16 Easy (and Inexpensive) Ways to Get in the Halloween Spirit

As you girls know, I looooove me some Halloween and go all out each year…starting as soon as possible. I kicked things off this year styling with Crate & Barrel (check it out HERE) and now I’m in full force! Get ready for all the Halloween content over the next month or so and you can see all my past decor, entertaining, etc right this way.

Today’s post is all about budget-friendly and easy ways to get you into the spirit if you’re not already there! Because you already know I am…

These $9 Bat Stickers have been a hit the past few years and are easy to put everywhere- mantel, staircase, etc. The kids always enjoy helping me with these, too.

I love this Witches Broom since it’s sound-activated and it dances! Another decor piece that the kids will def love.

If you really want to go all out, this 5’4″ Skeleton would be awesome on the front porch. Hang it up or have it sit on your porch chairs!

Where all my neutral girls at?? This $28 Gold Skeleton Head is perf if you aren’t into anything too over the top.

I use similar Flameless Candles every year because spooky lighting sets the mood! The wick flickers which is very Halloween feeling, and they can easily be controlled with the wireless remote. Under $34 for the set!

I’ve been having fun with having a Fog Machine in the mix this year! This machine comes with a wireless remote controller.

If you want to add a scary factor to your decor, this Pumpkin Ghoul will do it! It’s 12 feet tall and would definitely make a statement!

These $7 Skeleton Hands would work anywhere- and again, aren’t too crazy if you like a neutral theme.

I’m all about fun lighting for Halloween and this Crystal Ball is perfect to add some mystical, multi-color lights! Plus, it’s only $34.

Hang this Black Cloth throughout your front porch, add some fog and fun lighting, and your Halloween night decor is complete!

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