Toddler Meals!

Many of you have asked about a post on Ava’s meals so here we go! We have been blessed with a good eater but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t become pretty particular in this independent toddler stage! Here are some random shots of what I buy for her form the grocery store along with some meal shots….
Yes my chid eats fish sticks and chicken nuggets 😉 but they are all natural and organic when possible. These popcorn turkey dogs are a hit in our house as well. Unfortunately I can’t give her ketchup (or “dip” as she calls it) because she will only eat just that! I wasn’t sure if she would like these Garden pops popsicles that are made with fruits and veggies but Ava loves them (and I may eat them myself from time to time)! Lastly these organic dried carrots and strawberry chips are a must have in my diaper bag stash!  
We’ve been a fan of these Plum packs from day one! On mornings when Ava decides not to eat anything I have prepared for her I can always count on her to take one these down 😉 The blueberry, oats and quinoa are my go to for those mornings as they’re  a little more filling. 
Annie’s crackers and these two different bars are always in my diaper bag as well. We switch up the waffles with different flavors weekly and she really likes these apple cinnamon ones from Whole Foods.
A typical breakfast for Ava. She loves the sweet potato pancakes I’ve posted on before. They’re really yummy and I purchase them from Whole Foods.
I made scrambled eggs with cheese and of course she didn’t eat them because she wanted the jam on the waffles instead ;( These maple chicken sausage links from Whole Foods are always a hit! 
For dinner we normally just give her whatever we’re having. She loves my turkey meatloaf cupcake made with oats and a little cauliflower mashed potato. Believe it or not Ava LOVES  a vegetable medley. She eats that before anything else! 
A typical lunch for A….Organic chicken nuggets, Annie’s crackers, vegetable medley and I usually give the fruit last or else she will fill up on that first. 
All natural fish nuggets, half a string cheese, left over sweet potato hash from True Foods and her favorite….cherry tomatoes! 

We all know how picky toddlers can be with eating so i’d love to hear what you’re little ones are loving as well! I’ll try to remember to take more pictures of her meals and do more of these posts in the future! 
Happy Friday ladies!!
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  1. Thanks for posting this! Will have to pick up some of those. My youngest daughter is SO terribly picky; lately it's been PB&J, sometimes 3x a day (plus those cheddar bunnies): I can't believe your daughter loves the veggie medley! lol I may have to attempt that one again…maybe on some cute plates too for extra encouragement 🙂

  2. That's too funny that she will only eat the dip off of her plate:) what a cutie! Does she speak a lot? Like full sentences now? or is she still gesturing and just saying mumbles and a few words?! Andee you need to start a Youtube!! You would be a hit on there with SO many mommies! xo

    1. oh my gosh Shannon yes…she talks SO much and repeats practically everything 😉 Thank you on the you tube recommendation… so flattered. Its definitely new territory for me so ill have to look into that xoox

  3. Hi Andee – you are such a good mommy! Ava is a lucky little girl! Those plates are adorable and the meal settings as well, however, PLEASE, always cut the cherry tomatoes and grapes in half as they are a serious choking hazard. They look so small, convenient to serve and therefore harmless, but they can get stuck in the little kids' throat and then they will feel as hard as a rock. I hope I didnt freak you out. But its best to be safe than sorry. I didnt know of this either until it was pointed out for me by a fellow mom. Big kisses from Spain! I love your blog! xxx Victoria

  4. Where are those plates from? Too cute. And I agree with making a youtube. I was shocked to see that you didn't have one :O is that something you would ever consider? Have a great weekend xo

    1. Thanks so much love they're from Pottery Barn Kids. Also thanks for the you tube recommendation. That is seriously something i need to look into but I don't really watch you tuber. I think i need to start and see what its all about 😉

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This is an awesome post. My son is a couple of months younger than your daughter, but he is the pickiest eater. He loves spaghetti with meat sauce, pizza, and grilled cheese, but my husband and I were desperate for some other options! I literally went to Whole Foods today and bought nearly everything you recommended. The turkey corn dogs were a hit for dinner, and I can't wait to try the waffles with him tomorrow. Moms are the BEST resource for other moms (unless they are the judgy ones I encounter a lot in LA!) Thank you again girl!

  6. We have a 15 month old who is not a huge meat eater, so we will have to try the fish nuggets. One thing we've found that I would definitely recommend are frozen veggie pancakes. Dr. Praeger's makes spinach ones, or there is a brand called Golden-something that makes a spinach, a sweet potato, and a mixed veggie version. They're a good dose of veggies and can be baked or cooked in a skillet. My husband and I like them too – they make great sides for meat or even just rice and salad for a quick dinner!

    1. you know i thought for sure Ava would be a big meat eater but she is really into fruits veggies and lighter stuff! oh an i know just which spinach pancakes you're talking about! I used to eat them all the time and so did Ava but I think I burnt her out on them. Its been awhile so i may give them another go! 😉

  7. All great ideas! My Gavin loves all of these items! I will have to try those fish sticks though! I'm going to try chicken meatballs soon for a similar meal to the meatloaf. Good place to hide extra veggies and nutrition even though he is a good eater! Thanks for always sharing!!

  8. Hey Andee! Off topic but where do you buy your workout clothing? I would love to know! Lululemon? Or do you have any other sweet places to shop for workout gear! also, favourite running shoes? Thanks hun! have a great week xo

  9. I fed my son a lot of what you feed your little one but then started reading labels with my second and realized a lot of those products even if organic still have GMO's and other things we try to avoid, I was shocked! We make a lot of smoothies with Kale, Coconut oil, frozen organic berries, coconut milk and chia seeds and freeze the rest in popsicle molds. My kids beg me for those! We also do a lot of avocado, pasture raised eggs, grassfed meats and sprouted grain tortillas (I make quesadillas/pizzas/sandwiches with them), very versatile! Otherwise my kids get nothing made special for them, they eat what I eat. I also follow some other blogs like 100 days of real food and she has great real food lunch ideas! As an unrelated note, I always think you look so much better than the models in the clothes you wear, you are just stunning!

  10. Hi Andee, I wanted to let you know there is a recall for the Plum Organics Tots Mish Mash Blueberry Oats & Quinoa. You can get more information at

    I started buying it after reading your blog and my daughter loves it. It's a shame as I finally found a packaged food my daughter will eat. Just wanted to let you and your readers know of the recall.

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