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My little sleepy cupcake xo

Hi ladies things have been quite crazy around here lately. I finally have a minute to sit down and update on the past 11 days days after giving birth to little miss Ava. First let me say that becoming a mom is such an blessing and as cliche as it sounds I have never felt love like this. I wasn’t sure I was going to feel that instant bond and love when we met her but I totally did! Also adjusting to life with a newborn was just as hard as I thought it was going to be. I have to say that I have probably cried more times this past week and half than I have all last year! It is quite the adjustment and we are all exhausted. Thankfully I had my mom (who leaves tomorrow ;( and my hubby to help out. They have been so amazing! I think I had a bit of the “baby blues” from what I read online. It was really weird because I just felt sad when I wasn’t really sad (if that makes sense). Its not postpartum but just a mix of hormones, anxiety and exhaustion I think. Each day it gets a little better and we are getting the hang of it.
As for sleep I definitely feel like a zombie! Thankfully she is sleeping in her little co sleeper that attaches to the side of our bed. We’re hoping it continues to work as we don’t want her to sleep in bed with us. We lucked out because 5 out of the 11 days our little lady was getting some solid sleep at night! Last night was a SUPER rough one as she was really gassy and in pain. I felt so helpless and nothing we could do to make her feel better. Im pretty sure it was stuff that I ate (I had a green veggie drink, fruit smoothie and grapefruit juice) which I think might have upset her little tummy. So now I am trying not to be paranoid about everything I eat because it could give her gas. But after a night like last night its hard not to be!
As for breastfeeding, Ava latched on right away pretty much after birth! The first week was brutal on my nipples but we are doing so much better now and she is growing and eating like crazy! Breast feeding has also really helped shrink my tummy back down and i’ve already lost around 18lbs in under 2 weeks! I did not expect that to happen that quickly at all! I am hoping to start pumping today and introducing the bottle soon so my hubby can help out and I can keep my sanity! I think its really important for me to get out and still do little things. I found sitting in the house all day with her really made me feel “blue”. All in all she really has been a good baby and we are in awe of her! I can’t wait for her to get a little bigger so she becomes more alert and interacts with us.

I know there are going to be good days and bad days so just trying to take it one day at a time. Thank you all again for all the love and if you guys have any tips or suggestions I’d love to hear them! Esp on what to eat while breastfeeding and sleeping! xo

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  1. She's beautiful<3 & you still look gorgeous. I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better. I can't wait to see Ava when she's a bit older to see what personality she has~ & you are right, life is a constant journey of ups and downs but, definately with more ups so, no worries<3


  2. thanks for the update! I know all of us have been in awe over your IG pics! cannot wait to watch this sweet little girl grow! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Awww beautiful baby!!! So exciting! I had the baby blues as well, but mine lasted for like a year lol, as well as night sweats. You are doing great! Good job mama

  4. I'm glad you updated us…I don't think any woman can quite prepare for motherhood, but it sounds like you're doing a beautiful job. I'll have to come back to this post in June, once our little guy in here. It's good to know that there are good days mixed in with the bad days. Great perspective! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Oh her lips!!!Andee congrats she's such a sweetie cupcake!Don't worry you'll find your routine together!I'm so happy for you family of three!!!Can't wait for your mommy-daughter updates:)

  6. She is a beauty mashallah, you look fab as well :)))) My cousin had a boy recently, and she makes sure to keep his head straight when he sleeps, you want to keep the babies head straight, so it doesn't get mis-shapen if you know what i mean…. Sorry if thats silly advice, but thats what she makes sure to do. She really is a stunner and her lips are big !, a real cutie :)))

  7. Ava looks like the sweetest and most relaxed baby ever! She's sleeping so calmly in these photos. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can only imagine what a transition it has been for you. You still look amazing regardless of all the fatigue and emotional rollercoaster! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. It's totally normal to feel blue after giving birth, but things will get better! I'd also recommend continuing to nurse directly if you can. It takes some time for your body to adjust, and the baby's suckling tells your body how much to produce. My kids were both very gassy for 4 months no matter what I ate. Their little digestive systems just take some time to mature and adjust.

