New Beauties!!

Hi ladies!! It feels so good to finally have internet and be blogging again 😉 I’ve miss you guys and catching up on all my daily reads! Things have been hectic here to say the least! We are finally in our new place (after hating the first one and having to get another). We literally came to Miami with 10 bags of luggage,our cars and Louie! We’ve been out everyday looking for furniture and all the odds and ends you don’t realize you need until you have to start from scratch!

Since I was feeling a little homesick I decided to splurge on these Louboutin Bibi platforms I have been eyeing for months! They definitely brightened my day 😉

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    i cant think of any more adjectives to describe them..
    they would definitely brighten up my day too !


  2. Seriously what A GRRREAT Investment!! (not gonna lie a little bit jealous lol)
    on another note that's crazy having to start from scratch, but it's also a nice fresh start. Happy you found a good place 🙂

  3. Love!
    So small world that you stumbled onto my blog and the Toronto connection! Are you in Brickell/downtown area? Blo is opening in about 8 weeks, and thereafter you will never have to do your own hair again!
    Send me an email so I can add you to my Grand Opening List:

  4. love they're BEAUTIFUL!! i know what you mean.. i'm moving to germany next month from the US and i'm anxious but excited at the same time!!

    it's amazing what a gorgeous new pair of designer shoes can do for one's spirits hahaha

  5. thanks ladies! Thankfully the second place is much better and were slowly but surely settling in! Pics to come when its all done! @allergic to Vanilla i know arent those electric blue ones insane?!!!
    @Lisa where in Germany are you moving? Thats a big move!! I lived in Stuttgart for a couple years.
    @Lynette i LOVE the biancas as well! Such a classic pair!
    @cheryl thanks i missed reading yours too while i was wout internet 😉

  6. so question: I see you buy at Target and Forever 21 which are area affordable stores but then you make a couple splurges with shoes and bags, do you spend a lot of money or find them for an affordable price?

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