This Months Beauty Hits and Misses

Okay loves, I’m here with a new kind of post – This Months Beauty Hits and Misses. I feel like I am forever trying new products (some purchased and some gifted) so I wanted to try a new kind of post sharing the products I love and the ones you should save your money on. So here are a few from last month that did and didn’t make the cut…

First up, let’s talk about This Tool that I was both equally grossed out and excited to try. 😉 This Blackhead Remover Tool was something I saw on Amazon (and purchased myself) and had kept thinking I wanted to try. I don’t have horrible blackheads butttt confession…I am such a picker so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this top-rated tool.

After using it several times I have to say, it is worth the $23 you pay for! It comes with several different head options and also 5 different suction levels. I totally noticed a difference after (and you may be grossed out that you can see the results in the head after you finished).

*Pro Tip – Just don’t go to a level 5 like your girl did! I was cruising safely at a level 3 and thought, hey I should kick it up a notch because this isn’t bad at all. I took it to a level 5 and it totally left a little red mark on my nose for a couple days (thankful good concealer covered it up). Even with that I would still recommend this tool, just start out slow. 😉 Bonus! Your hubby may let you use it on him too lol.

Ahhh the famous Artis makeup brushes. I finally got a chance to try these high-end brushes out and have to say they are made really well but I just did not lalalove them. The price tag is so steep on them (almost $200) that I just couldn’t justify the cost (even though mine were gifted). I didn’t love the big brush as I felt blending quickly was tough to do. The smaller sized brushed were good for contouring and blending smaller spots but honestly, one of my favorite drug store brush brands makes a similar one ($16!) that I use more. So if you were thinking about splurging on these I would probably say you could do without. (Have you girls tried these?! Would love to know if you felt the same way?!)

Give me that highlight! Okay, This Stick Highlighter is the shizzzz! Marc Jacobs sent it over a couple months ago and while it’s something that wasn’t even on my radar before they sent it, I find myself using it every day! The consistency is perfect, the color is supernatural and I love the shape of the stick because it literally just molds right to the top of my cheekbones like a stamp (and I usually don’t even have to really blend it!) Highly recommend (and I’ll try to share an insta story on how I apply it so you can see).

You girls know I love Colleen Rothschild and Peter Thomas Roth but Elemis is a new brand I’ve been finding myself using more and more. These Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads have been in heavy rotation ever since they sent them a couple months back. If you have sensitive skin these are a great way to promote cell turnover without being super intense. I like to use this in the morning as they feel strong but not overpowering and just a great way to refresh my skin for the day (they smell great too!). I would say they’re similar to the PTR Max Correction pads but a bit gentler and more for daytime. LOVE these and will definitely be purchasing myself when they run out. (They’re currently running a Friends & Family Promo SALE on their site too.)

So I’m sure you girls have heard about Beauty Counter by now but if you haven’t, its a clean beauty makeup line with everything from eyeshadows to face creams. I have been wanting to venture more into finding clean beauty products but it can be intimidating finding items that work. I tried some of Beauty Counter’s products just to support a friend who was selling them and honestly LOVE the ones I’ve tried so far. Super Goops CC cream has been my go-to for daytime minimal coverage with SPF but I’m obsessed with This One by Beauty Counter and it’s definitely my new favorite! (I use the color HONEY). If you’re looking for something that has protection, moisturizing and barely-there fresh-faced coverage, try The Tinted Moisturizer by Beauty Counter which is also great. I just like a little more coverage so I use the Skin Hydrating Foundation.

R+Co has always been one of my go-to hair product brands. The packaging, smell and efficiency of most of their products are amazing. I’ve sworn by their Dry Shampoo for years so my hairstylist recommended this Badlands Dry Texturizing Paste. I like it when she used it on my hair in the salon so I went out and bought it but didn’t love it so much when I did it myself at home. You really have to work the product on your fingertips and warm it up and make sure you distribute it evenly. It seemed a little too high maintenance for my day-to-day so I would say pass on this one. I love my Dry Texturizing Spray so much more. It’s mess-free and worth every penny!

Ahhh and save my favorite for last! Tarte sent over a package a month ago and this new Creaseless Concealer was in it so I immediately popped it in my makeup drawer to test out and have to say, it is awesome! You girls know I will forever love my Cle De Peau holy grail concealer but this one is such a great option for less. The coverage is so good and you literally only need the smallest amount because it goes a long way. Definitely recommend for $26.


Have you girls tried any of these? I always love hearing your beauty find favorites too and PLEASE feel free to share if you want to see more of this kind of Hits and Misses posts as I go through so many beauty products monthly!

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  1. I love this post! I’m always looking for new products to try and it’s so nice to hear an unbiased review. Now on to order that blackhead tool!!

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