    Congrats, you and baby look gorgeous!

    1. thank you Leena! Glad I'm not alone on the baby blues feeling! Looking forward to her digestive track adjusting so i won't be so stressed on what to eat and what to avoid! xo

  9. Oh, my mum gave the advice of giving my baby niece brown sugar in warm water to drink, just a small amount to drink in a bottle and it helped ease the babies wind-it has to be brown sugar though as theres something in it that aids in wind and guts. you can research it more online… failing that try gripe water….

  10. I was going to say, it's best not to give her formula milk yet, she is too young. Chest is best for as long as you can, get a pump and into a bottle so your husb can help out, but it really is not good for the baby as formula has all sorts of cr*p in it and no good for a tiny baby. Actually my friend's baby was weaned too soon as she, my friend found chest feeding painful and the baby was constantly choking up the formula, this went on right up till the baby was at least 8 months old–Stick to chest milk would be my advice. You seriously don't want to pump her little body with formula-that stuff is bad…

  11. Andee- I just started following you and I love your blog! You look great and yor baby girl is absolutely beautiful!! My daughter had extemely bad gas too… I eliminated all gassy veggies (broccoli, etc), dairy, and caffeine and it seemed to really help. On the days that were really bad I would pat her little butt and it seemed to help her know where to push the gas out. Also, laying her on her backh, massaging her tummy gently pushing air down her tummy, and especially doing bicycle legs helped a ton too!!! They say gas peaks around 2 months and by 4 months they usually grow out of it… but if I had to eat any of those items I would make sure it was right after I nursed knowing there would be at least 2-4 hours
    between our next feeding!! Good luck and I loom forward to reading more!!

    1. Thank you Valene! Im going to eliminate acidic fruits and gassy vegetables and hope that helps! I will def be trying to bicycle legs when she has gas next time as well! xo

  12. Wow, you and Ava look great! Baby blues were a foreign territory for me too, but it will soon pass. I felt like such a weirdo when I would just cry for no reason, but tons of Mama's felt the same way. It seems like you are doing everything great so far. My daughter had gas from the food I ate so good luck with that. I found that spicy foods and oats would give my lil one gas. Just keep doing the leg exercises to help get the gas out.

    Congrats to you and your Husband again! Being a parent is the most rewarding thing I have ever done =)

  13. Congrats on the little one! She's a beauty!
    I breast fed my son for tw first year and I have to say- the first three months are the hardest. Once 3 months rolls around I feel like we both had a routine, and we were able to start sleeping! So hang in there! People always told me "3 months it gets easier" and they didnt lie!
    As far as gas, mylicon! It will help her little belly, also lay her on her back and push her knees to her belly, warm baths help will help relax her too! (unless she hates baths of course)
    Just hang in there, you will find what works for you guys! Xo

  14. Aw, she is just so precious! Congratulations to you all. Having a newborn is obviously a huge adjustment and feeling super emotional and "blue" is perfectly normal. I made sure to take super long walks every day when mine were first born, it helped calm and soothe us all ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry she's having tummy troubles, my son had a sensitive tummy too. Are you using the inclined wedge? That helps things settle better for them and alleviates any reflux or indigestion they may be experiencing. Also, we loved Baby Bliss Gripe Water in the cobalt blue bottle–It's homeopathic and natural.

    1. thanks Andi! I agree and took a long walk yesterday that seemed to help! My mom also mentioned this inclined wedge! I think i will have to look into that today! I have gripe water and will def be using that next time she has a gassy night. Thanks so much for the advice love!

  15. Congrats Andee she is just beautiful!! Enjoy each moment you have (even if they are sleepless) I am sure that if you keep her on a routine and take advantage of the times she naps to nap yourself you will feel much better!!!

    โ™ฅ Ashley

  16. Thanks for taking the time to update the blog world, even being exhausted ๐Ÿ™‚ I'll send a prayer and warm thoughts your way so you kick the last of those baby blues and get some rest!

