The Monthly Beauty Edit – November

Can’t believe it’s been another month over here! Love wrapping up the month with my MONTHLY BEAUTY EDIT and hopefully this month it’s a nice little break from all the sales & gift stuff if you girls are already set there. For the beauty products I liked most in November, keep reading babes!

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I shared this Bye Bye Breakout Concealer from ItCosmetics earlier this month and heard from several of you girls that you’re into it too! It’s created for oily/acne-prone skin and works to get rid of the blemish while covering it which is genius! It’s great under the eyes but I love it to spot treat/cover areas on my chin and T-zone which can flare up during that time of month. Not a bad price either.


I’m always down for trying Clean beauty products and after hearing so many good reviews, this SEA Water Foundation was next on my list! Happy to report it’s awesome and nice for that buildable foundation look. You can go light for a no-makeup look or build heavier if you’re getting glam. It has SPF 15, water, vitamin E, etc so it’s actually really good for your skin too!


I go through A LOT of eyeliners and am honestly pretty picky about what I use since so many don’t last or hurt my sensitive eyes. This Tattoo Eyeliner stays on alllll damn day and it’s easy to apply once you get the hang of it.


For all you girls who also live on dry shampoo like me, excited to share this very budget-friendly Pantene Dry Shampoo which is AMAZING and $7! I spritz it on before bed to let it soak in overnight which is a little trick I learned years ago. This spray gives tons of volume and blends in nicely even on darker hair.


You girls are probably sick of me linking Patrick Ta lip products but I honestly think he makes some of the best. For the holidays, I love this lip color in ‘That’s Why She’s Late’ and always get compliments on it- but all of his colors are GORG.


To pair with the above lip color, the Patrick Ta lip liner in ‘That’s Why She’s Late’ is awesome and it’s easy to blend for that oversized/drama lip look.


I first shared this NuFace Toning Device when I shared the 5 Beauty Tools I Use Weekly– but it’s been a while since I chatted about it with you girls. So here’s the thing- this tool is AMAZING but you have to be consistent. If I’m using it 2-3x a week, I notice a huge difference in how contoured my face looks and it tightens and lifts everything really well. If you can’t commit to at least 1x a week, I’d say it’s not for you but I make space for this because it’s that good.


Best $20 you girls will spend this month, trust me! I live for a good simple cloth/wipe that multi-tasks and this Prep-N-Glow pack cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates all in one. They’re full of hyaluronic acid, anti-aging properties and they really do cleanse off makeup well if you’re too lazy for a full wash. I usually use these after I cleanse my face for a second cleanse & for all the other benefits that come in the cloth. Then I follow up with my NuFace from above!


Last but not least this Steampod Hair Straightener that you girls seemed to love this month! Lalalove that it uses steam instead of so much heat so it’s not as damaging to your hair. If you girls use a lot of heat/styling on your hair, this is such a nice way to still get that look without just so much damage. I’ve used it on Ava too and she was super happy with it 🙂

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