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Happy Friiiiiday girls! I have a million random shots in my phone from this past month so figured I would share all our randomness with you today…so here we gooooo!

If you follow along on Insta or Snap you girls saw we ventured back out to the desert a couple weeks ago. This time we stayed at La Quinta Resort and Spa and always love going back there. The Parker and La Quinta are probably two of our favorite places to stay. They are both kid friendly (I would say if your kids are 5/6 and below). La Quinta is less expensive but also had a larger more resort type of feel vs the Parker’s more intimate kind of  Retro vibes so really it’s just a preference.

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You definitely get more of a room for your money at La Quinta. We had two patios, full kitchen and living room.

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My favorite part about La Quinta is that the kiddos scooter everywhere. The property is so big that they can scooter to dinner, morning coffee runs with mom and to the pool. A few of you asked about the scooters Ava and Luca had an they are these ones HERE .

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I wish I could just bottle up half of this kids energy lol Thankfully he has no problem leaving his little pool vest/floaty on now! They sell these at Target and are seriously the best! (Trust me we’ve tried them ALL)

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When you FORCE your hubby to snap your pool outfit and he happily accepts (ha K that might have been an exaggeration 😉 But i’m OBSESSED with these high waist shorts I shared on instagram a couple weeks ago! My hat is under $50 HERE and my tote was restocked this season HERE! I am all about my Havianas and am loving This New Pair because they are little bit prettier than the basic rubber ones they make. They sold out in the nude at Nordstrom but found them in stock HERE.I literally would wear them to the pool and them also out to dinner at night with a dress! Best $40 spent ever.

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a little close up on the detail of these shorts !

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Desert Charm everywhere

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5pm and always the first ones to arrive for dinner 😉 #parentlife

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Cocktails and Crayons (also parent life;)

Is it just me or with boys does it get harder to dine out with them as they get older? I swear Luca is becoming more of a handful as he gets older and I thought it was supposed to get easier lol. It’s  straight up comedy hour with our very strategic  method of eating out with the kids at this stage. The waiter barely has two seconds to introduce himself before we start bombarding him with food orders for the kids ha. Then when they’re done with their food, ours comes and we quickly have to order them single scoops of ice cream to buy us five more minutes so we can finish our meals. I know a lot of my girlfriends who just forego the whole eating out with kids all together  but I feel like we don’t go out often so dinners out are something we always  look forward to….bbbbut somedays we really rethink it 😉

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Straight from the pool to dinner calls for pony tails, sunniesHavianas and comfy dresses. My dress is from last year/ another cute option HERE and HERE // Ava’s Crochet Halter Maxi and  Sparkly Jellies.

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A trip to The Living Desert is always a must (go early as it’s all outdoors and it gets HOTTTT)

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It’s definitely not always photo shoot kind of looks on the daily so here and a few of my random weekday wear shots

I’ve mentioned it before but it’s mostly denim and sneaks for school drop, running errands and playdates.  You girls know I live in This Pair of skinnies (Have Them in Gray as well and wearing above). I love my Golden Goose Sneaks but also live in these three pairs under $100 …One// Two// Three. This Short Sleeve loose fit sweatshirt is a staple of mine (also have it in gray). Phone case HERE and Proenza Schouler bag (i’ve worn for over 5 years now!) HERE.

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From pick up to Swim Class …always feel like i’m on the go. I can only imagine how even more crazy it will be when Luca starts sports and school too. Talk about crazy town!

Repeat offending in the same sneaks and jeans as above and Ava is addicted to These Little Glitter Bow Sandals.

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Target hangs with this littledude! Side note this pic is a reality check for me because he looks like SUCH a big boy already! ;(For you girls who asked on instagram this tee is by Chaser Brand and from last year but there are a whole page of my favorites HERE. Someone had also messaged me about sandals for Luca but honestly these checkered Vans are my favorite! No socks and so easy to take on and off. In STOCK in the white HERE.

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Playdates at The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. We love this place!

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I love Adidas Originals so you know I had to get Luca a pair 😉 His Gazelles available HERE. On another note I  have to say taking two kids to any kind of amusement park solo is quite the challenge these days. You seriously cant’t take your eyes off them for a second.

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Luca had a blast at the little water section they added (and ps think pic totally looks like he’s peeing;)

Saturday playdates at our favorite donut shop

Taking some to go for the hubs but 1.5 came up missing somehow on the drive home ; ) and yes that is a reindeer stuffed animal in my bag lol.

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birthday cake all around! (wearing My Favorite Boyfriends and Comfy Sneaks)

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Followed with a shoe lace tying class at Nordstrom. Yup, I had no idea they did that either (thanks to my mama friend for the tip). It was super cute but let’s just say not a huge success;)

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Never take these beautiful views for granted!

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Summer Staples

Fringe/ Beaded Beach Tote // Cut Offs // Sunnies (OBSESSED is an understatement) //Bandeau Bikini sold out in white but super cute gingham print HERE // Hat (one last place to have it in stock HERE) // and Striped Button Down

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Not yo’ mama’s denim 😉

I am obsessed with this brand and just got This Pair you’ll be seeing in my feed a lot 🙂 This Button down is $13 from H&M and I ordered two sizes up for a more relaxed fit (US size 6). H&M also had a ton of super kiddo clothes so i’ve updated my “Mini Style” section on my SHOP tab above with tons of affordable Summer picks for the littles.