  17. Your daughter is beautiful! I know exactly what you're going through because I felt the exact same after having my daughter Veronica, 4 months ago. I was sad almost every day and wasn't sure why. I felt completely overwhelmed and the littlest of things made me cry. It takes a couple of weeks to get into a new routine and for your hormones to get back in check.
    You are going through a huge change and babies are a lot of work that you just can't seem to prepare enough for no matter how hard you try. I promise it gets easier and your little angel will be worth every tear along the way.
    Best wishes!

    1. Amen! It makes me feel better knowing you felt the same way too! i think my hubby thought i was losing my mind with the crying ha. It is getting better everyday as were still adjusting to all these major life changes. When did you start to feel less sad and get those hormones in check?!

    2. Haha, my husband was the same way!! He could not understand why I was acting so odd and getting so worked up over such little things that I ordinarily wouldn't have. I don't think he knew how to react because I was a real mess those first couple of weeks. I wondered if I'd ever be able to adjust!

      In all honesty, I would say it took at least good month or more to feel like things were starting to get back to normal. I worried at first that it was just me because it always seemed like other woman (friends who already had babies) made the transition so easily. I really think this happens to everyone but for some reason no one really talks about it. It's almost as if we're afraid we're going to get labeled as having post-partum when really these feelings are a normal part of the process.

      Above all I would say just don't be too hard on yourself and just try to come to the realization that the next month or two are going to take some adjusting to – but on the other side of things, every day that goes by you will develop a love for her like no other!

  18. the best advice is to still keep doing the things you enjoy to do! Its very easy to get into mom mode 24/7 but isnt healthy for you or her! So make sure you get out to shop or workout whatever it is but def get some alone time ๐Ÿ™‚ I had a baby a year ago and we have date night every week still ! The first 3 months are def a struggle and dont let anyone tell you different! xoxoxo ps. she is a beauty!

    1. thank you! i was just telling my hubby that! I need to still feel sane and do some stuff for myself during the day or I may go crazy haha. That so awesome you guys still have date night! Hoping to squeeze in some of those when my in laws arrive! Glad to know it gets easier! When did you start to feel it getting easier? After 3 months? I think it will just take a bit of time to adjust to everything.

  19. I never post but just wanted to say Congratulations on your gorgeous little doll, she is perfect. I also wanted to thank you for your honesty, I find it very refreshing….

  20. shes adorable! my son was really gassy too, mylicon drops were a life saver. laying him on my arm with his head going back towards my elbow and my hand between his lega to hold him up really helped too. id hold him on his belly like that and have my arm close to me and stand and rock or walk slow and it helped. holding my little cousins gassy baby like that calmed her down too. idk what it is about them laying on their belly but still on yor arms that helps

  21. Oh the days of no sleep:) Good news is looking back those times seem like they went by so fast and in some crazy way you miss those moments. As for the gas from your diet. I went through that with a couple of mine and it can be a pain to figure out whats doing it. According to the doctor it can take a couple days to really get out of their system. It doesnt work with all babies but during those times it was suggested to me to try gripewater. Its all natural and my doctor ok'd it. It worked wonders for my son if I gave it to him around his bedtime feeding. He would sleep so much better on those nights. Unfortunately it doesnt always work for all but maybe worth a try!


    1. good to hear that!! Hoping to get this one sleeping a bit longer soon! The gassiness is super frustrating but trying to keep track of what I'm eating and eliminate what upsets her. I have some gripe water and will def be using it next time we have a night like that! thanks for the advice! xoox

    2. Totally agree with everything Heather has said. I did do all the above with my daughter bicycle legs, gripe water,myloacon( same as gripe water) and omitting foods and dairy out of diet. But I did come across this. Our milk is made up of parts hind and fore milk the first part of our milk is very sugary to our little babies tummies and very hard to digest so I read when I nurse to nurse on one side completely. So they get the hind and fore milk. Then for the next feeding nurse on the opposite breast empty each time you nurse and if baby needs more then go ahead and switch but completely different then they teach at the hospital! The explanation was because if u are nursing and the baby is only getting the sugar part of the milk both times you change sides it's then very hard for their tummies to digest all of that sugar that's why they get very gassy! It will hurt at first cuz your body will need to adjust but it really works! Angela

  22. Congrats! I had baby blues too so I understand. It happens to most of us because our bodies have gone through a drastic change, your life changes in the blink of an eye, you aren't sleeping as much, and you are stuck in the house most of the time. It will get better!

