Things I’m Happy to See Making a Comeback!

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Okayyy I might be majorly dating myself here but is anyone else living for the return of BH90210? Honestly I love  that so many things are making a comeback but in a fresh way! What can I say, I have a thing for the nostalgia and it’s fun to relive in a way! Here are 5 things from the 90’s that I’m happy to see making a comeback…


Where are all of my BH90210 fans at?! Ahhh I used to watch the original show every single week and can remember having to be home for it since this was way before DVR days 😉 (again, totally aging myself here huh?). So I was obviously pumped to hear the cast returns for the new show BH90210 that premiers Wednesday, August 7th at 9/8C. Pretty sure this was everyone’s favorite show during the ’90s and have a feeling the new show will be just as good. There were so many things that I related to in high school, college and beyond so I can’t wait to see this show back on the air and with most of the original cast members!! Who were you? Brenda, Kelly, Donna or Andrea?

I’m thinking of throwing a little girl’s night in to celebrate the launch – could be cute right?? Would be a cool way to celebrate the premiere and would be a blast reliving some of our teen memories with my girlfriends.


Yasss! Honestly, these took me a minute to get back into, but once I did, I’ve been wearing them non-stop. I like that the new wave of scrunchies are smaller and in fabrics like velvet or leopard print. They definitely add a sweet element to an otherwise basic pony or half-up hairstyle.


Oh you girls know I’m alllll about that bodysuit life lately and I’m super happy they’re back. Hope they stay a thing forever because they make tucking things in seamless and can serve as a layering piece or a date night look on their own. I’ve actually gotten rid of a lot of my camis in favor of basic bodysuits instead because they work better. They’re especially flattering with a high-waisted pair of pants or a pretty midi skirt, which are two of my go-to outfits lately.

Mini backpacks

Ha, these are SO ’90s but I’m all about them lately! Now that I don’t have to carry quite as much stuff for the kids, I’m loving the minimalism of tiny backpacks. Plus, they’re easier than holding a purse of whatever – great for that hands-free and on-the-go life. These totally remind me of mall days as a teen and even Ava has been digging them.


I cannot believe this style is back and that I’m into it but here we are! Nothing reminds me of my childhood or my teenage years more than colorful tie-dye and I’ve been having fun with it. If you’re not into the look but are getting there, try one of the prints using only white and one other color (like a light pink). That style is more muted while still being on-trend and nostalgic.

What are you girls loving from the ’90s? And who will be watching BH90210 alongside?! Don’t leave me hanging being the only 90’s girl 😉

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