Valentines Day Pancakes

I got a jumpstart on Valentines Day this morning by making these festive pancakes for my hubby. They were super tasty and easy to make too! I normally alter my pancake mix to add more nutritional value but this morning it was ALL about some tasty cakes with a little dark chocolate hazelnut spread!!

To Make:
Use any festive cookie cutter, (I purchased this set from Target last week) prepare batter per box instructions, place your cookie cutters in the pan and fill with batter. Wait for the batter to bubble within the cookie cutter then flip over. Be sure to loosen with a knife around the edges before taking the pancake out.

*Tip* If you want to make it a little easier use larger cookie cutters (the bigger the better as the “X” and the “O” were a little more difficult to get out. Also I would recommend spraying or oiling your cookie cutter before you place the batter in there to cook. They will come out much more easily.

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    1. its a dark chocolate hazelnut spread. Its pretty darn tasty but there is one I buy at whole foods that i actually prefer but you really can't go wrong with any chocolate hazelnut spread 😉

  1. so cute im going to make this for my little girl!!! What are your plans for vday do you and your husband exchange gifts? If so what are some ideas you have for him? thanks <3

    1. they would be great for kids too! Im sure you could make them year round and they would love them! For valentines day we usually don't get each other much. We do a lot for each other throughout the year so we kind of lag on the gifts for vday but always do a romantic dinner somewhere.

  2. These are TOO CUTE! Job well done 🙂 French toast & pancakes have been on my cravings list for months.. may just need to whip these up for lunch. Also – braxton hicks – not painful & definitely doesn't feel like cramping like they say real contractions do. It felt like my whole stomach just tightened up for a solid 15 seconds. And then happened a few more times throughout the last few days… definitely a weird feeling but I think you'd be able to tell if it was a real contraction. I am so excited for you… it's almost time!!!!! 🙂

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