    1. hearing that makes me feel much better! I think my hubby thought i was going crazy with all my random crying. But you are totally right it is a HUGE change! Not just on our bodies but our lives so it is just going to take some adjusting! Glad to know it gets better! thank you xo

  23. Congrats!!! i never comment but just really wanted to wish you the best luck! baby looks adorable! Also, i wanted to thank you for being so honest. Lots of mom feel the same way you do and also feel so alone because nobody talks about it! Everything will be OK. Don't worry ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. thank you for commenting! And glad you liked this post! I think its important for us to be honest about our situations and know that its not always going to be rainbows and butterflies. It def made me feel better hearing the responses of other moms saying they have experienced similar things as well! xo

  24. Hey, doll! Your pics are too cute, and I really like hearing about all the baby stuff- I personally have no idea about the little ones- but it looks like there will be a lot of suggestions coming your way. Wishing you the best, and to have your sanity back soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

    x carlina

  25. So happy for you and your little Mini Me… She's so cute! It feels like yesterday my daughter and my son were born…
    BTW… I breastfed both my children for over a year (not by choice, or because I felt I had to do it, or for any other reason) than I knew it was the best for my baby and that it was SO easy. Sounds like little Ava took to it as well… Enjoy this special time. Sometimes I felt like burning that darn recliner where I sat to breastfeed but just looking at her peaceful face just made all better… I learned though trial and error and some reading along with old folks' tales what to eat and not to eat…main things to avoid for me were: broccoli, cabbage, beans, too much acidity from fruit drinks, to many acidic fruits, i.e. grapefruit, orange. I ate a lot of watermelon, apples, grapes, etc.. Nuts and grains were great. My mom also suggested iron fortified spinach soup with goat cheese along with some (1/4 to 1/4 a glass of beer) to start the milk coming… (Necessary: I don't drink. Period. I did have a bit of beer a couple of times while breastfeeding).
    I chose not to pump probably because I knew I was gonna be with my baby all the time for the first year and I also knew that I could have along time as feeding times will stretch out further with time and then the solids come in at six months. I also have to be honest and tell you that the whole process of cleaning, disinfecting, what nipple to choose just seemed daunting to me. After the episode you described about Ava's gasiness and unease I remember going through that and thinking "why add to the discomfort by adding the added worry of bottles." But that's me. Bottles worked wonderfully for my best friend and her three kids, which she breastfed exclusively while working full time. (so there)
    While every minute and every day might seem like an eternity to you now time will tick by and you will soon look back on this "eternity" and it will feel like just a day has gone by..
    Love your daughter, enjoy family time and kiss her every day. That's all.
    (Sorry for the lengthy speech -mommyhood does that to you)

    1. thank you so much for all the advice! It has been a little overwhelming so its really nice to know that I'm not the only mom out there experiencing these sleepiness nights! Thank you for the list of things that you were fine eating…because after researching causes of gas in newborns I swear I felt like there was nothing I COULD eat! Ill def try those options! I will be staying at home with my little one too but needed to get her on the bottle once a day so the hubby can feed her if I need to head out. Right now I am nursing every 2 hours but hoping to grow that time in the couple weeks! Thank you again!! xoox

  26. Congratulations!!! I love your blog and humble personality. I don't have children, but I have been reading another blog for about 2 years and she is hilarious. Well, she had a child about a year ago and from what I could tell had the worst time ever with food she was eating and her child's moody behavior to say it nicely. ๐Ÿ™‚ check her blog out because you never know, it might help you….

