8 Ideas to Get You Into the Halloween Spirit

Halloween is coming which you girls KNOW I’m here for!! I know things will be different this year and some places are “canceling” Halloween but I’m bringing you 8 ways to get in the moods and to get your kiddos excited. From contact-free to more intimate family ideas, here are 8 the fam will be into!

You’ve been BOO’d or BOO’zed

Even before social distancing, all the kids in the hood were boo’ing each other last year and they were obsessed. If you haven’t done it yet you must!! It’s basically dig dong ditch but dropping off cute/spooky little bags for the kids on the doorstep and then they’re “BOO’d”. The kids get SO excited for it! I did a the parent version last year… “you’ve been BOOZED” (aka survival mode for 2020) for a few of my mom friends. Can def DIY your own version but if you’re looking for ready-made wine labels, boo tags for the kiddos and ideas, see these:


A no brainer but had to include. It’s never too early in my book so if you girls are ready to go, I have a TON of Halloween content on the site for inspo. See HOW WE DO HALLOWEEN for all my decor and I just updated a ton of links over there! I also have inspo for a Halloween Pumpking Decorating Party & Bar Cart Styling: Halloween Edition.


You know I’m always game for whipping up some festive treats and the kids LOVE to help in the kitchen. From a Halloween spin on pancakes to skull cookies, this is what I’m snagging this year:

Spooky Outdoor Movie Night

So bummed we won’t be able to go all out like we did last year but we’ll definitely be re-creating this night with our own lil fam. If you girls live somewhere chilly, also like the idea of doing this indoors with lots of candles lit to set the spooky moooood.

Halloween PJs

I always grab the kiddos a couple pairs and if you’re into it, could be fun to do for the whole fam for a night!  Linking a few faves here:

DIY Haunted Houses

Last year we did a serious Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Party but if you’re looking for something fresh and more intimate, I lalalove the idea of decorating a haunted house with this kit. Such a good idea!

Halloween Books

We can’t get too spooky over here or else I’ll have a 5-year-old in my bed by 10 pm but I do swap in a couple fun books for the kiddos. Both kids still do books before bed so it’s just a small way to get more into the mood (or coloring books if you have littles). Depending on the age of your kiddo, you can find a TON of Halloween books over on Walmart.com or on Amazon.

Festive Face Masks

and lastly  masks  are the new norm around here so why not get a little playful this month! I know Luca especially is going to love these. Thinking I’ll including some of these in the neighborhood Boo’ing boxes too. Here are some that caught my eye:

Are you girls as excited as I am??

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