26 At-Home Beauty Hacks You Girls Need in Your Life

I’m excited to bring you girls this post because it features tons of beauty products and tools I’ve been using to hack my at-home self-care routine these last few months. You better believe I’ve been getting creative during Quarantine and I won’t lie I can’t wait to get back to my girls who are beauty gurus but for now, kinda impressed with what I’ve been able to learn and do myself. I definitely wanted to share some of the products keeping my beauty game somewhat alive like my favorite Extraction Tool – this thing is the best for getting rid of all those annoying blackheads and This Dermaplaning Tool is also a current fave. Lots of useful items for you babes that I’ve been using and loving so I hope it’s helpful!


1 – Love a good charcoal mask for cleaning out my pores. I like to use it at least once a week, love that it’s clean and included it in my At-Home Facial post. Pro Tip: Layer it on thick for easy peeling off (and be prepared to scare your family members when you put it on lol)

2 – In my opinion, the NuFace is 100000% worth it, you just have be consistent and commit to using it but highly recommend it!

3 – Not gonna lie, I’m a picker and always have been. This tool is safe way to extract without picking and has been a lifesaver for me because it helps me to not go overboard and destroy my face.

4 – Root touch-up spray has been a lifesaver during this quarantine and if you have grays you’ll love this! It’s available in all colors, so no matter what shade you need, they have it!

5 – Dermaplaning at home is so much easier than you think, especially with this tool! I love this thing!

6 -I also linked some on Amazon that are more budget friendly (I’ve ordered them too so I can compare the two for you girls!)

7 – Obsessed with these peel pads. My skin always looks brighter after using them. Definitely keeping them in my routine post-quarantine.

8 – First at home haircuts went down during quarantine and shocked myself we didn’t come out looking too crazy 😉 I used these scissors to trim my hair and the kiddos’ and they worked like a charm.

9 – This comb is also a necessity for trimming hair!

10 – The perfect at-home solution for nixing that brassy hair color that usually happens in between salon visits. If you girls have highlights at all, think you’d love this stuff.

11 – If you invest in one luxury skincare product, let it be this mask. Definitely one of the best I’ve tried.

12 – For those at-home gel manicures!

13 – The calluses are REAL and this little gadget completely takes care of them. It’s not the prettiest task but definitely a must these days.

14 – Facial steamers have been a hot commodity during quarantine and is the product I never knew I always needed!  This one is in stock!

15 – This is a great budget-friendly facial steamer alternative to the one above, plus it’s portable so perf for travel (eventually…).

16 – If you’re looking for a good brow serum, this one has great reviews!

17 – More to come on this temporary tanner product but loving this for a quick all-over tan!

18 – The best budget-friendly teeth whitener I’ve tried.

19 – Keep your brows on point with this shaping set. Lawd knows I’ve been using this non-stop!

20 – Highly recommend this lash serum! I’ve been using it for years and always see results so it’s definitely my ride-or-die eyelash serum!

21 – I should have started doing at-home foot treatments sooner because this makes them feel baby soft!

22 – I’ve had this tool for years and it’s definitely one of my holy grails for treating anti-aging.

23 – And here’s a great budget foot treatment.

24 – Obviously nothing is like the salon but this machine makes at-home gel manicures pretty damn easy and the pricepoint is great. Now I just gotta talk my hubby into giving me that pedicure massage, ha!

25 – Gel press-ons have been saving my nails for the last few months. A great option if you don’t want to buy your own UV light.

26 – and lastly these are definitely in high demand and sell out quick from most of my go-to retailers so I suggest just heading straight to their site. My favorite brand yet but you girls might have to cut or shape these to your liking.

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