  27. Congratulations!! You look amazing! I had to go on a super bland diet a few weeks ago for breastfeeding based on our pediatrician and a lactation consultant. Every meal has to be 50% carbs and I can't eat anything green, beans, dairy, or soy. It's not fun but it made the biggest difference in my little guy! However, I was able to start reintroducing things back in one at a time after a week and could determine what was bothering him and knew to only eat those things in the am! You are doing great!!! xo

  28. So happy for you Andee! When i had my son, I cried for a week straight- up until then, I had never held a baby, let alone change one or feed one. I know how you feel and trust me, it will get better and easier with time. As for what to eat while breastfeeding, I was told to avoid soy, limit citrus foods/drinks ands get a lot of protein, fruits, veggies and plenty of water and calcium. I believe you should still be taking your prenatal, but double check with your DR because this was years ago (2007) for me. I agree that you do need to get out and do things for you. That's exactly what I needed to feel like a person again. My first putting by myself post-baby was only to Target, but it was amazing to be out and take a breath. ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW, you look amazing and your little girl is so cute. Again, so happy for you.

    1. thank you Jill! I will def be putting those on the list to avoid! Hoping this hormonal phase passes soon and so good to know other mamas experienced it as well! thank you for the tips xo

  29. Andee you look so RADIANT!! It sounds like you and baby are happy and healthy! It's hard at times when we are in the house all day with a new little babes but, I think you have the right idea getting out and taking a nice walk or doing lunch with friends is so important! She is such a beautiful little girl just like her mom I wish you and your hubby much happiness!!!

  30. Andee, Ava is a doll baby! What a beauty! It sounds to me that you are doing so great! What a blessed little girl to have a mommy that wants nothing but the best for her! Just use you motherly instincts on what is best for your little angel. Every baby reacts differently to foods so I think you have already figured out what is going to work for Ava! Try not to overanalyze too much! Just know that she is going to be just fine! I have learned over this past year (wow my son will be one in a week) that I can't control everything! I want everything just perfect and as my husband says "he's not a robot" so just relax and enjoy every single moment! Also, I recommend the book On Becoming Babywise! It's is amazing what getting them on a schedule will do for both you and baby!! I promise if you take any advice take this haha! Schedules make for happy babies and mommy! Love all the pictures and so happy for both you and that sweet girl!

  31. Wow she's gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚ congratulations!! I had a little boy 7 weeks ago, and it the best thing in the world and also the hardest! I was very emotional during the first few weeks, anything would make me cry, so you are not alone. The only advice is that only you know your baby, there will be many times when people will like to give their opinion (especially when you haven't asked for it) and sometimes it will make you question how and what you are doing, but you've just got to remember that only you know what's best for your daughter and don't take anything to heart! Enjoy it because she will grow and change so quickly, I can't believe how much my son has changed in the past few weeks. Wishing you all the best hun xxx

  32. Andee, Congrats to you and Stephen! She is just so precious and I can't wait to see more pictures of her as she grows into a beautiful little lady (just like her mama!) I love the pure honesty in your blog post as well. So exciting!

  33. Hi Andee, congratulations on your beautiful little angel! I had my baby boy 11 months ago and being a first time mom, I can completely relate with everything you're feeling. The first few weeks were the most difficult because we were sleep deprived, overwhelmed and anxious to do things right. I've found that listening to our own instincts is what worked best for us and helped a lot with the transition to being new parents. Every baby is different and you'll ultimately figure out what works best for you and your baby. I was so determined to not co-sleep in the beginning but after a week of waking every 2 hours to nurse, I finally gave in and it worked wonderfully for us. It allowed me to rest while nursing and eased my mind of worries about possibly dozing off and dropping my baby. We co-slept till about 5 months and transitioned him into his crib with no problems. For gas, Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water which you can get at Walgreens is what worked best for us. As for the baby blues, I found that taking some time to go shopping or getting a little me time helped tremendously. It was difficult the first few times because I would feel so guilty leaving my baby even for a couple of hours but it really helps with your sanity. My only advice is enjoy each day and moment with this little angel as much as you can because they really grow up fast. I'm sure this is quite a transition for your other baby, Louie too. We have a 4-year old pug, Rupert, and although it was difficult and confusing for him in the beginning, he was and still is very protective of his little brother. The baby absolutely loves him. I wish you and your new little family all the best. Thank you for sharing your experiences as a new mommy!

