Sephora Beauty Insider Promo Favorites!

Happy Friday my lovelies! I love doing my SALE round up for you girls so thought I would share some of my beauty favorites from The Sephora Beauty Insider Event today. Practically everything is 10-15% off depending on your account with Sephora so I’m tackling my must-have beauty staples (that i’ve been repurchasing for years) as well as some new things in my cart I’ve been wanting to try!

So these are all my Sephora staples! They are all products that I have been buying and repurchasing for years and highly recommend….

First up let’s talk mascara. You girls know This One is my Holy Grail! I’ve been using it for forever and love everything about it. Even when I was pregnant and I couldn’t use my lash serum….This Mascara brought my pitiful eyelashes back to life! They make a drug store dupe but have to say it’s nothing like the real thing.

I’ve also started using This One by Marc Jacobs and have to say it’s pretty amazing too!

In the summer I like to play around a little more with color so This Plum Mascara always adds a pretty pop of color to my eyes and I love that it’s still subtle.

This is My Most Worn Foundation lately and love everything about! The coverage is medium to full, color match is great, it lasts pretty much all day and doesn’t look cakey. A sales girl recently gave me the wrong foundation (In the luminous formula) and I actually really liked it and kept it. It has a nice glow to it and feels like it has a little less coverage. Great for Summer time!

This Contour Stick is my go-to! It’s the perfect balance of warm and ash and love the consistency

I use This Setting Powder everyday and it definitely lives up to the hype!

This Color Correcting Crayon is my JAM! I’ve raved about it before but I use it daily to cancel out my lovely dark circles (ehmmm mom life and Sicilian dark under eye circles) before I put on my concealer. I use it in the color Less Tired (lol could the name be anymore perfect?!)

You girls know I’m obsessed with Cle de Peau concealer and I still purchase it but I found This Concealer last year and it’s almost as good and less than half the price!

If you follow my insta stories and wondered what the purple hint to my eyes is’s This Eyeliner pencil in Alkaline. I outline my eyes with it and then just blend it out really well. It really makes my blue/green eyes pop.I add a little mascara and I’m good out the door. It’s an easy/fresh look for weekday wear. I also have it in Torch and love as well.

  This Palette is your One and Done palette! It’s been one I’ve traveled with forever because it literally has everything! Eyebrows, Shadows, highlight, contour and even comes with a double ended eyeshadow/eyebrow brush that has been my go to for almost two years! (Would also make a great gift as well bc it’s so universal)

There are a handful of skincare favorites I get from Sephora and these are them!

My top two are most definitely These Peel Pads and these Un-Wrinkle Me Peels pads. I seriously am obsessed with both! I love that This One has a second pad to neutralize but if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, these pads really do pack a great punch for half the price.

Hello 30’s and all of a sudden hand cream with SPF is a must! This One is always in my bag

I finally tried This Moisturizer and am OBSESSSSSED!

I buy This Night Cream for my husband and love that we only have to bring when we go on vacation because I use it too! It feels amazing on my skin.

and I’m officially converted to This Makeup Primer with SPF 30!! Highly highly recommend

and lastly some great ones to Try!

You girls know I’ve raved about This Multi Interchangeable Curling Iron! Great time to snag it on promo sale!

These Brushes are getting a ton of hype…I wonder if they are worth the splurge?! Have you girls used them?

I love this contour palette and think I need to snag it in the Cream Contour version too

and lastly a fellow blogger I followed raved about This Anti Aging Self Tanner for the face so I think I’m going to give it a try!

Okay hope this run down was helpful for you girls! What are you getting from the SALE!? 

I always love to hear your beauty must haves too!

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