Random Shots from My Baby Sprinkle!

Monday we meet again! I finally got around to collecting pics from my girlfriends from my baby sprinkle last weekend and wanted to share a few with you ladies! To be completely honest when they asked to throw a shower for me this time around I wasn’t really 100% on board. I didn’t even know you did showers for your second child but apparently some people do what’s called a baby “sprinkle”. Instead of having someone host one and decorate their house etc I opted for something simple. I wanted to just to do a fab bubbly filled brunch (mocktails for me) with a great view and just a few of my closest girlfriends and I couldn’t have been happier with how it all turned out! 
How stunning is this view?! Splashes at the Surf and Sand in Laguna is one of my favorite spots for dining with a view! You’re literally right on the water and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect! When I first started thinking about a baby sprinkle brunch this place immediately popped in my mind! 
If you haven’t dined there yet I HIGHLY recommend it!
How pretty are these arrangements?! I wanted something simple/ neutral with some succulents and little milk thistle to add just a touch of blue…for our baby boy 😉

I probably should have hired someone to take a few pics for us but really just wanted to keep everything very simple. So we made do with selfies and camera phones 😉

Thank you to my lovely lovely ladies for making this day so fun!
My girlfriend brought some yummy blue cupcakes from Magnolia’s with little boy shoes on them 😉 And another girlfriend brought some OPI nail polishes in grays and blues with a cute bow as a favor for everyone.  I forgot to get a picture but thought it was such a cute touch, and who doesn’t love a good OPI polish?!
I really didnt have time to go out and find  a new dress because we kept postponing and rescheduling this brunch. So when it finally went through I only had a couple days to plan and to be honest was over going out and shopping for a new dress at 9 months pregnant 😉 Luckily I had this pretty coral DVF maxi dress I scored on eBay a few years ago and it still fit! (My favorite feather gold cuff HERE and similar affordable bump flattering coral maxi dress HERE)

and lastly my girlfriends that hosted it asked all my friends to bring a “boy” book in place of a card. I thought it was such sweet touch with all the hand written messages to him. Not to mention the fact that I hadn’t thought of most of our books in our house now were girl books 😉

I couldn’t have asked for a better baby sprinkle and am SO glad we did it! Things are so busy right now that it actually made this a little more surreal….we’re having s son!! 😉

I hope all of you lovelies have a great week!! 
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  1. Wow that looks so perfect! We had guests bring books instead of cards for my baby shower last year and it was one of my favorite parts about the shower. And I really enjoy reading those sweet messages to Boston over and over. I think it is such a special touch.

    Summer Ann
    Simply Summer Ann Blog

    1. thanks so much Natasha! Cant believe how big your girls are already! I remember following you when you were prego the first time around 😉 Time flies huh mama?!

  2. Lol when I saw this on IG I thought the 'sprinkle' was autocorrect but still thought Heehee how cute! Like a mini baby shower… (my brain didn't put it together…)
    Gosh I don't know about what it's like in the States, but a bottle of OPI is $25 here… which is like USD$20 ish… pricey favours, very generous!! esp considering there were so many of you as well!

    1. lol I hadn't heard of a "sprinkle" either but I guess they're pretty popular 😉 As for the OPI polish they are only about $7 here in the states but still adds up for sure! xo

    2. oh wow but for $7 I can see how so many people are able to do this as a party favor at baby showers/sprinkles, bridal showers etc. :):) Very nice touch and something memorable and useful for everyone! xo

  3. Hey Andee, what size is the DVF halter dress you're wearing in this picture?? I've found a few on ebay but not sure what size to go with! THanks

  4. Hi there,
    the dress you have on is amazing!! Do you know where I could find that similar style???? I clicked on the link and did not see anything like it.

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