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I’ve been receiving a bunch of comments on my favorite hair products and also what I use on Ava’s hair so thought I would tackle those in todays post. So let’s get started with some of my current favorites….

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Shampoo/Conditioner: I ALWAYS struggle in this department. I was using one from Keratase but to be honest for the price I was paying I really didn’t see a huge difference so I went back to an oldie but goodie Fekkai glossing shampoo and conditioner.

Curling Iron and Blowdryer: I’ve mentioned both of these babies before and i’m in LOVE! I always found when I went to The Dry Bar my curl always held much better so I tracked down the brand they use. I was going to purchase the one from the store but could do without the bright yellow design. I found the same one online and have been using it for about a year and couldn’t be happier! I have it in two sizes. I use the 1.25 inch barrel for day to day big loose curls and a smaller size one (linked below) for more defined curl.
As for the blow dryer I’m OBSESSED with the one above. It has a touch screen so you can choose the heat level and also set ions based on your hair type as well! The only down fall I could find with this one is where the “cool” button it located. its on the handle part of the dryer and sometimes my hands hits it on accident but obviously a great spot for when you want to blast a bit of cool air to set your hair.

Ava’s Leave in Conditioner and Brush: I’m sure many of you mamas have already heard about this “wet brush”. My husband actually picked this one up surprisingly and it really works the best to get those tangles out. After her tub at night we put on the Tri-Soy Wheat leave in conditioner listed above and it makes it super easy to comb through.

Kerastase Elixir: is ammmazing for taming curls! I’ve tried so many different serums and tamers but nothing works like this stuff. It’s a bit on the pricey side but it has lasted forever and a drop goes a long way.

I posted this picture on instagram of Ava yesterday and lot of you were asking what I used…this was the product. I wet her hair and put a dime size amount in my hand and run my hands through the ends of her hair. Ava’s hair is CRAY ZAY so I normally pull it back in a pony tail so it’s out her face (she won’t do clips or head bands ;( but when I want her to wear it down this is what I use!

Texturizing Spray:  Another must have is Oribe Dry Texturizing spray! My hair is pretty fine so adding a bit of this gives a little more volume and usually buys me an extra day of not washing my hair (score! 😉 It’s also great to give a little spray and quick brush through before I use my 1.25 inch curling iron for some effortless beach waves. Another great option is the Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo. It’s a little heavier than the Oribe Dry texturizing spray (so I prefer the Oribe) but this one is a little more affordable and as far as dry shampoos go its legit (trust me I have tried a ton!).

Velcro Rollers and Metals pins:  Lastly two styling tools I couldn’t do without are large velcro rollers and those little metal pins. Again having finer hair a girl needs a set of large velcro rollers. After I blow dry my roots I’ll take two to three large rollers and set the crown. I do a quick spray of hair spray and a quick blast of cool hair to set them. I usually leave them in for a few minutes while I finish my makeup or the rest of my hair. As for the little metal clips I use a round brush while blow drying my hair in sections. After I dry each two inch section i’ll roll my hair up and use the metal clips to secure the section and leave them in until they’re are completely cool.

*As for a few of my other must haves I also own the Bio ionic 1 inch style winder for when I want a more defined curl that last longer. My hair doesn’t curl very well but this little beauty does the trick!
My must have hair spray and pretty much don’t use anything else is the Morroccanoil Hair Spray in medium finish. I don’t like when my hair feels hard or crunchy from product and this spray never does that. It holds great, tames fly aways and smells amaze!
As far as oils go the Kerastase elixir above is my holy grail but if you want my close second that’s a little more affordable go with the Moroccan oil  and I highly suggest getting one with a pump! You’ll thank me later because the one without makes quite the mess! Lastly my favorite volumizing mouse is the Aquage Uplifting Foam. I’ve posted on this one before (and think they may be discontinuing it because I could only find it on Amazon ;( but it provides volume without the crunchiness. The big Sexy Hair  Root Pump is another great option.

I hope this was helpful for you ladies and as always I would LOVE to hear when hair products you can’t do with out! There are so many on the market it’s so tough to find great ones!

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    1. Hi Carrie! For that look I used the 1.25 inch curling iron but sprayed each section of hair with moroccan oil hair hair spray first before curling so it would hold longer. xo

  1. Love Oribe Gold Lust and Royal Blowout…MUST HAVES. Plus they smell amazing! For humid days highly recommend Impermeable, it works wonders and doesn't make hair stiff or crunchy!

  2. So glad you did this post! Very helpful. Thanks! I have super fine hair and struggle with styling, so I'm going to try some of the products and tools you mention. Your post says you don't wash your hair daily, how do you keep it looking fresh the next day? My hair is flat and a tad bit greasy if I don't wash every day :/. I do have real thin hair though. Your hair looks thick, lucky lady!

    1. I should clarify my question for keeping hair looking fresh the next day: do you just use dry shampoo the next day or do you have other tricks? Thanks!

    2. you know I have fine hair but a quite a bit of it. Also I can go about 2-3 days without washing my hair until it starts looking oily. I would try the Dry Shampoo (maybe go with the Big Sexy Hair one as it is a little more intense if you have super oily hair it would probably work better) Use it on dry hair the day on the days you dont have time to wash it.

    1. Sorry ladies I know sometime this layout can be confusing. If you look at the product pic to the right there is a small arrow. You can click it to go through my favorite product picks xo

    1. I originally purchased the Kerastase elixir for me but found it works so well on Avas since she has much curlier hair but the Moroccanoil works great with her hair too!

  3. Oribe has another spray called Dry Think…it's similar to Dry Texturizing Spray, but without the grit. My stylist recommended it to me for fine hair 🙂 Do you ever use the velcro rollers on dry hair, or just on wet hair after you shampoo? I need to try that trick!

    1. oh good to know ill have to try that one too! I only use the velcro rollers on dry hair. After Ive blown dry the section Ill wrap it in a roller, blast with cool air and then spray with a little hair spray. xo

  4. I'm so glad I you did this post I have had a gift card to Bliss for over a year and I desperately need a new curling iron. If you had to pick between the bigger one and the smaller one which would you choose?

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