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Happy Monday ladddddies! Last week was the first time in FOREVER that I actually stepped foot into Forever21. I normally am overwhelmed by the store and don’t even entertain the thought of trying to take Ava with me so I pretty much only shop online with them. Well last week I decided to do a quick browse through and could not believe how many amazing sweaters I scored! They were great quality and only around $20!!  Here are a few of my current favorite sweaters from Forever21…..

I have the first four sweaters in this set and love them! The third one is my favorite and could easily pass for a Rag & Bone sweater! 

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  1. YES! Forever 21 has stepped up their sweater game like none other! I can't believe how cute their stuff is. Almost identical to lots of the designer brand fall items yet a fraction of the cost! I get so overwhelmed in F21 too so I can relate to only shopping online there! Plus free shipping after $60 😉 You should update your Honeybee store soon hun! I am waiting 🙂

    1. yes they seriously stepped it up! Im on sweater overload! As for shop honeybee yes! Finally started taking pics this week..will update items this weekend. Thanks for the interest and patience love xo

  2. Hi Andee, great picks! This isn't related to the post but I was wondering if you could do a post on your favorite workout clothing? And what you wear to the gym? Thank you! xoxo

    1. thanks love…you know thats a good question as i do that sometimes. The only one i did that with was the marled sweater…its gray with the black cuffs and trim xo

  3. Hey Andee! I love the sweater choices. Could you maybe do a ootd post with your favorite sweater (the rag&bone twin)? I'm curious to see how you'll wear it. Love your blog (:

  4. Great post! Love the third sweater (Rag&Bone twin). Wanted to get it in XS but only see S available. Would you mind sharing what size you got? Thanks! 🙂

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