How to Make Life Moments Surprisingly Painless

I know it sounds crazy but I feel like some of you girls who have been following along with us over the past 10 years (can you believe it?!) have kind of grown up with us! From being young newlyweds to now having two kiddos and a new home, I feel like we’ve all kind of transitioned into adulthood together. With these new stages comes new responsibilities so today I’m teaming up with Esurance and sharing how they have helped us make life moments surprisingly painless!

I feel like the hubby and I have always been relatively responsible when it comes to our home, planning for the future and just life in general. We always made sure to have insurance but I have definitely dreaded those intimidating and confusing policy phone calls in the past. As most of you have probably seen on instagram or here on the blog we finally finished building our new home about 7 months ago. It’s been a long and rewarding process but we both knew once it was finished we needed to reevaluate our coverage.

I know insurance shopping can be intimidating, (super) confusing and kind of a hassle but honestly Esurance made it really easy.  They have a coverage counselor that can help you figure out what the right amount of coverage is for you and they also offer tons of discounts that can make it affordable too. If you girls follow along on instagram you probably saw that my car was hit by someone in LA last week. It was comforting to know that Esurance has a mobile app so if you ever do have a claim, using the mobile app to submit a few photos and get an estimate right away is awesome. You can snap a few pics of the damage and submit to photo claims to get an estimate. (love that!) And probably above all else, I especially love that they use lingo that was super easy to understand. You know exactly what your policy covers without second guessing yourself.

You can snap a few pics of the damage and submit to photo claims to get an estimate.

So whether you’re preparing for a new baby, house hunting or getting a new car, I highly recommend checking out Esurance to help make your life moments surprisingly painless.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Hope all worked out well with your car. On a different note – can you please share where the planter succulent vase is from? Been looking for something like that for a table in my house. ☺️

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