The Skincare Products I Always Rebuy

Alright my lovelies! One of my most used skincare lines, Colleen Rothschild started a 25% OFF promo SALE today so I’m going into detail on my top 5 most used products and why you should try them!

I always love hearing how so many of you have tried and love Colleen Rothschild’s products that I’ve recommended to you in the past. Some of them you’re going to see again here in today’s post…because they truly are staples! I’ve also added a couple new ones in my skincare routine these past few months that are worth sharing, so let’s dive right in shall we?!

First up and probably my most repurchased CR product is this Retinol Supreme Night Oil. If you’re in your 30’s, there’s a good chance you should probably already have some sort of retinol in your skincare routine. I was nervous to try a facial oil at first because I would scared it would break me out, but 4 years later this oil is still one going strong in my skincare routine. It has the highest concentration of stabilized retinol as well as Vitamin C and 9 plant-based oil that really help restore the moisture in your skin.

How I Use it

I use the night oil 3-4 times a week at night time as the final step after I’ve cleansed and toned.

On the topic of oils, Colleen Rothschild also launched a new CBD Face Oil that I shared on my stories last week. I used it with their Gua Sha beauty tool and I’m obsesssssed! Do you guys Gua Sha?! This was such a new thing for me but girls, I’m addicted. CBD oil is something I have wanted to try for over a year now but honestly was a little intimidated, but when Colleen Rothschild launched this I knew it was going to be good! I’ve come to know and trust her products through the years and wasn’t surprised when I was impressed with this oil! It’s a super lightweight oil that calms irritation and helps with redness and dryness.

How I Use it:

You can use this CBD oil and Gua Sha tool morning or night but I prefer to use my in the morning to help de-puff and kick start my day and help lift, firm and detoxify. I feel like it really help to de-puff my face in the mornings (which this mama always seems to need these days).


This cleansing balm…is the balm 😉 No but really I’ve shared it several times and it’s still one of my favorite ways to remove my makeup. It glides on like butter and feels so satisfied seeing my makeup pour off with warm water in the sink or shower. It leaves your skin feeling super moisturized and comes in several different sizes if you want to start small first (but I promise you’ll love thisss).

How I Use it:

Lather it all over your face and neck, rinse with warm water and pat your face dry.

This Complete Eye Cream is a new favorite. I have crazzzy sensitive eyes so I don’t change out my eye cream often but this one works so well! You only need a small amount and the consistency is amazing. If you’ve been thinking about new eye cream def check this one out.


If these Glycolic Acid Peel Pads are still in stock…snatch em up ladies! I swear these babies sell out all the time. You all know I love a good peel pad and LOVE how large these are. It truly feels like you’re getting a bigger bang for your buck. They work really well and with fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and are also made with Hyaluronic Acid that helps hydrate your skin too.

How I use it:

You can use these morning of night but I typically use them a couple times a week at night after I’ve cleansed then follow with a serum and moisturizer.

Lastly… if you like a GOOOOOD exfoliator you will LOVE this Micro Mineral Resurfacing Scrub. It’s probably my most used and leaves your skin feeling baby soft smooth afterward.

How I Use it:

I leave mine in the shower and pretty much use it nightly after I wash my face to give an extra cleanse!


Alright ladies that’s my Colleen Rothschild favorites roundup! If you add anything to cart from this promo SALE these are my top Colleen Rothschild product recs that I know you’ll love too!


Thank you Colleen Rothschild for sponsoring this post

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  1. Hi Andee, can’t wait to try the eye cream. Looks very moisturizing. Can you also share where this white sweater is from? It’s so pretty!

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