    1. thank you! I am def trying to soak it all in because everyone says they grow up so fast! Im hoping this funky hormonal phase passes soon and think your right about getting out and doing a little something for myself each day. Thank you for the advice and suggestion! Greatly appreciated! xo

  34. Hi Andee! Your little girl is beautiful just like her mommy! The first three months can be hard but it gets easier after that. I loved the books "healthy sleep habits happy baby" and "baby wise" but don't get too stuck on schedule that you get frustrated. Also, look for some new mommy friends that you can call and hang out with, it's nice to know someone who is going through the same things you are:), it goes by so fast. My little ones are now 9 and 5. Wishing you a non-gassy baby that sleeps through the night :)!

  35. Congratulations to you both! I really appreciate you taking the time to give us updates, I feel like any bit of advice will help me when I'm on route to becoming a mommy myself. I am so glad that everything is going well, I can just imagine how amazing and overwhelming it must be! Best wishes to you both and your little cupcake.

  36. I'm not pregnant and I don't have a new born baby, but I love how honest you were in this post. I can still relate because I have these same fears as you do THINKING about having a baby.
    Style in the City

  37. You are just the most gorgeous new mama EVER and baby Ava is beyond precious!

    New mommyhood is an adjustment & I'm sure those weepy feelings will pass. Be sure to so something just for yourself each day…a manicure, bubble bath or something else you enjoy. Play some pretty relaxing music in the house and get out for some fresh air every day.

    Love Ava's cupcake sleeper…too cute!

  38. Andee, you and Baby Ava are Beautiful!!! I just wanted to tell you that you're doing an amazing job!! I have an Ava also she is 21months ( Ava Alexa)I went through exactly what you are going through. Baby blues were the worst ๐Ÿ™ very common.. I'm sure you have done your research at least 80% Of new mommies go through this! Very hard to explain unless you've experienced it. Dr.Oz has a long list of Mood enhacing foods to help!!! I also breastfed Ava until she was 10months. I do have to say when I began to pump things got way easier for me!! I'm a pumping pro LOL!! I drank Mother's milk tea and ate lots of oatmeal to help increase my supply and massage techniques! I'm expecting another baby in August. It's a boy!! Please try and rest and let others help (husband) I had a hard time with that, I wanted to do it all. I wish you the best!! I'm sending you lots of prayers to help ease your mind. It gets easier I promise ๐Ÿ™‚ Love, Alaina

  39. Hi Andee!! I can SO relate to your post. The first month after I had my first baby was one of the hardest experiences of my life. I totally felt like a 'zombie' and had a bit of the blues. All I can say to you as far as advice is to hang in there because it definietly does gets easier. I know you will hear this from everyone, but it really is true. Also, make sure you are swaddling the baby and a tight swaddle so that the baby doesn't get out of it. This made a huge difference in both of my babies sleeping habits. Both girls were sleeping through the night by the end of their first month. I think feeding them sufficiently throughout the day along with a good swaddle was Key to help them sleep through the night. As far as food goes, I was eating lots of homemade chicken soup and I think keeping away from the acidic foods will help. Yes, get yourself out of the house. I would put the baby in the stroller and take walks; that really relaxed me. It is tough initally because you want to do more however, take it easy for now, you have plenty of time to take your little one out of the house. Your little Ava is gorgeous and I wish you and your family the BEST! I feel like I know you from following your blog. Congrats again love! I have two girls a 3 year old and a 10mth old. Hang in there girly!! xoxoxo Lots of Love to you!:) JessicaA.

