The Beauty Procedures I’ve Done Over the Years

Alright girls, let’s talk BEAUTY PROCEDURES! I did send this out in my newsletter a few months back but it was such a popular request that I decided to put all of the deets on the blog, too! I don’t normally do this so make sure to sign up for my newsletter HERE so you don’t miss all of the future things I’m only sharing there.

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Now that I’m in my late 30s, I’ve stepped things up in terms of procedures and have gotten my skin to a really good point. At this point, I’m pretty much game to try alllll the things and have been happy with most of my procedures. I still love a ton of at-home skincare items, but there are some things that don’t work like those in office treatments, you know? Keep reading for all the procedures I’ve tried over the years- the good, the bad, and the ugly!


I wanted to start here because ultimately this led to several procedures after. The long story is that I tried dermaplaning years ago and had a crazy bad reaction. I ended up with folliculitis which is basically when your hair follicles become inflamed. I was left with horrible acne and let’s just say, I’ll never be doing dermaplaning again (though I have girlfriends who swear by it!).

Picosure Cynosure Laser

To kickstart the process of cleaning up my skin after the dermaplaning issue, I tried this laser which I loved! It helps to repair skin which it did for me, and it also helps with everything else I deal with: fine lines, wrinkles, and acne. I did a couple of rounds of this before moving on to the…

VI Peel

Once my skin was in better shape, I moved on to the VI Peel which again, I really liked. It helped with the acne scars and resurfacing my skin. In my case, I didn’t have too much downtime after and liked that there was a start / stop time to healing. By Day 3 I started to shed and then by Day 6 I was good to go in public, etc. Overall it was easy and a good starting point for laser. To add on here, the peel is good but the results are only for a few weeks so I don’t do these regularly.


Once my skin was in better shape, I started bumping up my maintenance procedures. I signed up for a local med spa called Orange Twist which I love! The membership forces me to keep up with things like hydra facials, etc. and so far so good!

Here is what I get done regularly:

Clear & Brilliant

OBSESSED!!!! This has been my #1 skin procedure and something I rave about to anyone who will listen. I get this pretty much every 6 weeks and have always had awesome results.

I LOVE this for a few reasons including there is hardly any downtime. You might be a little swollen and red after but by the next day, things are normal. You might feel like your skin is rough but no one can tell! By Day 5 or 6 you exfoliate and that’s when I really notice how good my skin looks.

More reasons I love: It’s a good bang for your buck and not too pricey. Since it restores collagen and texture, you really do see great results compared to other things I’ve done that cost a lot more.

I will say it takes a few rounds to see results- or did for me, so stick with it!

Microneedling with PRP

I liked this but since this is double the cost of Clear & Brilliant, I haven’t done it again yet- but plan to! I’ve learned that microneedling w/ PRP is more for long-term results (vs. short-term of Clear & Brilliant) so I know I need to get on it.

Again, I didn’t have any crazy downtime with this but I’ve had girlfriends who did.


You all know I’m a big fan of Botox! I had actually wanted botox for years but didn’t work up the courage until a few years ago, around 35. I was super nervous but it actually was easy and not a big deal.

I started with 19 units and get 30-something now and I still like a very natural finish. I get a little on my forehead, around my eyes, and a tiny amount by my nose which I don’t really notice. For me, results last around 3 months and I go every 4-5.

I will say once you start, it’s hard to stop because you notice such a difference- but what a game-changer!


I tried filler under my eyes once…and passed out! So I haven’t done it since. It didn’t hurt that bad but it felt super weird and my body just couldn’t hang. I am currently researching getting the injections again but with PRP this time since it uses more of your body’s natural goodness. We’ll see if I work up the courage to try again!


I try to get a hydrafacial every month or so and LOVE. They’re non-invasive and tackle all the things I like in a facial- exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and they have anti-aging perks with antioxidants. I’d rec this if you’re looking for a good maintenance facial!

and these are the beauty procedures I’ve tried so far! I keep hearing about Morpheous and Fraxel lasers a lot lately too so want to research more into those. I would love to hear if there are treatments you’ve done and loved so please feel free to share!!

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