Mommy & Mini Twinning!

Today miss Ava is getting in on the “OOTD” action! As you probably noticed by now I’m not big into dressing Ava in pink and bows. While I do love to see her in a dresses this child is definitely a tom boy at heart. I tried my hardest to put her in headbands etc when she was little but they NEVER lasted more than 2 minutes. Even now everyday when I brush her hair she runs away from me while I try to tame those crazy curls (and I mean EVERYTIME lol). After lots of requests i’ve started posting more of Ava’s outfits on my Instagram account but bare with me bc if you have kids you know getting them to stand still to take pictures is quite the task 😉 
I will say now that Ava is into 3T clothing the items just keep getting cuter and cuter! I found this light denim shirt for her in the boys section at Zara and couldn’t help but get in on the “TWINNING” action. Here’s one of my go to everyday mom outfits…

Photos by Steady Jenny
Urban Outfitters denim shirt (similar HERE)
Paige skinny jeans
Dolce Vita sandals
Zara denim shirt 
Gap skinny jeans
Peek shoes (similar HERE)

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  1. So so cute! Marli is a tomboy as well but I have to force myself to put her in dresses because I only have that TINY window to do whatever I want with her style until she starts to have an opinion about what to wear etc. But, she definitely plays and acts like a boy haha And I hear you about taking her pictures. I LITERALLY snap like 10 at once and I know at least 1 will turn out decent…and I never say 1,2,3. Babies don't care about that 🙂

  2. When I was little I used to have hair just like Ava! My mom said I always used to hide from her when I saw the brush come out. 🙂

  3. May I ask where your bracelet is from? I keep seeing this in all your pics but could not find anything similar. I would really like to have one for myself. Thanks.

  4. She is such a doll! I don't know her personality but she def doesnt look like the kinda girl who dresses in pink and bows all day 😉 shes such a cutie pie and this casual style is just SO precious on her. Gorgeous.

  5. I die! This post is absolutely adorable! Thank you for sharing these sweet moments with the world. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful little girl! If you don't mind me asking, what size do you wear and recommend in Paige? I've never bought designer denim before, but after seeing Pagie on your blog for so long, I'm ready to take the plunge! Since I'm ordering online, I want to be sure I get the right size. Thank you!

  6. i've seen your denim shirt so often and how everyone asks where it's from. Just to help out a bit: you may have purchased it at Urban Outfitters, but it is actually a Levi's Denim Shirt. Mine looks so much like it so it might be from Spring/Summer 12. But it's definitely Levi's, which will make finding the same or very similar one a lot easier 🙂

    1. it's so sweet that you take the time to answer all of the comments 🙂 <3 I just read all the posts I haven't read yet and when I came back to this i looked at the comments and saw that you replied to mine and everyone elses comments. Love how you take time to connect with your readers 🙂 you're inspiring and I hope to have a family like yours someday 🙂 I'm only 21 so i have time though 😉

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