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HAPPY Friday my Honeybeeee Fam! It’s been a minute so today I am sharing some random Camera Roll Love and little REAL TALK on life lately…

First I wanted to say thank you girls so much for all the warm wishes and birthday love you showed on instagram this past weekend. I feel so blessed to have such a loyal little community and seriously appreciate each and every one of you! The kids made their annual mommy breakfast in bed which consisted of instant oatmeal with a candle in it 😉 (freakin’ melts my heart! I shared it on my insta stories if you girls caught it) and a big ol’ chocolate cake from Susie Cakes (another tradition we seemed to have started).

For date night we got a little more fancy and the hubby took me to Nobu to finish off the day! We made it home early enough to finish Narcos (have you girls seen this season? I swear its better than the last one!)

Obsessing over the prettiest light fixtures at Nobu (if you girls haven’t been, definitely put it on your list!) It’s definitely pricey but even if you just go for drinks before sunset it’s so pretty right on the water.


Being that it is my birthday month I had to do a  little #TreatYo’Self 😉 I love golden goose sneaks and was on the hunt for this style everywhere last year but they were sold out. They finally came back in stock HERE and I had to snag them! If you dig The Goose here are a few more i’m loving…..

They’re definitely not budget friendly sneaks but I also live in THESE and THESE (and both are under $100!)

pelican hill resort newport beach

Over the weekend Pelican Hill treated us to a cabana at their pool so we went a few friends and enjoyed these amazing views!

(Ruffle Off the Shoulder Swimsuit HERE)


And apparently I have been living under a rock because this was my first time trying F`rose and it was LIFE CHANGING;) (no but really SO good!)

lovers and friends dress

Poolside attire Favorite Sunnies , High Waist Cut Off’s  and Striped Button Down Cover Up (waited forever for this one to come back in stock)

givenchy sunglasses

SUNDAYS are for Sidecar Donuts

side car donuts

My Boys  xoxo

gender reveal idea

My bestie had her gender reveal recently and they did it in the cutest way. They had two cakes, put candles on both and when they blew them out … the cake of the gender they were having had trick candles on it….so they stayed lit. I just thought it was such a cute idea and had to share!

Big Boy Status

minnow swim swimsuit

Lots of play dates and pool parties at friends houses this Summer…

adidas iniki

as well as trips to the zoo and disneyland.

(I just got the hubby These Sneaks and he loves them)

san diego zoo

Early morning “coffee” dates with this babe

These moments are EVERYTHING

u2 concert

U2 was on my hubby’s bucket list so I surprised him with tickets when they came to LA this Summer.

andddd the best part about concerts…the food!

and lastly lets talk back to schoooool

As you mama’s know school is officially back in session and I have to say it hasn’t been the easiest adjustment over here. Ava LOVES kindergarten and is pretty much excited to go everyday but it’s definitely been harder for me than I thought it would be. I held back the tears on the first day at school but totally had a moment when she came downstairs with her little backpack on (and mama quickly had to put on her shades). Kindergarten just feels like SUCH a long day and I only know what’s going by asking her a million questions at pick up  (and you moms know how un detailed their responses can be lol). I do feel much better now after going to back to school night and have signed up to volunteer in the class so we’re making progress! I hope to look back on this post and say “omg you were such a new Kinder mom….Now I can’t wait for Summer to be over and for the kids to back in school all day” lol.

gucci pearl slides mom style (My Pearl Slides // Ava’s Sneaks that I love bc they zip up in the back)

Celebrating her first day at big girl school with a little Pinkberry stop:)

As for Luca…

Let me just say kudos to you mama’s who got their first day of school shot with the cute little chalk board because this is only shot we got this week.

I didn’t expect starting school to be so tough for this guy and don’t you just feel the worst when you have to leave them crying?! Ugh! As soon as I leave he stops crying but I just HATE that feeling. Luca has also been potty trained for months (still sleeps in a diaper though) but he already had two accidents at school which he never does at home. I’m not sure if he’s regressing or just out of his routine but it just hasn’t been the smoothest start. I think maybe I remember Ava having a couple accidents too but just not back to back. I know it will just take him a couple weeks to get adjusted to the new schedule and today he actually didn’t cry at drop off today so YEAH!

I also receive a lot of comments and questions about blogging full time and “how do you do it all” and the answer is …I don’t. I have days where I am kicking ass and think… yes I got this! Then I have days were I feel so busy and overwhelmed (and without sounding too dramatic….defeated). This new schedule with two kids in two different schools with two different drop off and picks, plus soccer and swim practice, meeting with contractors/ architect and picking out finishes for our new home andddd attempting to grind away on The Honeybee is a CONSTANT juggle. I know social media is place to share inspiring photos and your “highlights” but I also feel like sometimes it can have a negative effect and make people feel like they don’t have it all together like everyone appears to on their insta feed. I feel it’s important to share that as much as I do try….most days (especially lately) I struggggle too.

 So I wanted to apologize again for the lack of posts recently. I truly do have a million different things I want to share and incorporate on here but feel like i’m all over the place with our new schedule. So needless to say I am realizing I can’t “do it all” and am now focusing on growing my Honeybee Team  (we’re hiring!) and can’t wait to just focus on the creative content and the interactions with you guys!

