How to Create the Ultimate Halloween Tablescape

Okay this post is for all my Halloweeeeen lovers!  I don’t know what it is about Halloween, but it’s definitely my favorite holiday. You girls are my people because almost 90% of you said you would want to see a Halloween Tablescape on my Instagram poll….so you know I was ALL over this post! So to kick off October, here are my tips on how to create the Ultimate Halloween Tablescape.

First up, let’s talk decor! I went for more of an adult themed table this year (would love to do a kiddo inspired one too!) but have to say the kids were pretty excited about this one (especially all the spooky treats they kept stealing off the table).

Step One: Pick Your Theme

I am having a major skeleton moment 😉 I seriously can’t stop buying them. I found these gorgeous skulls (can a Skeleton skull be gorgeous?! lol) at a local shop and knew I had to have them (only later to find them half the price HERE). I knew they would make a great addition to the table and they’ll be a favorite for years to come.

Step Two: Add in “The Extras”

Give me that mood! I’m all about the candlesticks! Black + Red Candlesticks create a whole different vibe from the white ones you typically see.  I have had these empty clear bottles for years and they make such a fun candlestick holder. Add on some spider webs and now we’re in business! I also really love a good candelabra and scored these two at Michael’s craft store years ago. They’re inexpensive and definitely give that Halloween vibe.

Dry Ice (yes! it totally set the tone and brought this table to life!) You can check for local delivery services and I suggest getting the dry ice nuggets because they are so much easier to use!

Step Three: Get playful with the food + beverages

 I say cut corners where you can. I know…best hostess ever 😉 but honestly the more you can buy already prepped and ready to go, the less you have to do! I got all of the fun and spooky candies from good ol’ Target. The black chocolate cake could not have been more perfect for theme and I found it at our local grocery store. The cheese plate I spent a little more time and money on because it was the main focus, and let’s be honest, we know everyone heads there first! I love adding playful elements to the table like the fun serving platters and that plastic dagger knife stuck right in the cheese centerpiece.

For drinks I always love this budget-friendly bubbly and the all black bottle goes so well with the tablescape. I’m obsessed with This Brass Champagne tub and basically bought the whole line last year. I love that I can use it for just about any special occasion. I’ve used it for my girlfriend’s Bridal Shower, Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!


Create the Look


Okay I hope you girls enjoyed this post as much as I did! I have one more Halloween Home Decor coming up next week for you girls too!

Happppppy Halloween!

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  1. What a fun post, and how pretty is your dining space into kitchen space. Cannot wait for a full on house post! Would you mind linking those chairs and the light fixture?

  2. Your house turned out gorgeous!! I LOVE the fireplace + your Halloween table is perfection! Can’t wait to see the whole home tour! XOXO, Kelly

  3. Wow! This set up is showstopping! Is it weird to call a Halloween tablescape dreamy?! lol AMAZING Job as always.

  4. Loving the setup! I’m inspired to host a little Halloween hang at our place next year! Can you share where you found the light pendants from above the table?

  5. Love your table and am obsessed with your dining table lights! Trying to convince my hubby we “need” them:) I have looked all over your site so to not bother you but can’t find them anywhere. Would you mind telling me where are they from?

      1. Hi! I didn’t have any luck finding them on Lambert and Fils. Did you happen to link them and I missed it. Thank you!

  6. I found your table on Overstock from a link you shared somewhere, yay! Could you share a few more pics of this table without the Halloween decor, or e-mail to me if you don’t want to post? I’m seriously considering ordering it! Thank you!

  7. LOVE your table and thinking of getting one for our dining room. What size is yours and do you feel like it seats 8 comfortably? Thanks!!

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