Ava’s 7th Birthday Party

Can you guys even believe Ava turned 7?! Ugh it truly does go in a blink and I’m so grateful for all of you girls who have been following along with us here on The Honeybee since even before she was born!! Thank you for all your sweet sweet comments you left on my Instagram post last week. I feel so truly blessed to have such loyal readers that still follow along so many years later. I shared some snaps of Ava’s 7th birthday party  last week  but today I wanted to share a little photo overload of what we did for her party.

We haven’t thrown Ava a big birthday party in a few years so this year we really decided to go all out for her! Seven is such a fun age and Ava had been counting for weeks until her party. Her only request was she wanted an LOL theme. Are your girls into LOL dolls too? Ava is obsessed and they’ve seriously taken over our house ;). We knew we wanted to host the party at our new home this year and this seemed like the perfect age to host a “Sleep Under”. Several of you messaged me asking if the girls stayed the night and no they did not. I don’t think we’re in the official sleepover stage just yet and a sleep under was just perfect! On her e-vite, I told the parents to drop off their kids in their pj’s and then pick up around 8 pm just before bedtime.

I knew I wanted a backyard sleep under and a girlfriend of mine shared her friend’s new business with me, so I immediately knew I had to have this adorable yurt set up for Ava’s birthday. Thank you to the girls at Moon Bash Events for creating the dreammmmiest set up for Ava’s party. It couldn’t have turned out any prettier and you should have seen Ava’s face when she walked in the backyard!

The tent had battery operated lights inside that looked even more magical at night. We put a movie projector inside so the girls could watch a movie when it was dark and needless to say I wanted to crawl inside an watch it too 😉 I shared more snaps of the party on my Instagram on my “Mom Life” and “Lifestyle” Highlights Tab if you want to see some more behind the scenes.

Keeping with the LOL theme, I ordered a few Rose Gold Initial Balloons and some inexpensive throw pillows to go with the color theme and help transition the backyard into little girl party mode. We brought our Alexa outside and had JOJO Siwa on repeat 😉

and can we talk about this cake?!

You know we always get our cakes from Susie Cakes because they taste so good butttt this year we went all out with a fun LOL themed cake. I sent over inspo pics and then dropped off a few of the toppers to the cake shop and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Louie also thought this was her new bed lol

If you have daughters around this age, you know they need little activities to keep them busy! These girls love crafts so I set up a little bead station so that they could make their own bracelets. I also got this LOL set and this LOL stationary set to draw and make letters.

Instead of doing individual goodie bags for Ava’s party, I ordered some flippy sequin slippers that each girl could wear at the party and take home too. I love gifting the girls something they can continue to wear vs little trinkets that will end up in the trash a couple days later. Needless to say, the girls were BEYOND excited and I will try to do more of this kind of party favors in the future for sure! I found an even cuter pair HERE for $7!

I recruited my high school age niece and her friend to do a little makeup for the girls and the little girls LOVED it! I purchased These Disposable Makeup Lipgloss Wands and these Disposable Eyeshadow Brushes.

I ordered a popcorn machine and created a mini candy bar set up for the girls so they could make their own snacks when it came time to watch the movie in the yurt. I tried to keep the color in the LOL theme and you can buy it in bulk HERE. I used some random flower vases I had to fill them with the candy and then purchased these Candy Bags (another cute style HERE), Rose Gold Popcorn Boxes and these mini scoopers all on Amazon.

and that is how we celebrated Ava’s 7th birthday!

I’m SO obsessed with how it all turned out but honestly you could recreate this with a blow-up mattress, sleeping bags and an outdoor movie projector in your back yard and I prommmise the kids will be just as happy too!

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  1. I really enjoyed this blog about Ava’s party… Happy Birthday Ava. Hoping all your wishes sent to you follow you all through the years! It looked like so much fun made me want to be that young again. Great job mommy😉

  2. Love your style!! you always have the best ideas. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Would you mind sharing where you found those stems of Pampas grass ! i love !!

  3. Love all of this! What’s the company name/website who created this dreamy party? I can’t find anything from Moon Bash Events…

  4. where is your friend’s business that set this up? planning a baby shower and that looks like a perfect area to distance the new mama.

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