How to Help Girls Find Their Strength with Athleta Girls

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If there’s one thing I try to instill in Ava over and over (other than to be a good person, which she’s so freaking sweet at already), it’s how strong she is. I was always raised knowing that girls are incredibly strong and powerful and it’s something the hubby and I want Ava to be confident in. So when Athleta Girl asked us to be a part of their campaign that teaches girls their power around International Day of the Girl (which is TODAY!), we were immmmmediately on board!

Athleta is actually teaming up with the non-profit, Girl Leadership, to create limited edition ‘All Kinds of Powerful’ items all while donating a portion of apparel sold to Girl Leadership to help promote their mission of empowering girls. I think it’s such a cool thing and obviously Ava was all about being in front of the camera here 😉


I actually hadn’t heard of International Day of the Girl (only International Women’s Day), but I love that there’s this holiday of sorts to celebrate the littles and support them finding their voice from a young age.

As part of this collab, I asked Ava a few questions about what it means to be powerful to her and her answers were so stinkin’ cute I have to share:

  • When you feel super brave, what does your body do? She went straight into a flexing those muscles 😉
  • What pose would you make if you felt the bravest of all? She said stand up tall with her chin up.
  • What does being powerful mean to you? It means being able to do anything! (amen girl!)

Though I’ve talked to Ava about her strength, I loved this exercise. It made her think and I think that’s such a big part of this whole program – letting girls know how powerful their thoughts are and sharing them while being independent and brave. Ava has always been confident but I absolutely want to keep encouraging that in her. It’s also a big part of why we wanted her to get into some sort of sport (or physical activity), and was SO happy when she started loving soccer. It’s definitely what gave me such a sense of power when I was a little girl and it’s so cool seeing that in her when she’s out on the field.

If you want even more ways to talk to your little girl about being powerful or to instill those vibes, I love these tips Athleta gave:

  • Ask her the questions above and let her answer without answering them for her.
  • Show her all the ways she can be powerful. Through being physical in sports or using her body to run, etc., through speaking up even when people might have different opinions, to believing in herself, by making art, to showing how smart she is, to doing her own thing, etc.
  • Talk to her about power and what it means. Even show examples of women in your guys’ life that are powerful for different reasons.
  • Letting her feel powerful in the clothing she wears and promoting strength with fun items like these ‘All Kinds of Powerful’ tee’s by Athleta which are super cute. The hoodie Ava is wearing not only has a good message but it’s super soft and I adore the back criss cross detail too!

Ava already loves Athleta (as I shared in this post), and I am fully on board with the message behind International Day of Girls! For you girls interested in the “All Kinds of Powerful” mission, you can see more of the products HERE!

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