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Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR friends! It’s been a FULL week since I posted on The Honeybee (I can’t remember the last time I did that), so I started the year off right with one of my new year resolutions and took a little “time off”‘ to disconnect and spend QT with the fam. While I am not really one for new years resolutions, I will say it is nice to set some goals and start fresh. I always like to take this time to reflect back on the year (the ups and downs), serve up some MAJOR gratitude, and also think about ways that I can better myself in the new year.

If you’ve ever tried blogging (or just being on social media in general) you know it can be an all day …365 days a year thing. While I LOVE  it, my husband often comments that at times he wishes there was an “off button,” and I have to say he’s totally legit in feeling that way. I’m sure seeing someone glued to their phone and computer all the time can get old quickly. So while it may be difficult, one of my “goals” in 2018 is to click that off button just a little more frequently and try to be more present. While the week off was a nice break, I have been itching to prep and plan some fun content for you girls in 2018! I recently expanded The Honeybee team and hope that will help me free up some time to focus on adding more health, beauty and fitness posts for you girls. Heck, maybe even some videos too! So please feel free share whatever else you girls would like to see covered!

Here are some random shots from 2017 and some ways I would like to better myself in 2018.

Most of the 2017 recaps I’ve been seeing have been shots of travel to beautiful places. While we got to experience some really fun trips this year too, I feel like the highlights of 2017 for me were more my kiddos (as this was such a huge year of growth for both of them!) and everyday life happenings.

I think one of the biggest highs (and lows) this year was both of my babies started school! Ava started Kindergarten, and while she is obsessed, I have to admit it was a hard adjustment for me at first. I’m good now, but the first few months were just such a weird (and difficult) adjustment period for me because she was gone all day and I just felt like I had no idea what was going on. You drop them off and then just hope they give you “some” information when you pick them up and ask how their day was. I started volunteering every so often in her class room and that helped a ton! She really loves her new school and it’s so crazy seeing my sweet baby turn into this little lady.

She also started reading this year (WHAT?! such a trip!), learned to tie her shoes, and also ditched the training wheels and learned how to ride her big girl bike! I’m just so freakin’ proud of this girl!

Luca…. my sweet but handful of a wild child also started school this year. In September we (aka my husband;)) decided he was ready for pre-school. I was on the fence about it as I just didn’t feel like he was as mature as his sister was when she started, but felt like the interaction and class structure would be good for him. So we jumped on the potty training and thought he was ready to roll. Btw potty training was SO much easier with him but can we talk about the aim situation?! Omg, when does that get better?!  LOL! You literally have to check the floor, seat, walls and pretty much the ceiling before sitting down bahahaha.

I think I mentioned it on Insta, but the first week was really tough with the school drop off (ugh talk about gut wrenching when they cry when you leave them). After a couple days, he was running with excitement into his new class. Then he started having potty accidents at school which he NEVER did at home. After a month of off and on potty accidents at school, we decided to pull him out. I swear we tried everything and as a mom sometimes you just feel defeated. So I chalked it up to he just wasn’t ready yet and that’s okay. To be completely honest, it gets stressful at times trying to juggle our crazy schedules, but these past four months with him home have truly been the best. I know people always say “enjoy them while they’re young,” and it is so true. Yes, some days he is crazy as $h!t LOL and I’m counting down till nap time, but all this one-on-one time truly has been the absolute best. His little personality is in FULL swing and this kid definitely marches to his own beat 😉 He is speaking so much now (I remember 6 months ago we were a little concerned he wasn’t speaking as much) and is at that super cute, yummy and fun stage!  We do plan on putting him in preschool this summer, but until then, we are soaking up all of this crazy and amazing toddler chaos because I know it will be gone in a blink!

One of my favorites from this year….Halloween with my girl! I shared these on Instagram but thought I would share them on here too 😉 At least someone in the family is excited about matching Halloween costumes.

