My Must Have Bra

After several requests on this I decided I should share my little Victoria’s Secret with you girls! If you haven’t tried the Miraculous bra from Victoria’s Secret you need to get down to the store today and do so! This baby is life changing! (Ok maybe not life changing but it will give your girls 2 added cup sizes!!)

(Wearing a regular bra)

Here wearing the miraculous bra. You can totally see a difference in the cleavage department! This bra will cost you around $50 but worth every penny in my opinion!

How about you girls?! Have you tried this bra yet?!

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  1. What sucks is I'm a 32D and I don't think VS carries my size -_- if I go down to a 34C, it fits me a little loose around my rib cage. Gorgeous bras though! Curse you VS!

  2. Thanks for sharing your secret, Andee!! I've always wanted to ask you what kind of bra you wore but felt that it may be an inappropriate question to ask. I'm definitely going to grab a couple of these ASAP! Hahaha. =]

  3. I just bought this last month to fill out a bridesmaid dress (as opposed to altering it). And now I'm just trying to see how obvious it is in my regular clothes! 🙂

  4. so cool of you to share with us, I have a similar one but from La Senza ( in Canada there are no VS secret, at least not in Mtl and not in Europe where I live now either). Anyway, I also love mine as it gives me 2 cups more but as it is very padded, I don't like wearing it that much and also, only for a special occasion or special dress to enhance my curves!!! But yes it is the miracle bra and every girl should have one for those special occasions 😉

  5. I tried it on and started laughing. My ta-tas looked huge. Like fake huge. Couldn't believe it. I carried it around the dang store the whole time and then when it came time to pay, I chickened out and put it back.

    Maybe next time. haha… xo! -Jet

  6. looks great on u, def makes a difference in the cleavage department. I tried this bra on for fun but didn't buy it. I'm already a 34DD and have narrow shoulders and waist, made me look cartoonish pretty much, hahaha 😀

  7. Ohh!! So this is how you got your girls to look so good in that picture. lol. You have anything to make my junk in the trunk look a little more plump. That's what I need for who I'm trying to attract 😉

  8. I work at Victoria's Secret, and the Miraculous (aka, The "Bombshell") Is one of our top 10 selling bras. Not only does it add two cup sizes, but it also converts to a cross back style and halter. They also have the miraculous in a strapless style, which is perfect for summer dresses!

    It's definitely addicting, because once you have one, you want to wear it every day, so this is definitely a bra that you need to buy more than one of and make a complete bra wardrobe. We also have a Dream Angels Add 2 cup size bra as well, which is amazing!


    Today, I was shopping with one of my girlfriends when she convinced me try on/ buy the Bombshell. All I have to say is YOWZA! You're right it is totally worth every single penny. It has done ah-mazing things. I actually bought a few of them and tried on all my favorite dresses/outfits; had no clue my décolletage could look like this. lol.

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