Wide Brim Hats for Fall

If you girls haven’t subscribed to whowhatwear.com I highly recommend checking it out. They email you weekly on fashion trends and tons of inspiration. One of my favorite Fall trends are wide brim hats!

I posted a really cute and affordable one on the Honeybee Facebook page yesterday so definitely check it out! Here are a couple others im loving…..

*Click on the set for more details

Especially loving the plum and pumpkin color ones! Perfect pop of color for Fall!

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  1. Congrats sooooooooo much to your pregnancy!
    I am really happy for you, because you two seem to be such a lovely and nice couple!
    Love your outfit-posts so much+yout style…keep on going on;)
    Regards from Germany!

  2. Hey Andee, did you happen to ever get one of the topshop ones? I'm just wondering because I have my eye on one from shopbop and don't know if I want to splurge on it because I'm not sure how much I'll wear it (I'm more of a beanie girl!)But I will if the topshop ones aren't very good quality..

  3. yay! im so happy about this trend. I think hats are so chic and european-like. I wish it was a bigger thing here in the states (like how ppl wear hats to weddings in the u.k). I guess for now we will have to settle on it only being a current trend =/. In the meantime, I will have to go hat shopping hehe


  4. LOVE the wide brim hats! You actually got me hooked when you did that post on the asos wide brim fedora. I get sooo many compliments on it. Hope you are feeling well – you look adorable! xoxo

  5. @michelle thanks Hun! I'm feeling pretty good so far and I'm also hooked on these hats!!
    @alpha blonde no I haven't purchased a hat from topshop yet! I did purchase a rag and bone one (same brand as the ones from shop bop) and I'm obsessed with it! That being said I don't think I've got my $150 worth out of it yet! I would definitely check out asos.com they have great options for much cheaper! Plus it's free shipping and returns in case you don't like it! Xo

  6. Hi beautee! Is Hansens and coke zero good for you?! Hope to hear from you soon..thanks dollface! Ps: congrats on being pregoooooo!!!

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