Palm Springs (Part Two)

Happy Monday ladies! Here is round two of our Palm Springs trip from a few weeks ago! So sorry for the MAJOR delay but we’ve been going going going lately and I finally had a chance to upload the rest of our pictures! As previously mentioned we stayed at The Parker in Palm Springs (you can see more on my Part One  post) and I have a feeling this will be our go to hotel from here on out. It’s a little pricier but the hotel was so beautiful and surprisingly really great for the little one! So here are few more random shots from our trip……

I couldn’t get enough of this beautiful property! Ava had a blast exploring all these little walkways! 

Someones already calling for Room Service 😉 Also as previously mentioned this hotel has cribs available as well if you’re traveling with little ones which was a big plus for us! 
Kiddie pool loungin’
these Eternal Sunshine Creation shorts on repeat! 
Did I mention these ground are amazing?! All we need are S’mores!
I couldn’t get enough of this sweet little maxi dress from Old Navy

Ava loved these “swings” 😉 (Flynn Skye maxi dress same style different print on sale HERE)

The best part of hotel life…breakfast in bed! (happy girl!)

I think what really sets this hotel apart is all the retro decor! 
How rad is this indoor fireplace in the lobby! 
Just say “NO” 😉
(Ava’s little ruffled bikini from GAP)
Hammock time with the hubs!
(Dita sunnies)
and a few asked about this swimsuit I wore on my Instagram post a few weeks back. I’d been eyeing this print for FOREVER and love the retro cut! 

It’s by Seafolly and from The Orchid Boutique.
and no skinny margaritas on this trip…just frozen mango margaritas the size of my head please! (our go to for mexican food in the desert…Las Casuelas Rancho Mirage location)
and the brunch spot worth the wait…Cheeky’s! There’s pretty much ALWAYS a line outside but its worth it! I also recommend the Purple Palm (poolside) restaurant at The Colony hotel down the street! 

Hope you girls enjoyed these pics! Palm Springs is one of our favorite spots! Sorry again for the delayed post! 
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    1. i wore this one as a swim cover up on this trip but I've worn it out braless on other occasions (unfortunately I dont need a lot of support in the chest department 😉

  1. You guys go all out!!! We went to Hollywood a couple of weekends ago and we stayed at Motel 6! LOL.It was surprisingly pretty good! Now like the suite you guys get but good for the price, as we weren't planning on spending that much time there.

    Great tip about asking for a crib, will def keep that in mind. We put our LO in the bath tub with pillows and a white noise machine and we were able to "party" in the room with a couple of friends over some drinks and when friends left hubby and I 😉 and our baby slept all night!!!!

    Loooove the swim suit, it's very vintage and not too revealing, leaving a lot for the imagination.

    We went to Laguna yesterday and walked around, I discovered new places I hadn't seen before! We live in Seal Beach so we're lucky to be so close. We do live in paradise, don't you think??

  2. This hotel and it's grounds look so amazing. I want to live there! Also, Ava looks like such a little girl (no more baby-ness) in these pics! You've got yourself an adorable family!

  3. Hi Andee – just curious if you have any issues with wearing maxi dresses? I've petite, 5'2" and always have issues with length. I would love to purchase the dress you linked in this post but was curious about the fit. Thanks!

    1. you know I'm only 5'4 but love to wear maxis! Sometimes ill have to get them altered or else find shoes to keep them from dragging. Im pretty sure that i didnt even have to get this one hemmed though. Hope this helps xo

  4. I love these photos! and that Aussi Bikini is very very flattering on you hun! Would love to see pics of your Cayman adventures xxo

  5. 1) I need to find a version of that hotel in FL… How awesome! 2) Ava is the sweetest thing! 3) you look amazing as usual! 4) might have to get that bikini for post baby motivation! So cute.. What size did you get?? Xoxo!!

  6. Looks so awesome, loving all of these pics – the one of you and Ava in the chairs is a framer for sure! And that bikini is so so cute!! XO Hope you had safe travels home from time with the fam!

  7. Hi Andee! I have a question about the Parker, is there a gym there? Do you know whats in it machine wise? Thank you!

  8. Hello! I know this isnt related to this post but can you recco any good places in Paris, Nice, St. Tropez and Monaco? I know you went a couple years ago and I am headed there this week so trying to get all the suggestions I can and you seem to ALWAYS know of fab places! Thanks so much 🙂

    1. hi hun how awesome! I did a post on all the places when we were there! Just google The Honeybee St Tropez, The Honeybee South of France and some of those post should come up. Let me know if you can't track them down xo PS I'm jealous! 😉

  9. Hi Andee,
    I love your style and have been following your blog for awhile. I've been trying to slim down/tone up for awhile and was wondering what advice you have? I've tried restricting sweets but it always ends up in a horrible binge! Any advice would be much appreciated!

    1. hi hun thank you for following! As for the sweets the best advice I can give is to not deprive yourself! I have something sweet at least once a day i just try to keep it under 200 calories. If you deny your body these cravings once you have them you won't be able to stop and will over do it 😉 Trust me I've been there too. So definitely indulge just do so in moderation! Hope this helps xo

  10. I love your Flynn Skye maxi!! Do you mind sharing what size you ordered? I'm not too familiar with what the 1, 2, 3, options translate in to, but I'm about the same size ask you. P.S. LOVE the Dita sunglasses! So summery and fun!

  11. Your photos are so beautiful. I love your little curl's curls and adorable toddler outfits. I was actually curious about the necklace your husband is wearing. My husband has been looking for a chain that he could put his wedding band while he works (he does construction). It is so hard to find one.

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