My Mama/Baby Must Haves

Okay ladies lets talk Mama and new baby must haves! Luca is now 3 months old and being our second kiddo we have tried a bajillion (yes bajillion 😉 products so here are the ones we would buy all over again in a heart beat!

Stroller- Obviously a must right! We loved the Uppa Baby Vista with Ava but the model we had from a few years ago had horrible second seat options for two. After hearing great things about the Baby Jogger City Select we purchased it and it has been great (its extremely similar to the Uppa Baby Vista but a little cheaper and has more options with the second seating kit!) So if you are planning on more than one baby I would definitely look into this one! We also have another Stroller coming from Stokke so i’ll keep you posted on that one too!

Swaddle Blankets- Duh! Can’t do without these and as previously mentioned Aden +Anais have pretty much nailed it with their swaddles. I will admit swaddling can be kind of a pain, especially if you have a little hood-ini like Luca who can get out of anything. I’ve tried several different sleep sacks and had no luck! (recommendations are welcome!  I think were almost out of the swaddle stage but other mamas reading the comments might appreciate options if you’ve found a great one) so these Aden + Anais swaddles have worked really well for us!

Pack N Play- Oh how I appreciate a pack n play now more than ever before. With a very active and eager toddler who constantly wants to hold, tickle and constantly touch, its so nice have a little barrier for him where he’s out of sissys reach for a little bit.  😉 This one by 4Moms is amazing! It’s sleek looking and super firm which is great for using for tummy time! My husband says its pretty lightweight so we are planning on using it a TON this summer at the beach!

Products- and a little something for the mamas! One of my favorite lines is Mustela. These products  are made primarily of plant-based, naturally-derived and non-petroleum ingredients, pure essential oils and gentle preservatives. 

and this Mustela 9 Months Nursing Comfort Balm is also a MUST for my breast feeding mamas! 
It protects and hydrates the nipples’ by making it more supple and resilient. It has Chlorophycea extract combined with Bisabolol that decrease the skin’s sensitivity and soothes painful irritations.This is especially a necessity in the first few weeks when your little one is perfecting their latch! It’s non sticky, non clogging and non staining and is also Fragrance and Paraben Free!
I also love this PhysiObebe Cleansing Fluid! It’s a hypoallergenic, no-rinse cleansing fluid that I use on Lucas face and diaper area. The soap-free solution has aloe vera in it which adds moisture and keeps the skin soft. I also love that it is Paraben-, phthalate- and phenoxyethanol-free !
You can purchase both of these from (if you haven’t already check out this site…they deliver next day and my husband is kind of addicted to ordering from there 😉

Noise Machine- Yup have two of these Graco sound machines and always take them when we travel! The white noise option has become a necessity in our house (did I mention we have a very active/vocal toddler 😉

Video Camera- and probably the best thing we have purchased so far and couldn’t do without! Once the kiddos are down these video cameras allow us to have some one on one time but the comfort of still being able to check on them! This one by Summer has been awesome and we purchased the second camera option for Luca’s nursery as well!

Baby Carrier- THANK YOU to all the mamas that recommended this! I really wasn’t a fan of a carrier when Ava was a baby but now with a toddler on the go and a little one this baby has been a LIFE SAVER! Whether its for running errands, doing dishes, at the park with Ava or just to put him to sleep (bc he falls asleep pretty easily in this) this Ergo carrier has been a HUGE help! I particularly love this one because its all black and the baby can be worn facing outward as well!

Bottles- These bottles have been awesome! We used Dr. Browns with Ava but have to say i’m loving these Tommee Tippie bottles even better. They really mimic the breast and love that I don’t have to wash and put together all the pieces of the Dr. Browns bottles. We still use and love this bottle warmer (I just warm the milk in the pump bottles first) or Tommee Tippie makes this food and bottle warmer as well!

Onesies- Okay as a mama who has a little too much fun dressing up her kiddos 😉 it’s all about the onesies at this stage! They grow so fast and the blow outs and spits up are REAL friends so i’m all about practicality and quality these days. I have no problem shelling out cash for quality onesies like Kickee Pants that were a big favorite of ours with Ava (No joke we used the same onesies from My nephew–to Ava– and then to Luca and the quality was legit) but I found these at Old Navy and stocked up! The husband would get so flustered lol with all the buttons on the onesies when he would try to get Luca dressed after a bath (you know that time of night when the screaming/crying is in full effect) that he requested zip up onesies only to speed up the process ha! So the hunt began and I came across THESE from Old Navy! Stock up ladies…they’re soft, stretchy, zip up quickly, have the built in little mittens so they don’t scratch their face and are affordable!

Pacifier – I know you’ve seen these Wubba Nubs pacifiers on my blog and instagram before but they’re awesome! Plus big sissy loves helping put these in her little brothers mouth (we had to work on the “gently” placing it there 🙂

Diaper Bag- and the bag that hasn’t failed us yet! We purchased this Marc by Marc Jacobs diaper bag over three years ago for Ava and have used it to death. I’m talking thrashed it…taking it to the beach, travel, and using it on the daily and its still in great condition! I just toss it in the washer and its as good as new again! I love thats it’s all black and no frilly designs so the hubby can wear it too! If you’re on the hunt for a great diaper bag I highly recommend this one!

And that’s my Mama/Baby must have round up for this stage! I am sure we are entering the crawling/teething/ baby stages too so i’ll do another update once we hit that stage again! Hope this was helpful for you mamas!!

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Mustela wants to hear from real moms like you! Head on over to Mustela’s Facebook Page to enter into their Mustela Moms Know Best contest to win a bundle of products (over a $100 value!). There are two winners every day, so be sure to enter into the contest daily with your tips, tricks and advice!

 This post was sponsored by Mustela through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Mustela, all opinions are my own.”

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  1. We love our Baby Jogger Stroller! It was an investment but so glad we made it happen. With two kiddos, it was so worth it.

  2. I loved that Mustela PhysiObebe Cleansing Fluid for my newborn as well. I had a friend give it to me – I didn't know anything about it before – and it was great. Mustela is just a great brand all around (and the Honest Co., love their products as well.) And I'm going to check out that Mustela balm next time.

  3. Look up "swaddling 102" on youtube. My son was a swaddle escape artist (but couldn't sleep without being swaddled tight). This method was a lifesaver for us. Now weaning them off the swaddle is a different story…

  4. Thanks, Andee! This is a great list! Would love it if you would do a quick post on your Mother's Day wish list…I can leave my laptop open for my husband to see!

  5. I never thought about washing my Marc Jacobs diaper bag in the wash. Thanks, I've been emptying it and wiping it down but this seems more efficient and easier. I will say mine had a few issues and that's just with one baby, but I still love it. I use it for everything and it holds everything!!

  6. Loving this post as we get ready for baby #2 too! Oh, that Graco sound machine goes with us on every overnight trip. It is a must! I didn't know about that PhysiObebe Cleansing Fluid before, but we love and still use Mustela products for K! Will have to try that out for #2! As for swaddling a baby Houdini – I tried everything and FINALLY the only thing that worked was The Miracle Blanket. It worked so well right away, I went to Babies R Us to pick up 2 more the next day! lol!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  7. The Top 3 "Must Haves" include: the car seat, a stroller that can push around a car seat and a breast pump. There are car seats that can also be used to carry baby around. The Graco Snug Ride is one of them. It is important to have the car seat properly installed before going to the hospital or else you cannot take baby home with you. If you have more than one car, extra car seat bases are handy.

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