5 Ways I Practice Self-Care (That Don’t Cost a Damn Thing)

It’s not something I share too much on social media, mainly because I try to put the phone away when I’m in self-care mode but confession, I most definitely crave that ME time. If you’re a mama, you know it comes VERY rarely but I do try to get in some sort of self-care at least a few times a week. Lawwwrd knows we all need it! It doesn’t have to be super lavish or a pricey trip to the spa. It’s honestly just a few small things every week that you can do to help keep you sane. In today’s post i’m sharing 5 easy ways I practice self-care that don’t cost a damn thing.

I know self-care can get a high-maintenance rep, but I’m all for realistic ideas that feel good for the soul. Here are a few things I like to do….

Social media detox

Yesss I know everyone talks about this but honestly, I’m fully here for it from time to time. With social media being such a big part of my job, this one is HARD but I think it’s super important. I usually take at least one weekend day off of social to be with the fam and to be present. At the least, I’ll snap a few photos and share the following day or whatever. When we went to the Cayman  this past December, I took several days off from my phone and it felt so damn good. I said it in my post a couple weeks ago but also don’t be afraid to hit that “mute” button too. If accounts are draining you or making you feel badly about yourself or your life-freakin’ detox from that immediately!  If you girls are feeling consumed by all things social media, take one day a week or even one afternoon a week to take a break. Promise it’ll still be there when you’re ready to come back!

Solo bath

This might sound crazy if you don’t have kids, but once you do, you know that a solo bath only comes so often. I swear I’m alone like never, especially with time to spare, so filling up a bath is heaven. I turn on my fave chill playlist on spotfity, light a candle, and shoot you know I bring a glass of wine most of the time. Doesn’t have to be fancy. I love my fam but alone time is necessary!

Hike with the girls

I’m all about making time for my girlfriends and it’s something that’s been important to me since forever. Since we have such good weather year-round here in the OC, I take advantage of that with girl hikes when I can. Catching up with your girls and getting in fitness kills two birds with one stone and I always feel awesome after. If you girls live somewhere without access to hikes or good weather, think about booking a workout class and then grabbing a smoothie together after or something like that.

Mood boards

I’ve liked making some version of a mood board since I was young and find them to be motivating or inspiring if I’m in a funk. These days my mood boards are done on Pinterest and it’s where I go if I want to find some inpso or just unwind. Nothing better than a big cup of coffee, turning my fire on and curling up with Pinterest on an early weekend morning (pre fam waking up). You girls can come pin with me here. It sounds funny but it’s literally one of my favorite ways to relax and so much positive inspo on there!

Walk with a podcast

I’m slowly getting into podcasts and know I’m beyyyond late here. If I happen to get to pick up early or have an extra 15 minutes in my day (veryyyy rare but happens once in a while!), I like popping in my headphones, turning on a podcast, and taking a walk. It’s a nice break from my usual hardcore workouts and it’s pretty amazing what a quick walk can do for your mindset. Love that this can be done pretty much anywhere and you don’t need anything to feel good. Let me know what podcasts you girls are into in the comments so I can add to my list! I LOVE “A Drink with a James (but it’s basically for influencers so only recommend if you’re in the influencer industry). I got hooked on Dirty John per your recs! Loved it even though I try to stay clear of those type of podcasts and keep things on the lighter side 😉  Just had my hubby watch the series and he liked! So crazy that all happened in my city!

Movie Night with my Kids

Okay I know I said 5 things but also just thought of something i’m cherishing lately and has become a weekly thing but at home movie nights with our kids. It’s not technically alone time but there’s nothing I cherish more than getting cozy with our popcorn and vegging out in front of a kids movie with my littles! No phones are allowed (which is key). They’re at a great movie age now where we can enjoy the movies too! We watched the new Aladdin and Abominable the last couple weeks and they were so cute!


What (free) self-care ideas do you girls swear by?


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  1. Hi Andee! I’ve recently gotten into podcasts too. Even sometimes when I’m alone in the car (rarely don’t have my kids commandeering my radio). I’m eager to hear what podcasts others are loving. So far I’m really into MomBrain, DearAlice, and Raising Good Humans. I don’t listen to every single one bc usually I have to listen to them in several parts (don’t usually get a full 45-60 minute stretch to myself) but I pick topics that interest me and usually have it on when I’m doing little household tasks like emptying dishwasher, folding laundry, or driving to and from pickups and drop offs 🙂

  2. Relaxing in the bath is my favorite. Or just lounging on the couch in comfy clothes with no music or TV on, just the quiet.

  3. I love the awesome ideas shared. I few I try to squeeze in are practice a few minutes up to 15 mins of meditation, bindge watch a TV series or sit down with an adult coloring book and my favorite gel pens or colored pencils while listening to music. The designs are a fun place to play with color in and you don’t have to finish it, you can get these at most craft stores or online.

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