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Morning lovvvves! I feel like I share so much on insta-stories and snap but i’ve received quite a few requests for a
“Life Lately” post so today i’m sharing all kinds of randomness via the camera roll 😉 and it’s a LONG one so here we go!

My baby girl is 5!!

First off thank you all SO much for all your sweet comments on my instagram post last night. I feel so grateful reading each and every one of them and we are so lucky to have such a loyal blog-insta fam. Seriously though With so many inspiring blogs these days it is the biggest compliment to know you girls still come here to hang with us! There’s no better compliment than to hear that you some of you girls have been following along since I was pregnant with Ava! Bananas! So thank you!

But yes Ava is freakin’ five! Can you believe it?! The time has seriously flown by (although yes some of the early days definitely felt longggg). I mentioned on my instagram post last night that growing up I always thought I wanted three boys (three kids? what the heck was I thinking lol….clearly that was before I had one ;). When I found out I was having a girl I was in shock and wasn’t sure how it would be. Fast forward 5 years later and I could NEVER imagine not having a daughter. The bond we share is unlike any i’ve known and am so grateful to get to experience it. I’m getting teary eyed this morning even writing it! Ava is sweet and sassy and prettiest much the funniest little human I know. She is such a an amazing big sister and has way more patience with her little brother than I do at times 😉 She is such a little nurturer. It’s so crazy to me that she is a major mommy’s girl. I’m definitely the disciplinarian in the house so i’m still in shock that she is all about mama mama mama 😉 She did get my stubbornness so I am curious to see how the teenage years will go with this girl lol but I am forever grateful to this babe for making me a mama and truly showing me the deepest love there is! Happy Birthday my Sweet Ava Layne!

Okay back to the camera roll randomness 😉

So this year Ava wanted to have her birthday at a jump park. I immediately was on board because I feel like it’s so much easier when you don’t have to host at your home. Well unless you can’t control your inner party planning mode. Between the decorations, balloon, gift bags, cake/cupcakes and food this mama was in need of some bubbly when we got home 😉 PS I seriously need to find a balloon delivery service in OC. I always go to Party City to get our balloons but it is straight up comedy hour when 15 minutes later I take them out of the car and they’re a tangled mess. If you girls know of any, please feel free to share! Cake and cupcakes (as always) are from Susie Cakes. I love Sprinkles but seriously think Susie Cakes is even better!

Last month we skipped school 😉 and met up with my bestie and her babe to have a “No Boys Allowed” day

Besties and our babes XO

Shoe game strong!

My Golden Goose Sneaks, Ava’s Adidas, Peyton’s Checkered Vans (back in stock in white HERE) and Lolo’s Chucks

Ugh this sweetness!

Ugh, my girl! This pic freakin’ melts me!

Warm soft preztels….My weakenesssss

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

these moments xo

A few weeks ago a few of my girlfriends and I had a girls night out in LA. We were laughing because now a days (with everyones crazy mom schedules) we literally have to book our outings a month in advance. Needless to say we made the most of the long awaited night out because it was one of the best girls night i’ve had in awhile! We had dinner at the beautiful CATCH restaurant. Although I will say getting a reso was seriously comedy hour. There’s no direct line, you have to email them for a reservation to which I never got a response. Luckily one of my girlfriends was able to to get us a reso. If you’re looking for a scene, celeb hot spot this place is definitely it. The food was good and it’s worth checking out but I wasn’t blown away by it.

The whole decor at CATCH was pretty gorgeous though

After dinner we headed Delilah a new hotspot in LA for drinks

LOVED this place! It’s more of a lounge than club with topless burlesque dancers (hey hey hey). The cocktails and DJ were amazing! We definitely shut the place down that night complete with a Del Taco Drive through and home at 4am whhhhat?!  When I came home my husband said “what is this, Spring Break”?! hahaha Moms Gone Wild. It is also safe to say that with a two day hang over we won’t be rallying like that again for awhile 😉

oh they also do dinner there too so you can always make a late dinner reso and then stay later when it turns into a lounge.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Nicholas Top (Sold Out but similar plunging neckline options HERE and HERE) // Skinnies // Chanel Boy Bag

February was a crazy busy month for us too. My best friend flew in from the east coast and we did a day trip to Malibu. They have so many great wineries up there that are worth putting on your list! This trip we did the Malibu Wines Sarfari (although we booked late and ended up having to do the hike instead).


