The Three Skincare Products I Share with my Husband

Skincare is definitely becoming a new obsession of mine and while I’ve been trying out several different new products and treatments, there are always a handful of staples that I rebuy year after year. Today I’m sharing three of those that I share with my husband as well!

When Nordstrom asked to partner up and share some skincare favorites, it was a no brainer. Nordstrom is definitely the place I buy most of my beauty and skincare items (because they carry all my favorite brands and I also try to take advantage of their reward system). Beauty posts are no new thang around  here but thought it would be a nice change up to share some universal products that my husband and I both use.

I was putting together selects for this weeks Newsletter (It’s Winter Getaway Essentials based and you can sign up HERE! if you haven’t already) and was thinking how I always pack This Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream when we travel. It’s SO nice being able to throw a couple items we both can use in our toiletry kit and not lug around 10 different products between the two of us. That being said, Kiehl’s is pretty much our go-to shared line.

If you girls have been following along with us over the years you have probably heard me recommend Kiehl’s products before. The truly have been a staple for years and being someone with super sensitive skin I’ve never had an issue when using any of their products! I’ve used their eye cream, body lotion, night serum and you girls know I ALWAYS link to their sets when I do a men’s gift guide post. So it’s safe to say I’ve a ton of their products but here are three that are hubby-approved too!

First up This Ultra Facial Cream. It’s lightweight, moisturizing and doesn’t feel thick or like it’s clogging your pores. It glides on easily and immediately feels like your skin absorbs it. HIGHLY recommend it! They also make it with an SPF in it HERE if you’re wearing it during the day and want a the added sun protection.

Next up, a Facial Toner. I mentioned in my last skincare post that using a toner was a crucial part of my skincare regimen that I was missing before. Even after I washed my face there were still traces of makeup and impurities.  This Toner helps refine surface texture, remove impurities and preps your skin for moisturizer and I have the hubby hooked on using it too. *Insider Tip* use it with my medical grade gauze pads to add a little extra exfoliation.

and last but not least this Butterstick Lip Treatment. I buy it for myself but the hubby always ends up stealing it! It’s made with coconut oil, is super hydrating and has a SPF 30 too.

and that’s it! Hope you girl liked this little beauty post change up! Linking all my Kiehl’s favorites I mentioned above here…

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