! xo

  4. Wait, Did you get the black one? Or just the shearling? I am in love with the last jacket! I feel like I need to go look for it…I always end up getting "inspired" by your fashion posts (im a copy cat) 🙂

  5. @shaglam no I didnt get the black one.. i loved it but i already have two black leather jackets. I did get the shearling jacket and am sooo excited about it! Dont worry we all get "inspiration" from all over the place! Thats the best thing about blogs! Im flattered xo

  6. I actually really like the black leather jacket from H&M on you, too bad it's like $199. It'll go on sale hopefully, very few people go to H&M just to blow $199 on a jacket. In any case, I really like the black leather jacket on you!

  7. Ugh you're so lucky you have an H&M and Zara nearby..I need to move to California! I LOOOVE (singsongy) that shearling jacket, I've been eyeing clogs with shearling liner and also a leather jacket, too cute!

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