Our Most Used Home Products in 2021

In today’s “best of 2021” series I wanted to share our most used home products. I feel like there are a few more to add to list but these 7 products were the first ones that came to mind and we use often so let’s dive right in…

With all the iPads, watches, phones and devices in our home it felt like there were battles over chargers on the daily over here. This Multi Charger docking station was a game changer and $45 well spent!

I’ve posted on this Sonos Move Speaker before and you guys it’s AWESOME! We have one here and also in our desert house and the sound quality is amazing. I use it in the garage when I workout, move it to the living room to play our favorite playlists, and move it outdoors when we’re BBQ’ing, entertaining or lounging by the pool. It’s also available in black here.

It took me awhile to splurge on this device but honestly I can see now that it’s worth the price jump for a blender. We make the kids smoothies daily and it’s also greats for dips, soups and homemade dressings.

If you have kids or a pet you NEED this hand held cleaner. Let me say that again. You need this handheld cleaner! I am shocked at the tough stains and smells it get’s rid of!

These portable heaters were backordered but are restocked now! I love our outdoor fireplace but honestly it doesn’t give off a ton of heat unless you’re sitting right next to it. We entertain a lot and knew we needed a couple of these to add a little warmth and they work so well. We’ve definitely been getting a ton of use out of them this Fall and Winter.

I know you’ve seen this vacuum on my gift guides over the years. It’s pricey but amazzzing! I love that it’s so lightweight and there’s no cord. With two kids and a dog, it’s safe to say it also gets a ton of use in our home.

If you lose your keys frequently like I do…you need this!! It syncs to an app and is super easy to use. They also make slim card style trackers you can put in your wallet too. This Multi Pack is perfect started kit!

And last but not least, something I use frequently for all my shoots is this professional style steamer. It works so well and love that you can hang your garments up on it. If you looking for something on the smaller side, check out this handheld one that’s small enough for travel too!

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