Fathers Day: Sprinkles Cupcakes

I hope you all had a great Fathers day today! We celebrated with some Sprinkles cupcakes!! (Stephen is a father to our dog Louie 🙂 If you like to get sick on ridiculously rich sweets then this is your place! The line is literally out the door on pretty much any day of the week at this sweet spot! We love these cupcakes so much we even had them as our wedding cake two years ago! Here are some pics from our Sprinkles Domination today ( I still feel sick haha)

The even make pet friendly cupcakes!!!!

Louie’s first sprinkles!

My old favorite Vanilla Vanilla

My NEW FAVORITE Peanut butter chip!!! Ive never had peanut butter frosting and this was heaven! It is beyond rich!

** There are only 10 locations in the country check www.sprinkles.com to see if there’s one close to you!!

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  1. I heart sprinkles to death!!!!! It's INSANE. My friends can't believe I drove 2.5 hours to visit the bakery. I've been to the Beverly Hills one three times now and the one in Newport once.

    One of my BFFs has a white frenchie and we got him a doggie cupcake. He literally flipped out over it.

    I'm obsessed with their cupcake mix. It's just as good as the real thing (at least IMHO).

    Lucky dad!

  2. Those look amazing, and lol @ Louie just sort of staring at it haha. I heard they had vegan cupcakes so I visited the website and they actually had a 'vote for the next sprinkles location' at the bottom so I voted for my city! Here's hoping!

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