Another year of the super hero costumes for this kid… which he basically wore for months after as well 😉

Another highlight from 2017 was celebrating 9 YEARS! of marriage with this sweet face! He will tell you it feels like we have been married for 100 years, lol, but I feel SO  blessed getting to do life with this guy. We got married a lot younger than pretty much all of our friends, but it has been the best decision I’ve ever made to date! Girls….if he makes you a priority, is good to his mama, and keeps you laughing…hang on to them!

montage laguna beach

We celebrated with a little staycation at one of our favorite spots, The Montage in Laguna Beach

If you girls haven’t been, please put this place on your list!

montage laguna beach

montage laguna beach

Dinner at LOFT is our favorite and their cheese plates are the BEST in town!


We celebrated with a couple’s massage and then hung by the pool most of the day before going home to our babes. A little quiet time away to recharge was the perfect way to celebrate. I think one of my goals last year was to have more date nights and we make that a priority just about every week! I can’t tell you how much we need and appreciate those. Especially if you have kids!

And I think one of our major highlights from 2017 was buying a tear down and beginning the crazy (and exciting) process of building our new home from scratch! We started it in early 2017 and I can’t believe it is going to be ready in just a few months!!! Ahhhh!



As  mentioned above


It’s difficult to do, but think it’s such a necessity that my family will appreciate more.


I am a control freak by nature and have a REALLY hard time relinquishing control especially with my work. I’ve done everything with The Honeybee since I started it about 8 years ago! Now with two kids crazy schedules, building a new house, prepping a move, putting our current house on the market, and working full-time, I’ve finally realized I can’t do it all. I joke with my friends I’m about to have a Britney moment with the shaved head and umbrella scene from years ago. Bless her! 😉 But I recently added to two members to The HB team and am looking for one more! I’m hoping this will allow me to continue interacting with you girls and creating better content with things I’m really passionate about.


You guys, I have been so bad with cooking lately. As mentioned above, our schedules have just been so busy that there’s been so much ordering out, and when I do cook it’s a quick throw-together kind of meal. I have been pinning so many healthy meals on my Pinterest TASTE and CLEAN EATS boards, so I’m ready to dive into those!


I’m sure this on top of everyone’s list, but honestly my schedule has been so busy that the “me time” is the first thing that goes by the wayside. I have been working out consistently since I was about 14 and LOVE working out. I used to go 5 days a week and now it’s sadly only about 2 times a week. Starting today I’m ready to get back in it! I always get asked about workouts and eating so stayed tuned for REGULAR work posts and Honeybee Health posts coming your way!


And lastly, a subject I think we ALL struggle with, comparison. The say it’s the thief of joy and sometimes it can be if you let it. I love social media and it is such a huge part of my business, and while I find so much inspiration there, it definitely has its downsides too. It can sometimes leave me feeling down, like I’m missing out on something or not doing enough. I’ll dive more into this on my Blogging Q+A I have coming up, but I’m trying not to let comparison into my life as much in 2018. I came across a quote on Pinterest earlier this week and it just rang true…

“Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the Sun and the Moon. They shine when it’s their time”.


Alright, apologies for the uber long post today but that’s where my head is with the start on 2018! 

I always love hearing your girls’ goals as well and PLEASE feel free to share what you want to see more or less of on The Honeybee this year! Last but not least, thank you girls for showing so much support over the years and allowing me to do something that I truly love! 

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  1. My favourite posts are your roundups. You honestly have the best style out of all the bloggers I follow. I love that you mix high end and low end as well. Honestly, I feel like you do a great job on everything, there’s nothing I would really improve upon, but perhaps more beauty posts? I so wish I was closer so I could help, I’ve been following for years and you’ve become my favourite blogger. Here’s to more years!

