Revlon: Blase Apricot

Im dabbling into pinks and corals for a Summery look.

I was really happy with the look of this one from Revlon (in Blase Apricot) with Mac Dazzelglass in Sugarrimmed on top. Have you guys used any drug store lip sticks you love?!! Im a little addicted now xo

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  1. Drugstore lipsticks have gotten sooo much better in terms of…everything! I have favorites from pretty much any brand. I love Soft Nude and Carnation from Revlon's Colorburst line, Pink Chic and Pink Blush from Rimmel, Pink Please from Maybelline. Yeah I'm a total lipstick junkie, I can never have enough! 🙂 Blase Apricot looks gorgeous on you!!

  2. You look gorgeous!

    I am a huge fan of drug store lipsticks. Like Ebru, I love Pink Please! It's so smooth and pretty.

    I haven't been able to find a drug store lip gloss that I like, though. 🙁

  3. wow, i adore that colour on you. you look nothing short of amazing. i've always been very happy with revlon products but i've never tried their lipsticks – you've certainly prompted me to give them a shot.

    love your blog! sofia x

  4. thank you so much ladies! @ Ebru I will def have to give those color a try!! Im addicted to drug store lip sticks now! @ the stalling thank you so much in this pic I was wearing Armani Silk Foundation.

  5. Haha! Andee! You do NOT look like Christina Agulira, ever! You're more in the Megan Fox category, in my opinion! You are a SUPER fox! and one blessed BEAUTY!

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