Look for Less: Cargo Blouse

Ive have been lusting over cargo blouses for the past few months. Elizabeth and James and Equipment have nailed the look but unfortunately Im over spending $200 on a top. I just ordered these two blouses and cant wait to get them!

Get the look for less with this version from Nordstroms for only $68! Also I had to add in the leopard top from Nastygal.com. Some leopard print can come off looking cheap but I LOVE how bold this one is. The crop in the front and longer hem in the back give it that extra edge!

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  1. that leopard blouse is fab. i agree, leopard can read cheap sometimes, but i think that print is perfect and paired with something neutral would look great. I can't believe that DASH Miami is so terrible! That's so disappointing to hear. You'd think with all of their publicity, they would have an amazing store to live up to the hype. Maybe DASH NYC will be different? High hopes, I'm sure.

  2. thanks ladies! @kathryn I got the white one from Nordstroms…depending on how much I love it i may have to get it in black as well. Although I am trying to stop purchasing black colored items. I have so many. @shimmering2light I know exactly which one your talking about from h&m!! so bummed though I am in miami for another couple weeks and we have no H&m's here! 🙁

  3. I love cargo blouses as well. The ones you got are super cute! I know what you mean about being over spending $200 on a shirt. It is really frustrating that so many shirts are $200-300! I love elizabeth and james, but everything is always over priced =(

  4. @jadore im glad im not alone with not wanting to spend hundreds on a top. I have had so much success with finding great clothing for cheap that it seriously kills me to spend $200 on a top! @ Dhalia I know exactly which one you are talking about! I wanted to purchase it but we dont have an H&M in Miami 🙁 Im having withdrawls

  5. the leopard one is amazing, and just like one of the ladies mentioned before H & M has amazing ones…I feature a beautiful blue menswear inspired cargo blouse in a recent post that was only $12.95 plus it was buy one get one 1/2 off so I also got a black one all under $20..insane. You must check out H & M as soon as you get back home, they have amazing Fall pieces. Check out the blue blouse in my recent post titled BLUE MONDAY…

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