Men’s Golf Gift Guide

Alllright ladies after years of begging me I’m finally letting the hubby take over the blog today for this Men’s Golf Gift Guide. I’m not letting him actually type something because we know that’d get inappropriate REAL QUICK but I did ask him to send me links for his Golf Guide. He’s pretty confident in his golf game and swears your man would love these items if he’s a golfer, so we hope it’s helpful! If your guy isn’t a golfer, I also have a general GIFTS YOUR MAN WILL LOVE Gift Guide as well.



1– OK  gotta give it to him, this golf bag is actually pretty good looking compared to a lot that I’ve seen.

2– This is pricey but something your man will be excited about says Steve! It’s a range finder & also helps you know the elevation aka helps him stay on his A-game. Hubby says he’s tried cheaper versions and nothing compares to this one!

3– This golf glove comes in a bunch of colors but Steve likes white.

4– You basically get two vests for one since this one is versatile- love the quilted side personally and great for cooler golf mornings!

5– Hubby’s favorite golf pants and they come in a few neutral colors.

6– He loves this brand, probably his favorite for golf gear and accessories.

7– Another Travis Mathew item here and he has this pullover in a couple of colors- wears it all the time!

8– This golf jacket is pricey but one he would have for years!

9– I always grab him one of these golf belts for Christmas since he wears them every time he golfs.

10– Hubby has these Nike Air Max Golf Shoes on his wishlist and gotta say, I love them too!

11– Nice golf shirt a golf lover would be into.

12– Hubby loves these classic and clean white Golf Shoes

13– Can’t go wrong with a new pair of socks for Christmas and these are good for winter/to wear with pants.

14– Tons of colors for these shorts for under $100.

15– These Stance socks are his go-to’s and he says they don’t slip. This pack of 6 is perfect for a gift this season, too!

16– Nice golf shirt for the guy in your life!

17– Another pair of pants with his stamp of approval.

Does your guy golf??

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