It was pretty awesome getting to see all the animals on the property and getting feed this guy!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Please excuse my hike attire 😉

This place was awesome but let me just say hiking for wine = no bueno lol. I HIGHLY suggest booking in advance and taking the open roof SUV group tour! Have to say I was quite envious of them driving by with wine in their hands as we were sweating trekking up hill. 😉

Our lives have been a COMPLETE juggling act these days (with no signs of slowing down anytime soon) but two things that always take priority are quality time with the kiddos and DATE NIGHT! Thank the lawwwrd for date night. After being married 8 years,  juggling two work schedules, a new home build and two high energy babes it’s easy to get lost in the busyness/craziness. I know it’s so important to have that “us” time still so date night is something we look forward to every week. It’s just time for us to disconnect, be silly and recharge.

Here are a few date night snaps from this past month

Unwashed hair called for a Wide Brim (Same style different color HERE and another classic favorite HERE)// Off The Shoulder Knit (on SALE now HERE and HERE) // Skinnies (under $100 and restocked in all sizes HERE) // Givenchy Bag

Movie Dates call for Moto Jackets and Fun Cami’s

 (This jacket and My Camo Jacket are two pieces I wear ALL the time)



and a little more dressy with this hawwwt little off the shoulder top (I’m wearing an XS but probably could have gone with a Small) I actually just discovered This Site on Pinterest and hadn’t heard of it before. You’ll definitely be seeing more of their pieces on The Honeybee in the future as they have some REALLY cute and budget friendly pieces!

Last month Ava and I took our first ever solo trip back east to see my family. I am from Northern Virginia originally (and was so surprised at how many of you girls are from VA too!) I’ve lived in SoCal for over 16 years now but I think VA will always be home for me. Anyhow I was a little nervous that she would miss home but Ava had the best time EVER. I think being spoiled with attention from Meme, papaw and all the cousins definitely had something to do with it 😉

6am LAX airport arrival definitely called for mismatched PJ travel style 😉

For me …. Bomber Jacket // Skinnies // Sneaks // Carry On Suitcase and Oversized Travel tote (crazy good look for less HERE)

I was just going to write you girls and say how much I love Virgin America but I just got an email this morning that they are merging with Alaska Airlines in 2019. They have seriously been one of my favorites to fly so if you have the chance definitely check them out!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We decided to make this trip a girl only trip mainly because flying with Luca has been kind of a nightmare at this stage. We’ve been sticking to two hour flights with him but he is getting better with an iPad. We are debating and trip to Hawaii in a couple months so we’ll see how he does. Have you moms ever brought your car seat on board and buckled them in that for a flight? I’ve heard a couple people mention it before and wonder if that might work better?  Please let me know!


and daily mom wear

Skinnies // Camo Jacket // My go to Flowy Basic V Neck // Sneaks ($59!) // Phone Case and Goyard Tote

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Can you tell I LIVE in this Camo Jacket still?! //Free people Off the Shoulder/Open Shoulder Tee // Givenchy Bag // Phone Case

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Whenever I have time to kill in LA  waiting for traffic to die down, you will most likely find me at Barney’s 😉 It’s definitely my favorite pit stop and Fred’s upstairs is a great restaurant with Beverly Hill views.

This bag was calling my name but……

I ended up with This Chloe Bucket Bag! (Top and Boots (on SALE HERE if you’re lucky enough they have your size/ and available in Tan HERE)

and lastly my favorite view ever! Mornings with these two are the best especially when they’re actually sharing the iPad  😉

Okay sorry this was photo overload! I hope you all enjoyed this snippets and let me know if theres anything else you’d like me to post on! xo

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  1. I cannot believe Ava is FIVE! Our babies are growing up so quickly, it kills me! Love the special bond you have with her. And don’t worry, I very well may fill your shoes on having three boys one of these days…ha!

