I don’t know about you girls but today definitely felt like a #LetsTalk kind of day. It didn’t feel right continuing on with normal posting without chatting about the most important topic in the world (COVID19) first. I’m sure a lot of you are feeling the stress and uncertainty like us right now too, so let’s talk!

First l have to say that it’s difficult as a person with a platform to know exactly what kind of posts to do in such a time like this. I LOVE creating light hearted and inspiring posts here daily but when stuff like this happens, all you really want to do is curl up on the couch and chill with your loved ones. Non of us have experienced anything like this in our lifetime and I think it’s safe to say the shock of all the info regarding COVID19 is still setting in for most of us. All of our daily lives are shifting so this will be an adjustment period for all of us for sure. I’ve spent the past two days indoors, glued to the news and trying to explain to my little ones the severity of the situation (without totally freaking them out). That being said, it’s here and all we can really do is be positive and proactive right?

It was heartbreaking to hear some of the scenarios from many of you who shared on my instagram post yesterday about your vacations and travel plans that have been canceled. From bachelorettes and weddings to year long planned trips to Europe that are now canceled, i’m know the disappointments and frustrations run high. My mom and best friend were also scheduled to fly in this weekend so we could spend next week wine tasting in Santa Barbara (which sounds even more amazing right about now 😉 but decided it was best to reschedule too until things get better.

We also received notice today that our schools were temporarily suspended, as i’m sure several of yours are as well. I definitely think it’s for the best but I’m sure i’m not alone in trying to figure out WTH we’re going to do with these kiddos out of school for a month?! (People are out there stocking up on toilet paper but really I think I need to stock up on wine 😉 Kidding but kind of not lol). But all of this obviously goes without saying that it’s truly is nothing compared to the heartbreak we saw in China and Italy. Our prayers are with all of them and everyone with loved ones going through this right now. Things feel pretty heavy and uncertain but hopefully with us all taking the preventative measures they’re telling us to do, things will shift back sooner rather that later.

It’s easy to get consumed with the news and i’m trying not to let it drain me completely. My question for you is… how are you girls doing? What are you most stressed about and what can I share and do here to help be a welcoming, supportive place to go during this crazy time? Do you want to see posts continuing as normal or would you like to see more on how we’re staying sane during this time?

I don’t know bout you girls but in all honesty, I could use the distractions. I personally am appreciating all the regular normal posting people are doing because for me, I feel like it gives me a quick escape from everything that’s going on. It’s a nice distraction and also and even though it’s not a laughing matter, i’m even appreciating some of the memes out there that are bringing a much needed chuckle to the heaviness that these last few weeks has brought.

Just some thoughts on my mind lately but please know we’re all in this together!  Stay positive, be proactive and stay safe loves!

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  1. Hi Andee,

    Love the post. I know that the situation is very serious. This could affect people in so many different ways like financially or physically. However, I do believe stress also can hurt us more than we realize. As a country we have always persevered. We come together in tough times…depression, hurricane Katrina, September 11 and World Trade Center just to name a few. So this too will pass and we will be stronger for it. We just need to continue to have compassion for those around us.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing fun ideas on what to do with the kiddos and funny memes. Some things I was thinking about doing with my kiddos is making a fort with our pillows and blankets, read some books, and board games. Man, now trying to come up with all these things to do is going to stress me more then the Coronavirus. Lol. I may need some wine myself. Haha. So, I clearly need some help in the keeping kiddos busy. Mama needs sanity help! Lol.

    Thanks again for this post.

    1. haha right?! So glad you appreciated it! I definitely will share things to keep the little busy because trust that is at the top of my list! Glad you girls are into the memes – I feel with all the seriousness a little laugh is desperately needed! xoxo

  2. Loved reading this! Please continue to post your normal content. We need some positivity in the midst of the media craziness!

  3. Hi Andee, I’m so happy you did a post on this! You see why we just love you so much! 😊 !! Well me and my family are doing good thank God, and in my opinion I would still like to see your normal posts plus what are you guys doing to get entertained as a family? Thanks again for this and stay safe out there.
    P.s. Please advise everyone not to go out and eat at restaurants. I recently learned the some cooks don’t care of they are sick because they don’t want to loose hours so they continue to go back to work 😞 This whole COVID19 SUCKS!

    1. so glad youguys are good too! I think everyone should just bunker down for a bit so we can try to stop this from getting out of control. I think the eating at home is going to be a HUGE adjustment for us as we always eat out but we’ve cut it out for now! Here’s to hoping we see some progress with this soon! xoox

  4. You have good judgement and have handled this perfectly! I’m glad you addressed it, helps me to relate as a mom too. But it’s still nice to see the regular content that makes us feel normal. Seeing pretty things or ordering new clothes or jewelry can definitely boost my mood!

  5. We could all use a little normalcy from our favourite bloggers. I think it’s a nice distraction for us who have kids out of school for the next month. A lot of us, like myself, aren’t able to work from home, so we’re hoping a quick and expedient resolution for this.

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