My Favorite Eyeshadow for Blue/Green Eyes

There are certain colors that can make your eye color really pop. Typically you would look at the color wheel, find your eye color, and see what color is on the opposite side of the wheel. One of my all time favorite eyeshadows is Amber Lights by Mac. Its a vibrant orangey bronze color that is perfect for Summer! Here’s a shot of me wearing Amber Lights….

 (this picture is from last month when my hair was lighter…I went back darker recently)
To find the best shadow for your eye color….
First find your eye color on the color chart. Then, look at neighboring shades within the same color family to build a monochromatic palette, or directly opposite shades to build a complementary palette. If you have blue/green eyes like me stick with forest green, sages, mosses, and green-golds for a monochromatic look. To really make eyes pop try mixing pinks, purples, roses and mauves. 
 The best makeup for BLUE eyes is navy, blue-based grey and silver eyeshadow. Conversely, browns, coppers and peaches, plus orange- or yellow-based shades achieve a complementary look.
For Brown eyes  makeup in teals, blues, purples, and pinks in addition to neutrals like chocolates, bronzes, coppers, and taupes look best. 
Some of my other favorite Mac eyeshadows are Cranberry, Mulch and Plum Dressing. What are your top three favorite eyeshadows for your eye color?! 
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  1. Super helpful post! I have brown eyes with a lot of gold. Love Satin Taupe, Sable and Texture (all MAC). In fact, you might like these shades too for your eye color.

  2. I think you'll look beautiful in any colour 😉 though you are correct the colour wheel is an amazing tool at determining the most flattering shade.

    My eyes are not quite brown and not quite green…they're kinda amber I would say. I look best in warm purple, burgundy and plum shades like MAC Cranberry and my all time fave MAC Smoke Signals pigment (sadly LE).

    1. you're to kind love…thank you! and it sounds like you have my FAVORITE color eyes! Im obsessed with rachel Zoes eyes they are this gorgeous amber brownish color!

  3. Love that eye shadow. My favorite is "the paradise found" duo from bare minerals, but now I have feeling amber lights from MAC is going to be my new favorite :).

  4. Love your makeup and hair here 🙂 I have blue eyes too and i love MAC amber lights as well.. i also love MAC woodwinked,Satin Taupe, Coppering, Soba (for an everyday smokey eye), and MAC Lucky Green also looks nice on the bottom lash line with woodwinked on the lid and Mac Vegas Volt lipstick. I also love MAC Nylon in the inner eye corner and just under the brow as a highlight.I have actually posted about my favourite MAC eyeshadows and lipsticks on my blog recently so would love if you could check it out xx

  5. You look beautiful! Can you please tell me where that top is from? I love anything off-the-shoulder. thank you!

  6. I'm a green eyed blonde with cool coloring, MAC NW 15-20. I love NYX Beauty Queen…it makes my green eyes SNAP, CRACKLE and POP! I have to stay away from bronzy and orangy shades but anything plumy and purple toned works on me. Taupes work well but I have to make sure they lean toward cool tones and not warm tones.

  7. Hi Andee,

    Could you do a tutorial on how you use cranberry? I love the colour but don't know how to use it….

    Also, could I please request a couple of posts? I miss the outfit of the day/ week posts and also maybe a post on a week of healthy dinners you have prepared? I'm always stumped on what to cook.

    Thanks lovely!

  8. My eyes are green but I don't dare to wear much red/pink toned make up around my eyes because I'm scared I'll look unwell! bronzes, golds and neutrals seem to work best for me and my pale skin. You have a lovely skintone and I think you can take bolder colour.
    Hannah x

  9. Color wheel, whaaaaa?! Never knew that could be useful outside of art class 🙂 I'm so handicapped when it comes to makeup in general. I tend to prefer the simple, natural, everyday look. What's your favorite brand when it comes to eyeshadows?

  10. Omg I've been getting my hair lightened gradually from black for a couple months now and even after all this money and time spent, I'm seriously considering going back to dark. It's good to know I'm not being totally silly.

    P.s.- You're so sweet and have such a lovely little family!

  11. I had my make-up done by MAC a few years ago and they told me about wearing orange, coppers and peach to make my blue eyes pop. Best advice I've ever received!

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