Continued Prayers

 I’ve been in a bit of a funk this weekend after hearing about  the absolutely horrific tragedy in CT a few days ago. Were any of you ladies feeling the same way? Even though I did not know anyone personally I think we can all agree it has impacted all of our lives. All I wanted to do was stay inside and hold my little one close. I can’t even begin to imagine how the families are feeling. My heart just absolutely breaks for them. As much as I wanted more information, I had to turn it off the news. It was just to difficult to watch. As if this tragedy wasn’t enough there was a shooting at our local mall, Fashion Island in Newport Beach on Saturday! Thankfully no one was injured but scary to say the least!

This weekend was extremely low key for us.  It was my husbands birthday and we just ordered in and celebrated quietly at home. Honestly we were just so thankful to have each other! Let us continue to pray for the Newtown community and families through this difficult time!

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  1. happy birthday to your hubby! that donut cake looks prettttty good! nom nom nom. on a serious note though, i felt the same way you did and had to turn off the news too. i was so sad and these recent events are so tragic )=

  2. It's not just you:( I've had a sick feeling since i heard on Friday. I went to college not far from there and still can't believe it. I couldn't wait to hold my boys when i got home from work. Children are so precious, you wonder how anyone could hurt them.

  3. I felt the same way, we can get so busy in our daily routine and forget just how precious time with our loved ones is. All I could think about were those parents who maybe didn't make the time to really kiss their child goodbye or tell them they loved them how they wish they could take time back for many reasons. It was a good reminder for me to always leave people on a positive note and telling them how much I love them. Hold that sweet girl of your tight!

  4. I've had the heaviest heart all weekend. I can't imagine what those poor parents must be feeling. I have them and all those little angels in my prayers.

  5. You're definitely not alone. I was sick to my stomach and on the verge of tears most of the weekend. I'm the only mom in my group of friends and they weren't nearly as affected by it as I was. It really hits close to home, being a momma. It's the most tragic thing to lose a child. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Ugh me too, I feel the same way. I still just feel "off" from it. Newtown is my husbands hometown and our little nephew was in the school and his teacher managed to keep his class safe, Thank God. True hero. My heart breaks for those poor parents who lost their babies. There are just no words. I'm so insecure about bringing a child into this crazy world right now. Hope you start to feel better soon love xoxo

  7. I literally get chill bumps thinking about how tragic last Friday's events. I am definitely holding my precious children a little longer and tighter every morning I wake up with them. Your hubby's bday celebration sounds just perfect – fancy parties don't matter as much anymore now that I have kiddos (except for when it comes to THEIR parties;)).

  8. My husband and I were planning to meet friends for early dinner/drinks at R&D on Saturday but our friends cancelled due to illness. We decided to stay in and enjoy the warth and comfort of our home. We heard a short time later about the shooter. So glad nobody was hurt or injured. My heart continues to break for the families of those little ones. How many sets of parents lost a child? How many children lost a sibling? Grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Beyond sad. Give Ava a tight squeeze from me!

    Patty Newell

  9. I had NO idea there was a shooting at the mall! I live in Santa Barbara, so scary to think that anywhere in this world that could happen, especially when close to home! I had to unfollow most of the news accounts i follow on twitter! ON a happier note, I LOVED your donut "cake" for you hubs. such a fun idea!!!

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