    1. awww always love having messages from you N! Can you believe how quickly they’ve grown?!Ugh! I remember finding you when you were prego with Ethan too! Are you guys trying again?! Hat is off to you mama! These two definitely keep me on my toes 😉

  2. Loved this roundup! We did Hawaii when Mila was 15 months and took her car seat on the plane. She did pretty well because she slept part of the way – when she was awake it was hard to keep her totally entertained but she did great in Hawaii. Now that I have 2 little ones I am pretty sure Hawaii will have to wait until little man is at least 3.

    1. okay right cause its such a long flight! If we decide to go I think we will try to car seat just because it was so hard keeping him in his seat. Thanks for the tip love xo

  3. Noooo way! Loved all of these but you completely made my day by saying you’re from Northern Virginia! I grew up in Arlington and am closer to Tyson’s now. It would have been so exciting to see you out and about while visiting 🙂 have a great weekend!

  4. I spent most of my childhood in Northern Virginia! I grew up in Alexandria! Love these posts and I love that green bomber! What size did you get? I’m usually an xs just want to make sure!

    1. oh no way! So crazy how many of my Honeybee babes are from VA! I grew up outside of Quantico and then my moved move to the Fairfax area 😉 I always love coming home!

  5. Even you I follow you on Snapchat, Instagram AND Instastories…I feel like I can’t get enough!! So definitely keep up the ‘life lately’ blogposts because we get to hear a bit more details about what you’ve been up to.

    I don’t have kids yet but I love hearing that couples have date nights once a week – do you have a set evening for that? And how do you manage with the kids? That’s definitely something I’d like to maintain when the times for us 🙂

    1. awww thanks so much Seppy! and date nights are a MUST! We make it a point to do one once a week. It was hard for the kids at first so I would always set up some sort of craft/distraction to ease us leaving but now they are totally used to it and actually get excited for the sitter ;)))

  6. Carseat on the plane = LIFE. Seriously. Keeps them from demanding to get down and run around like the wild banshees they are 😉 XO

    1. lol i love that you said banshees because i totally call them that too ;))) And so glad you said it works! We will def be trying it out on our next trip!

  7. That was a fun little catch-up post with great tips & links. And, I agree, Susie Cakes alllllll day! By far the best cupcakes (& cake) in OC, now that I’m on assignment out of state, Susie Cakes is one of the places I miss the most!!

    1. thanks so much Emily and for following along over the years 😉 It’s always the best hearing that! I SO need to be better about my Honeybee Health posts! Sorry i’ve lagged but will try to get those up more frequently for you girls xo

  8. Balloon tip: take a couple wide tooth combs and a roll of painters tape with you when you pick them up. Wind 1-5 balloon ribbons around the back of the comb (so that the tines serve as a separator) and secure with a length of tape across the length of the comb so none of the ribbons shift or come undone. Makes moving them around and undoing them onsite SO MUCH EASIER and faster. It will not weigh them down, however, so hang on to the comb(s)!

  9. Everytime I see a new post from you I am all over it. Love seeing your pics and living life thru you vicariously lol. You’re def the most interactive blogger I have seen so thank you for that!!!

  10. I remember stumbling across your blog while researching reviews for the Marc Jacobs diaper bag back in 2012. I have loved seeing your posts on real life with kids, diet, exercise, and fashion. We just had our third baby last week and that diaper bag is still one of our favorite things!

    My first baby will be turning 5 this summer and I cannot believe it!

    1. awww congrats babe and thank you! I LOVE hearing that 😉 and you just reminded me i need to add that bag to my toddler/baby must have list. Isn’t it seriously the best?! we have used that thing to death and it’s still in great shape! Thank you for following along over the years love xo

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