Our Palm Springs Recap

Happy Monday ladies! Today I wanted to share some pics from our trip to Palm Springs a couple weeks ago. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you know we love going out to the desert. I lived in the desert years and years ago so it always feels like a bit of home for me but I always wonder if it would be weird for people to vacation in the desert (because typically people gravitate to beaches and cities) but there is just so much charm there! It’s only about 1.5 hours from us without traffic so its a perfect quick getaway with the kids! Ava mentions it all the time and its so sweet to know were creating those fun memories for her like I had as a kid. Anyhow if you havent been to Palm Springs yet I would definitely add it to your list! 
This trip we stayed at The Viceroy. We normally stay at the Parker but because we were traveling with a 6 week old (yes can you tell its my second child?! Theres no way I would have traveled so soon with Ava ๐Ÿ˜‰ we needed a bigger space and The Viceroy has a two bedroom villa that was perfect for us so we splurged. Luca is still waking up several times a night so I didn’t want his cries to wake up Ava so the extra room definitely came in handy. I wasn’t thinking of taking a vacay this early on with Luca but my hubby had to go out there for business so figured why not! It wasn’t a “total vacation” because lets be honest you’re never fully relaxed when you’re traveling with little ones but my mama friends were right that it’s much easier to vacay when your baby is not quite mobil yet. Luca did awesome and pretty much slept the majority of the time (minus the night time of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

The grounds and views of this hotel are just so so charming!

Our little villa! 
I just couldn’t get enough of this decor
Our Villa had two bedrooms, a mini dining room and kitchen and even a small backyard! They also had a crib and pack n play set up for us when we arrived.

Slightly obsessed with this little dining space (and that little wild one at the table)!
Exploring the grounds!

Thank you guys for all of your kind comments on instagram when I posted this pic but just know that this sarong did not come off at the pool ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m happy with my postpartum progress but still have a lot of werk/toning to do! I’m doing a postpartum update later this week so feel free to comment/ask any specific questions you have and I will try to answer them! xo

Our little mermaid 
Smoothie Smooches!

We left on a Monday which was perfect because we had the place pretty much all to ourselves! 
Still obsessed with this Janessa Leone Hat! It’s probably my favorite! 

Balenciaga Tote/ Saint Laurent Sunglasses / Alexander Wang Wallet
Headed to meet some friends for dinner (Her little white dress // mine sold out)
Up and at em’ on headed on a morning coffee run ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
Run Ava Run! ๐Ÿ˜‰

We always stop at the dinosaurs on our way home! I remember my dad taking me here when I was kid and how cool I thought it was!
and of course taking advantage of all those breast feeding burning calories ;))) IN-N-OUT on the drive home is always a good idea (Vanilla shake not pictured!)
Overall we had a great time! The room was perfect for us this trip because our little one isn’t sleeping through the night but I think The Parker is still my favorite and a bit more kid friendly. The Viceroy had a “kid” pool but it definitely wasn’t accommodating for kids. I think it was more of a if you have kids stay at this pool and away from the people at the other pools lol. I would definitely recommend staying here is you’re traveling with friends or your significant other. You can’t beat the location (right down town and walking distance to everything!)
Where are some of your favorite places to stay in the desert?! Were planning another trip out there and thinking about staying at La Quinta this time. 

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  1. Gorgeous, the villa looks unreal! I love the decor. I used to go to palm springs a lot when I was a kid because my grandpa lived there but haven't been much since he passed. Nate and I should go ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It looks so beautiful there! I've never been to Palm Springs but I've always wanted to go ๐Ÿ™‚ We live in the desert (AZ) so the weather should feel similar to here. Thanks for posting pics of this gorgeous hotel! Definitely going on my vacay list ๐Ÿ™‚
    XO Kelly

  3. Ava is so freaken cute!! The grounds do look beautiful, I've never considered going to Palm Springs but you may have convinced me to look into it ;-). So far all our vacations have been about the beach lol

  4. Lovely photos, hun! I do have a question! I'm 7 mo postpartum and we want to have our kiddos close in age as well, hoping around the 2 year mark like you! My question is: I am wondering what your experience was after Ava, did you use birth control pills before you were ready for number 2 or did you not do anything to prevent pregnancy, I've just heard stories of women going on the pill after number 1 and then having trouble conceiving when they are ready for number 2 if they have been on the pill in between! Would love to hear your experience w this! Hope you are enjoying your sweet addition to the family. Xox Lori

    1. you know i didnt go back on birth control with ava (but we took other precautions ๐Ÿ˜‰ as I didnt want to get pregnant until Ava was at least 2. i wanted her to be in school a couple days, potty trained and in her own big girl bed in her room. I find the age difference to be pretty good right now xo Good lick to you!

  5. I'd love to hear what your daily eats are looking like postpartum. How are keeping the cravings at bay. Looking amazing honeybee!

  6. Andee, looks like you all had an amazing trip! As always, you look SO beautiful! I love your Jenessa Leone hat and have been going back and forth deciding if I should make the splurge. In terms of sizing, would you say it's true to size? I am debating between the size small and the medium.

  7. Hi there, the mermaid two-piece swimsuit is so darling – do you remember where you purchased it? (Hoping recently!)

  8. Oh my goodness! It looks like you all had such a blast! We started traveling with our son at 6 weeks and he was soooo easy then. He was pretty easy at 8 months too but I am wondering how he will be now that he is crawling all over the place. Have a great week!

    Summer Ann
    Simply Summer Ann Blog

  9. We loved the La Quinta Resort. We found it very family friendly. We went one year on the Fourth of July and they have their own fireworks. It's not within walking distance of anything though. I miss socal so much since my husband got transferred a little over a year ago.

  10. Andee you look awesome!! I too just had a baby and I would love to see your workout routine. I would love to see your workout style since I do struggle finding workout friendly outfits. Also how do you schedule pumping/breastfeeding around gym?

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