My Ultimate Baby Gear List!

Morning ladies! Remember last week in my post when I said I kind of didn’t mind those middle of the night feedings and cuddle sessions? Well let me just fast forward to this week and scratch that lol. Last night was a long one with this little man and lets just say i’m looking forward to a few months from now when the sleep stretches get longer. 😉 I know it’s short lived so we’re just trying to go through these little rough patches and function as best we can in the newborn stage. A lot of you asked about baby gear so here is my final round up on our must haves!

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and in the crib sheet, swaddle blanket, towel and changing pad cover department you can say i’m pretty much Aden and Anais obsessed!

A lot of you asked about my carseat and kicks from my post on Instagram last week. I love this one so much more than the one that I had with Ava and mainly because its lighter weight and so much easier to carry!

and a few must have for mamas….

A nursing cover is always a good idea. I’m not a fan of all the vibrant stand out prints so this black one is perfect!

I used these sleeping nursing bras with Ava and stocked up again because they are SO comfy! 
These are the nursing bras I use for daytime. They’re super comfy and I like that they’re lightly lined.
Have to have the disposable nursing pad inserts for leak protection!
and some Lanolin cream is always a good idea! Esp the first week of breastfeeding…yikes!
As for bouncers we have tried a ton! We have two of these (one upstairs and one downstairs) and love it! We tried the super pricey mama’roo and ended up returning it because Ava like this one more. Not to mention I didn’t want to spend $200 on something that can only be used for a few months. 
and lastly this is the co-sleeper we used with Ava and are using again this time around. It pushes right up next to our bed and hopefully will help make the transition into a crib a little easier down the road! 
I hope this list was helpful for all my mamas and mamas to be! I didn’t include a carrier on the list because honestly I didn’t really love them with Ava. I have the Moby wrap and Baby Bjorn but felt like it was all just so heavy. To be honest once I washed one of the wraps I couldn’t figure out how to wrap it up again lol. I think I may need to give a carrier another try, especially now with a very active toddler on my hands. If you ladies have one you love PLEASE share! I always love hearing what works for you ladies too! 

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  1. I love how you shared all of this- super helpful! Can you please share your favorite vitamins you have been taking before, during and after pregnancy?

  2. I'm due with my first in 7 weeks (eek!!), and have several of the things you've mentioned, which makes me feel a little less unprepared! We put together that co-sleeper the other day and it's so fun to see it sitting in our room…makes it seem soo close now 🙂

  3. Very helpful post, Andee! I am having a little guy in 20 weeks so I will be looking for boy style posts too! Thanks!

  4. Love my Sakura Bloom (the linen one) for when their little and the Ergo once they get heavier. But not the 360 Ergo. It's a great concept but not as well made IMHO.

  5. Sollybaby wraps are amazing!! They are super lightweight so they aren't heavy or hot (which being postpartum and having a little heater attached to you is totally necessary) and they come in soo many color options!

  6. I have heard great things about the baby Solly wraps, I haven't tried them as I don't have any kiddos but read a lot about them on other blogs. Might be worth re searching?

  7. Solly baby wraps are great but you still have the problem of learning how to wrap them, and honestly theyre good for small infants but as you get into a chubbier baby stage theyre not as good as the ERGO! I am a huge ERGO carrier fan but only of the new ergo 360 where the baby/toddler can face towards you or outward. They have an infant insert for newborns but most of the moms i know just skip buying that and roll a blanket up underneath the babys bum to push them up a little higher since theyre so teeny. Ergos are great for going to the park, the beach, and on hikes with your toddler when you need to be hands free. I think a carrier is a must when you also have a toddler to take care of. So if you could, i would do the solly wrap for newborn stage up to 3-4 months and then switch to the Ergo as they get older, and youll use the Ergo for a Loooong time because you can carry a ton of wweight in there (especially dady). and then sell it when youre done (;

  8. I love Wellements gripe water since it is organic. Also, the Ubbi diaper pail does wonders.. No smells unless it's open! Plus you can use any type of bags for it.. Just a bit pricier but worth it! Also, I love the MM sleeping bras thanks to one of your earlier posts! I'm no longer breast feeding but I still wear them to bed or for lounging for a little added (comfortable) support!

  9. The moby wrap but NOT the way it's advertised. I could never get it right. I would put it on and it was always too big, too tight, too much. I used a wrap called the Front Wrap Cross Carry. There are a lot of tutorials on how to wear a newborn in this type of hold. It's better than the way the moby is advertised because you put the baby in it first and then adjust it so you can have him at the perfect height, tightness, etc. and you can also scrunch up the straps in warmer weather. For after 3 months, I would highly recommend the Ergo. I still occasionally use it with my 18month old if I'm hiking somewhere with my 4 year old. Also, do any mama friends wrap their babies? I thought it was most helpful to see someone else do it and get a hands-on tutorial!! (over wine, obv.)

  10. As a baby store owner and mama f 2 I'd suggest the Lillebaby Complete Airflow! It's got more positions than the Ergo/Ergo360, it's supportive for the wearer even for a heavier/older child and the mesh fabric on the Airflow model helps in warmer climates (I live in Bermuda so I feel ya on the body heat issue!)

  11. Thanks for sharing all these products. Wanted to put in a request for casual everyday mom outfits, I would love some ideas. Thank you so much.

  12. Oh the second time around! So wonderful yet after a min….the lack of sleep gets old FAST! You have a lot on your hands and not getting proper sleep just makes everything more stressful once the baby dust has settled and your trying to balance it all. Hang in there Mama!!

  13. I have Beco Gemeni baby carrier and I absolutely love it. I have used babybjorn with my first, and honestly it was so uncomfortable because the straps kept digging into my shoulders ( I am petite and my back was hurting after 5 min of carrying the baby in it). Beco was a life saver with my second one!

  14. Solly wrap for sure! So much softer, stretchier, and more beautiful than a Moby. Gorgeous colors, rolls up so you can throw it in the diaper bag, and has a hidden pocket for a paci or lipbalm. LOVE

  15. Just have to say that the Lansinoh Lanolin cream also makes some of the best lipgloss ever – dab a bit on top of lip liner or lipstick and it holds it in place and keeps lips nice and soft with a nice shine!

  16. You have to try a Sakura Bloom ring sling, they hold the baby at a natural level, so they aren't right in front of your face and you have a full range of motion. Totally ergonomic so no risk of hip displaysia like the Bjorn. Plus they are so close to your body, it keeps them incredibly calm – like magic! They are basically the Bentley of baby slings – and range in material from light airy Irish linen to duponi silk. I sound like I work for them but I don't lol – I am just obsessed with their slings. I recently bought one in a chambray linen and its gorgeous. My son is 2, and 35lbs and he still asks to get in the sling. For my husband – I have an Ergo. It's great for hiking.

  17. I am pretty much using this as my "things to buy" list, haha, so thank you for all the links!! Quick Question — is your Maxi-Cosi carrier/car seat compatible with your City Select stroller?? I love both and cant seem to find a definitive answer on either manufacturers website. Thanks so much!

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