    1. thank you Jessica! This comment really made my day because it sounds like we experience the same things! So comforting to hear that it DOES get easier with time so I'm just taking it one day at a time!

  40. Congratulations to you and your husband, Andee! You look stunning and Ava is absolutely beautiful! Like other commenters, I love your honesty. As a Birth Doula, I know that how you're feeling is completely normal. It seems like you're doing a wonderful job as a mommy, and I hope that all these new adjustments become easier soon =)

  41. Congrats on the birth of your beautiful baby girl! Love love love her name! =) Glad the co-sleeper and breastfeeding are going well so far. Baby blues are totally normal … I suffered through them my first couple weeks, crying for no apparent reason and being frustrated that I couldn't explain why. I'd be elated one moment and then sad the next. And the sleep deprivation on top of that just made things worse! The important thing is to communicate with your husband and share your feelings with him. My little guy is now 5 weeks old and I still get a little sad now and then just looking at his pictures from his first week and realizing how fast he's growing up. But I think every parent feels that way =)

    It's great that you realize the importance of having some "me" time. Try to go out with your husband every now and then too, as it's more important now than ever to keep the bond strong between you and your partner. If you're able to get a babysitter for a little bit and have a date night, it does wonders for your relationship and your own sanity. You'll realize how much you miss your little girl even after an hour or two and want to rush back home to spend time with her. =) Best of luck and congrats again!

    1. Jamie thanks so much! Its comforting to know I'm not crazy and the only new mama out there experiencing this! I hope to feel like my normal self soon!

  42. Congrats Andee, she is sooo sweet!
    My little guy was very gassy the first few weeks. Gripe water is the best product. All natural and can be used from day one.

  43. Oh Andee!! CONGRATS! I am so, so happy for you and your sweet hubby! As someone who has never had a child, I appreciate your honest and open account of the first few weeks (and the pregnancy, also). It means a lot to your readers ๐Ÿ™‚ She's beautiful!!!!

  44. Aww she is a doll!! I had the baby blues as well.. Same exact feeling but it honestly just took time to go away. Plus I was freaking out about how fast she was growing so I refused to nap during the day bc I didn't wanna miss out on time with her.. Which did not help. Sleep is a must for your brain to make you normal again. XOXOXO

  45. Hey Andee! Congrats on the baby! She's so cute!!! I loved this post.
    Could you please do a post about your childbirth experience? – if you feel comfortable about it-
    I'm on my 35th week and growing a bit anxious about delivery. I've read every book around but I'm the first of my friends/ cousins getting pregnant and I'd like a "personal" version on childbirth.

  46. She is gorgeous! Congratulations! I think the most important thing is to trust YOUR instincts. You are her mom and you know what is best for your sweet baby. The conflicting advice, although well intentioned, can get overwhelming after awhile. I struggled with everything…baby blues, exhaustion, gassy fussy baby, breast feeding, pumping, bottle feeding and then to formula. You will figure it out. Trust yourself! You are doing awesome!

  47. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!!! She is adorable! I know having a kid is so overwhelming and having the baby blues is completely normal! I was very young when I had my first and I was feeling so overwhelmed and my hormones were completely out of control!! Hang in there it gets better as you both adjust to a schedule( my biggest advice as a mommy of three is to get on some sort of schedule) it is really good that you want your "me" time because that is very important to have and to be able to stay sane:) enjoy your beautiful lil bundle !

  48. she's gorgeous congrats! I'm due in about two weeks and already feel a little nerves about the late nights lol but it's all worth it in the end enjoy your little angel!

  49. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter! I know it is such a cliche to say this but parenting is toughest job in the world but it is by far the best job. Both of my babies were very gassy. My doctor said to try to stick with the healthy food I was eating and that the baby would get used to it. In the meantime she recommended that I take Beano which would help both the baby and me. Also Mylicon was very helpful. As to the blues, it is very common. Take care of yourself and if you don't start feeling better soon talk to your doctor. I actually had quite a bad case of post-partum depression but got the support I needed. And when you can pump and freeze some breast milk. You will need some time out and this way you don't have to rush home for a feeding. Also, and I didn't learn this until I had my second child go out when they are still very young! With my second son we went out to dinner at least twice a week. I feed the baby and then we left. He just slept in his carrier – my boys were always lulled by the quiet commotion of a restaurant. Just getting out will feel good. Most of all – enjoy these days as they go by so quickly!

