#HoneybeeHealth // Snacks I Steal From the Kids

There are several healthy-ish snacks I steal from my kids and I know you girls always love a #HoneybeHealth post so diving into those details today!

Honestly, most of the time (especially now that California has opened up), we’re on the go from practice or school or whatever, and these are easy to grab on-the-go. We keep things pretty healthy in our house and there are the healthy’ish snacks I love of theirs. Bonus points, they’re smaller portion so I get that snack and craving in without going too cray. Most of these are great for road trips, too!

I’ll be sharing more about what I eat over the summer later this week in a big special summer post so stay tuned for that! Also, you can find all #HoneybeeHealth posts right here.

Made Good Granola Balls and Go Go Squeeze Applesauce are probably two I snag the most! They’re my go-to combo before I workout as they give me enough energy but aren’t too heavy. 

Good Pop Popsicles are staples in our house and love that they’re made with all-natural ingredients and no added sguar. I always steal them from my kids esp in the Summertime and don’t feel bad about them having one…or two.

Honest Juice Boxes are one of the only juice boxes we buy. I love that they’re watered down and not too high in sugar or calories so I always end up drinking these, too! 

Van Protein Waffles and Pancakes are a standard breakfast around here. My kids scarf them down with a little peanut butter and agave on top (and so do the hubby and I!). I’ve heard good things about the Kodiak brand too- lmk if you girls prefer one over the other!

I’m not normally chip person but LOVE these veggie straws I get for the kids. They always satisfy that salty craving and bonus that you can have a snack bag for around 100 calories.

Lastly my obsession with YASSO bars continues. I love getting these for the kids because they’re made with greek yogurt and have a bit of protein in them. I always end up sneaking some of them too and you literally can’t go wrong with any of the flavors they make! 

What healthy-ish snacks do you steal from the kiddos??

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