Anyhow sorry for the rambling on today but thank you girls for all the bday love and I hope you mama’s had a better back to school experience than we did 😉 xo

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  1. Hi Andee! I’m a kindergarten teacher and let me tell you… even accidents with kinders is SO normal!! Seriously do not sweat it. Change of routines, having to ask someone (their teacher) that they don’t know very well if they can use the washroom can be scary for some kids. One of my students was holding her pee all day because she was scared to use the bathroom at school LOL! As with Ava, yes, I suggest volunteering in her class lots (even once a week for one morning) or helping the teacher with an art lesson is always great. I had a mom that had twins in my class and felt as you do with Ava, so I had her come in every wednesday from 10-12 and she would glue in pages into their memory books, so it ended up being her little job that she did and she was feeling way more “in the loop” after that. Just know that kindergarten is extremely difficult to teach (even though most people think its a cake walk 😉 but literally the first 2 months are teaching them ROUTINES… to not call out, sit properly at the carpet, how to walk in a line-up through the hallway, etc, etc.. so trust me, for the first while you won’t be missing out on much by not being in the classroom! Hope this helped a bit 🙂


    1. thank you SO much Meg! This makes me feel so much better and I am glad i volunteered in Avas class. I already feel so much better just from that. And I dont know how you Kinder teachers do it lol. I go crazy with only my two at home sometimes ;))

  2. I’m not a mom yet but I’ve had the discussion with a girlfriend about how you mamas do so much!! I think you’re doing great if you can squeeze a shower in and throw your hair in a messy bun. I think we can all put too many unrealistic expectations on ourselves. So here’s to doing the best we can and accepting the cray cray in our lives!

  3. Hope you had the best birthday mamacita! Ahh the food at Nobu was soooo good! Taking C there for his bday next week too in NY. I feel you on the kindergarten sadness … rough! 🙁 I’m sure Luca will be in a routine in no time and the struggles will be a distant memory! Until then, there’s wine! 😉 xx

  4. Yay! For hiring new staff!! You go girl, i hope that means more posts coming!.. totally get the working mama life your doing the damn thing though 🙂

  5. I think everyone says you can do it all, but keep in mind delegation is just as important as physical work. I’m a business owner too and I’m learning to request help and schedule according to the business and what I may need. Part of “doing it all” is consistently working on yourself . There are days I don’t feel like the best wife, Mother or Boss but I know to give myself a break because God will never give you more than you can bear.

  6. Omg, I thought i was the only one who had a “back to school drama”!! In France, kids starts school at 3, and my daughter Victoire who was sooooo impatient and exited starts 2 weeks ago. She had such a hard time since, she’s like a little bit depressed ans sad. Needless to say Mama is reeaaaaaaaally emotional since!!! It’s a little bit better now but I think nothing can prepare you for that!
    I think we just had to wait a little bit and give them a lot of attention (as much as we can with a new house…!!!!), and we mama definitly have to let it go sometimes and go shopping and drink a big glass of wine old with a good friend wich you can complain with ^^ We’re just human!
    With love, Anaïs

    1. omg yes its been so long since i went through it with Ava that i forgot how hard the first few weeks are ;( and amen to the winnnnne! Hope things look up for soon too love xo

  7. And i have to thank you for always being honest. It’s so rare to find a blogger who share some “real life” struggle, and highs and lows! You’re also inspirational because of your honesty 🙂

  8. I love these “life lately” moments you share on your blog!…you always share something I can totally relate to. I’m constantly learning how to embrace change when my mom/fam/work life goes through a transition. Your thoughts remind me of how big new seasons feel at first, but how quickly we adjust. Thank you for always keeping it real Andee!

  9. Per usual Love your blog. I have been slammed at work and hate my job- I feel so unorganized as if i am running around with my head cut off. But it is nice to see you being honest and reminding people that everything we see on social media is not 100% put together all the time. life is Life- the ups and the downs, xo

  10. Hi Andee! I am a momma to both a 3 year old girl and a 5 month old boy and mannnn has it been an adjustment (but I so love it)! Anyways, my question for you is how in the world do you manage to get the three of you fully dressed and fed and out the door on time in the morning? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve? I’m assuming you are a very early riser! Also, when do you squeeze in your workouts with your current schedule? Thanks in advance for your feedback and PS I love your blog! xoxo

    1. ugh! Well (if you’ve seen my insta stories;) most days i’m in a pony tail/hat and workout clothes. We have to leave so early these days to get them to school so its definitely a juggle over here too. Ava is great in the morning and super helpful….luca on the other hand is bananas. Most the time I’m trying to throw on some sort of face 😉 and he’s crawling over freshly folded laundry. I will say the early morning drop offs are good because it forces me to go to the gym after. Before Luca started school I would run on the treadmill in my garage as he napped. Sometimes it was only 30 minutes but better than nothing. I guess my advice would be to do what you can …when you can! xo

  11. I remember you posting about a new thermometer a few months ago and now I can’t find it. Can you tell me which one it was again? I’m in a need of a new one! The thermometer struggle is real! Why are they all so horrible! 😜 Thank u!

  12. Your REAL talk and vulnerability is so appreciated girl! I was just talking with some mamas yesterday about the whole “ comparison is the thief of joy” saying and being inundated with seemingly picture perfect, beautiful lives on social media. It’s refreshing to see that everybody has their moments and can share about it 😘

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