  50. Congrats again and don't worry I know things will get easier with time as you adjust. I don't have children but both of my sister in laws have babies and experienced everything you described. My sister in law joined a baby and me yoga class when my niece was old enough and it helped her meeting so many other new moms. Good luck with the first few months! xo

  51. Oh Andee, I can SO relate to the blues. I think mine lasted so long because when we had our daughter 10 years ago, we were alone. No family nearby, and not many friends or acquaintances in our new environment. To make matters worse, I'm a very social butterfly kind of person, but was cooped up in our tiny apartment 24/7. I felt so isolated while Darling had his job to go to every day, and kept busy on weekends with outdoor sports.
    My Mom is coming to visit for the first two weeks this time, and I am hoping to follow all the advice I should have followed the first time around: sleep when baby sleeps. Let friends & family help with household chores. If things aren't done the way you'd like them, or laundry folded the way you like, let it go! Just take it all in stride, and rest as much as you can.
    Above all else, don't forget about Andee, and do keep up with your own interests AND needs. It's SO easy to fall in that trap of wanting to do it all yrself, and having a perfectionist streak, but try to let others take care of you and little Ava. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good luck, and I sure hope the Blues will pass quickly for you.

  52. Congratulations on your new blessing…she looks adorable. Thanks for sharing your experience with us – your honesty is so refreshing. Good luck over the next few months.

  53. Hi Andee! So happy for you! She is absolutely precious. Like everyone has been saying, I'm in awe of her gorgeous lips. She is beautiful like her mommy. My son just turned 7 months today and it's true that it goes by fast. I'm still breastfeeding him and now we're both pros at it, but I remember the pain in the beginning. I would cringe when he latched on, but then the pain would go away. Anyway, one day, it just doesn't hurt anymore and then you can really enjoy feeding your baby. My advice for you is to follow the 5 S's…Have you heard of this? Swaddling, Side stomach position, Shushing sounds, Swinging and Sucking. My husband and I learned it from our hospital and we used this method all the time. My son still likes to be swaddled! Anyway, it does make a huge difference if you're trying to calm Ava down. Check out the "Happiest baby on the block"…that is where the method comes from. I also started a bedtime routine pretty early on: read books, bath, lotion, pjs, swaddle and then nurse…I then laid him in his basinet next to our bed to sleep. He never slept in our bed, and at 3 months, we moved him to his crib. I was sad but my husband was happy to have our room back. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, just thought I would share what worked for us in the beginning. It does get easier and you will be in a routine before you know it. Congrats and hopefully some of this will help you. Kathryn

  54. Hi Andee,

    I just found your blog through a photo on pinterest. Love your blog, I'll be adding it to my blogroll. Congratulations on the new baby, her and I share a birthday!

  55. I also had a baby 4.5 weeks ago called Ava. It was nice to know that I am not the only one going through these problems! I have cried and felt completing overwhelmed at times. Nothing prepares you for motherhood. My bubs has also had problems with gas and it has been stressful. Everyone sais it gets better though. I know some foods can irritate them, I started to analyse everything I ate. But I have since discovered that if I burp my little one properly then she is much more settled. I would try not to stress about it to much because you will know if it is something you have eaten. My sister in law also recommended that I watch this video called Dunstan baby language. This lady from Australia discovered that babies use 5 words when they want somethinng. There is a youtube video of her on Oprah as well. The link is here I am still learning some of the words but it has been a amazing for my husband and I. Some of the words you have probably already begun to be familiar with. Anyway hope it helps and I hope it all makes sense, I am one handed typing with Ava in my other arm as I speak.

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