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One of the best part about living in SoCal are all the amazing beaches! Last weekend the hubby had us up and at em’ at 930am to  get to beach before having to be back for Luca’s nap time. I kind of have a love hate relationship with Luca’s nap. Trust me it is greaaaat to have the afternoon down time but we also have always had our kids on a schedule . So the times when you want to “wing it” or “go with the flow” always seem to back fire on us.

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Sneakers at the beach are necessary when you go exploring for Rapunzels castle 😉 For those of you asking its Victoria Beach in Laguna. When you come down the stairs go to the right and if its low tide you can trek across the rocks to get this little secret spot!

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My Heart

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This babe! and I spy to sweeties in the back ground 😉

This sweetness /trouble maker is just so damn yummy he gets away with murrrder. I don’t know if it’s because he’s baby or what but he is into THANGS always  lol. We officially started potty training and I kind of panicked at first and didn’t remember what we were supposed to do. It’s like when someone asks you about baby stages etc and you have to really think hard about what you did with your kids because it feels like so long ago already. (Anybody? or is that just me?) I literally hear 50/50 with boys are easier and no boys are harder to potty train, so we will see. He has already gone a couple times and it was so exciting! Gummy Bears are definitely his motivation 😉

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Obsessed with these two!

Lastly, I know its easy for life to seem so perfect on instagram so please know it’s not always as beautiful as our feeds look. But this right here….I am always so lucky and grateful for. There’s not a day that goes back that I don’t think to myself how blessed I am for this crew of mine! and for you girls too 😉

I hope you all have a great weekend xoox

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  1. These are actually my favorite posts you do! You keep it so real which is why you are my favorite blogger! I have a son and daughter your kids age so it’s fun to follow along and I can totally relate to going out to eat. Exact same experience! Ha! Totally scooping up those sunnies and hat! Thanks!!!!

    1. thanks SO much girl and for taking the time to comment 😉 and seriously the dinner struggle is real lol. I hate to be the parent with the phones for entertainment at the table buttttt i think everyone would rather that than crazy kids up in the restaurant 😉 PS you will LOVE the sunnies!

  2. You are so sweet and stylish! My boy (6 now) has always been more challenging compared to his 3yo sister when it comes to dining out. (even now, ugh, though it is getting better). We start with games, then coloring, then progress to letting him hide under the table, and finally we break out the electronic devices. lol. Just one more thing I said I would never do! And I totally feel the judgement from others, but whatev.

    1. lol right?! Isn’t it funny all the judgy things we said we’d nevvvver do when we had kids , then you have kids and find yourself in the same boat lol And good to know about it getting better with boys. He’s just in full speed right now and have to just laugh at how much of ****show it is sometimes 😉

  3. Your family is just adorable!! Love these and the health posts. How many times a week do you work out and what is your routine? You look amazing! I had a baby 8 months ago and need to seriously start back up with the workouts again :/.

  4. i have to say, one you look amazing (you are motivating me to go to the gym instead of happy hour) and two, agree with the baby stages and forgetting EVERYTHING about when they did what. I swear I have more “pregnancy brain” now AFTER having my LO than I did while I was pregnant. They really just grow up so fast you have no idea where the time went and yet it feels like 5 years ago that you brought this little bundle of sweetness home (mind you, my baby is only 10 months old)
    Thanks for sharing, you are such an inspiration of the mom I totally hope to be.

  5. Oh my goodness my son is such a handful too! My daughter was such an angel we had no idea how spoiled we were! I’ve never been the type of mom to give in and give a candy to stop a tantrum but girrrrl my purse is full of gummy bears lol! Your family is always so cute to follow, and you are definitely blessed!!! What an adorable crew 😘😘

  6. Def my favorite posts!! It’s so fun to see what y’all do and makes me feel good that we’re not the only ones who struggle with certain things with our kids. Going out to dinner is for sure a challenge with our two year old and we resort to letting him watch football on my phone (GO COWBOYS!! 😉

  7. Workout post coming?! Can’t wait 🙂 your abs are 👌🏼 Was it just me, I couldn’t get your links to work from this post? They all just went to a fresh google search. Specifically interested in your list of fave band tees.

    1. thanks so much babe and yes def going to do some workout post soon for you girls ! As for the links not working Thank you for the heads up! I just checked and its a glitch they’re trying to fix asap! sorry!

  8. OMG! Luca is so big, time flies! Plus: how is it possible you have two kids??? Your body is just…ahh!
    I just got married and this is all new to me, but when I look at your photos I think everything will be ok 🙂

  9. So awesome that Nordstrom has a Shoe Tying Clinic, what a GREAT idea! I’m checking with my local store to see if they have one. And like the other ladies said, I love your Blog Roll posts. I love all your posts. You’re one of my favorite, beautiful, stylish mamas to follow. Really enjoy your blog Andee <3

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