5 Things I Use Non Stop to Keep Our House Tidy

Alright ladies taking a break from fashion and beauty this morning to chat all things tidying. Homeschool started today so I’m on an organization kick right now. I’m pretty diligent about trying to keep our house tidy (at least all the common areas) because it always makes me feel better mentally and the days just go smoother if the house isn’t a disaster from the get go. I try to clean up throughout the day as we go, or wake up before the kids and do a quick sweep of the house if I didn’t get to it the night before. And then I’m always looking for quick hacks to keep things tidy without a ton of effort. Here are a few of my go-to’s for that…

Baskets evvvverywhere

Pretty sure most mamas know this one by now but baskets are LIFE for a quick tidy sesh. Ever since Ava was a baby, oversized (but still cute) decorative baskets are a must over here. I’m all about the bigger the better so you can toss everything in in a hurry.  The kids have been loving their rolling hampers which are great for moving around the house easier. I try to make it a game with Luca too which who knows how long it’ll last for. We also have storage baskets by the front door for shoes, a few around the house for randoms toys and blankets, and basically as a catch-all for XYZ. A few options that are easy on eye and do the trick:

Robotic Vacuum

We love this thing! Obviously this works best if you have hardwood or tile throughout your house. Love that it can do its thing with very little effort from me. It’s awesome for picking up crumbs, dog hair, and everyday dust that settles. Great time saver to run before you have guests too! There are several on the market but this one is not crazy expensive and helps SO much in between full floor cleaning days. We program ours to automatically come on twice a day.

Handheld Vacuum

I think these are a staple in everyone’s household but if you don’t have one of these….add to cart immediately. I can’t tell you how many times we have used this device through the year and now the kids are old enough they use it too to clean up their own messes!

Handheld Carpet Cleaner

If you want to take it a step further this handheld carpet cleaner is a MUST! You girls have heard me talk about this Handheld Carpet Cleaner and it’s still one of my FAVE go-to cleaning things. We’ve had it forever and used to use it when the kids would spill or stain things often. Once Louie (our Frenchie that passed last year) was sick, we’d use it to clean up the stains on the rugs and couch and it works like a charm. Seriously the best and so damn easy! You can see how amazing it works on my AMAZON FINDS Instagram highlights tab! Game Changer!


I shared these Hooks in Everything You Need to Create a Home School Space recently and they’re a game-changer for things like backpacks, jackets and my purses. We have a few spots for them around the house, including by the garage door where the kids usually come through after playing. I’m not saying their stuff actually ends up on them everyyyday but work in progress and get things off the floor and the back of our couch and chairs.

Organized Bins

I’m pretty obsessive about the pantry and fridge situations and find with kiddos, having a place for everything helps. Instead of having 10 half-open boxes of cereal, we use these in our pantry. One of the best things we tackled this year was our kitchen pantry and I shared tons of tips on my post HERE. You can also read all about the items I swear by for fridge organization in this post too!

Hope this helped! xo

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  1. Do you have any carpet pointers/ tips? We need new carpet in our kid’s rooms and game room so need something stylish yet kid friendly. Thank you!

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