  2. Wishing you a belated happy new year, with more calm, stress-free moments! You deserve it! Always love whatever you post about, so just post whatever you want 🙂

  3. Great roundup/ reflection post! I love your goals for 2018 too and I can def. say that cooking more at home meals and trying not to compare myself with others and “kill my own joy” are on top of the list. 🙂

  4. Such a great overview and Year! I’ve been here since you were pregnant with Ava (I was pregnant with my first at the same time) and it’s incredible to see how much you’ve grown but how down to earth you are. LOVE your Honeybee Health posts and a big YES to video 😜

    And haha I swear they don’t get better at their toilet aim. I always forget to look before sitting hahahahaaa – it’s not enjoyable at all 🙊.

    All the best for 2018 and thank you for sharing all that you do. 😘😘

  5. I looove your posts! I’m excited for videos, if you do decide to make some. This year my wish is to get better natural lashes so i don’t have to rely on extensions (I paid $120 for a full natural set). I just purchased the neu-lash serum since your recommendation was sold out and I just knew it would be, MOST of the stuff you recommend is sold out by the time I view your insta stories lol

  6. Ahhh I’m so proud of you! You have accomplished so much and I’m loving your goals! I think some of these ring true for me too!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you have in store for all of us in 2018 on your blog! I know how much work you put into this space and we all appreciate it! You keep us in style, wanting to be / maintain a healthy lifestyle, and just feeling good about life by keeping it real! You’re blog is by far as good as it gets! Love you! Xoxo

  7. I absolutely love your posts!! I love and admire your honesty about life. It’s so refreshing to read someone admit that life is not perfect and things do get hard. I also want to make a goal of shutting off more and living in the present instead of on your phone all the time. Happy New Year and I look forward to reading more this year from you!

    1. thanks so much Rachael! It’s definitely hard to shut that phone off but 20 years from now i know that “off time” with the fam will be what was most important 😉 xo

  8. You are doing an amazing job! I’m pretty sure all of your followers here think there must be five of you because you somehow manage to have a successful blog, a wonderful family, and you always look perfect doing it all! As a new Mom I can definitely tell you that you’re a big inspiration for us. As a new stay at home Mom I’ve never had more of an appreciation for all the mamas out there. It’s the hardest job ever! Throw blogging in on top of it and literally my head is spinning haha! We love all your posts, maybe a little too much as hubby is starting to recognize new clothes I buy haha. He’ll tell me “that looks like an Andee Layne outfit.” This is no joke! 🤦‍♀️ And kind of embarrassing haha! Anyhow keep up the awesome work, we all appreciate it so much. I hope 2018 is the best year yet for you and your sweet little family.

    1. bahah that is the BEST compliment ever! “an AL outfit” ;))) Tell your hubby I’m sorry! lol But thank you so much for this sweet compliment love. You girls have totally made my day. And amen to REALLY having more of an appreciation for moms after you become one! It’s so crazy the things I took for granted before kiddos. Mommyhood is definitely the toughest gig of them all!

  9. Andee! I loved this post. I love the rawness and I can relate on SO much. I started blogging this year and I am already starting to feel the comparison guilt and guilt of never having an “off” switch for my family. I am always ciber connected and need disconnect more, too! Love the updates on your kiddos, as well.


  10. I have been reading since the beginning and I am in awe that you handled this all on your own with everything else going on! I hope you find some time for yourself and enjoy those days before Luca goes to school, they go so fast. And they never get the aim right, ahhhh.

    1. ahhh girl you are so so kind! I totally get frustrated with myself that I never have enough time to accomplish all that I want to with The Honeybee but have to remember at the end of the end its all about a balance xo

  11. Oh Andee, you are seriously so damn gorgeous and so humble and that sweet lady is so rare! You are a gem. I have been following since the beginning and I love seeing your family posts. I would love, love, love to see you post videos.

  12. Love this post Andee 🙂 you’re a sweetheart and such an inspiring lady! I have one little one so, I know the struggle with work/life balance. We recently started getting Hello Fresh meals and they have been a life saver. For health conscience mama’s like us it’s helped me get 3 home cooked fresh meals on our table a week. Give it a try! Maybe it could be a blog post 😉 Sending much love for you and your beautiful family in 2018.

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