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Good Morning loves! I hope you all are having a great weekend so far. I’ve been meaning to share some  random products and items that i’ve been really “loving lately”. I share so much on insta stories but it disappears 24 hours later so I thought I would do a quick round up sharing them with you girls on here too. I am thinking about making this a weekly segment so let me know what ya think!

hoola bronzer stick

First up is this Bronzer Stick by Hoola. I am ALL about that contour life and have to stay finding the right shade can be tricky to say the least. I want a contour color that is ashy but not too ashy and warm but not crazy bronzed. This Contour stick by Hoola is seriously a gem! It’s the perfect middle ground contour stick that can be worn for everyday wear and for a more glam night look as well. The consistency is great and it blends really well too. If you’re looking for a creamy contour stick, definitely check this one out!


Okay so I will admit i’m totally a picker.  I’ve been trying to be better about it because most of the time I feel like I only make my breakouts worse. I LOVE this Acne Treatment Concealer because rather than packing on more makeup to conceal it and further clogging my pores, I can use this tinted Salicylic Acid treatment and treat it while i’m also covering it up. It really seems to dry up my breakouts and I use it in the color Medium.

I’m sure i’m not alone in the candle obsessed department ( my husband is convinced I’m going to burn the house down) but I hate spending a TON on candles. I like to say I’ve tried just about all the candles at Target but this one is a new on in our candle aisle and it SMELLS SOOOO GOOD. My girlfriends that came over the other day said it smells like an Anthro candle. Next time you’re at Target take a whiff of this one! They also have one in the a mercury style glass called brown sugar chestnut I think and that’s another favorite.

I shared This Lipstick on instagram the other day and LOVE this one. You girls know I am a die hard Velvet Teddy fan so I took a chance on This One (in the color MEOW) when I saw it online over the Summer. I had never heard of WINKY LUX before but honestly really love it. It came in a kit with a lip liner that is no longer available but you purchase the liner separate HERE (or you can wear it with Mac Stripdown…my holy grail lipliner) It’s a little more pink than Velvet Teddy but the lipstick does not budge. If you’re looking for a pretty everyday pink for Spring I wanted to put this one on your radar.

Okay and if I had to pick a favorite from today’s post ladies it would be This Hand Cream! I know I know I sound like an old lady but let me just say it’s awesome and I recently realize the hubby’s been using it everyday too. Now that i’m in my thirties my preventative skincare is in full force. I was on the hunt for a hand cream with SPF as my hand get so much sun exposure (especially when driving) and this product is amaze. I love the oversized bottle with pump handle. It  sits on my bathroom counter so I put it on everyday before I leave. There are a million SuperGoop products i’m loving lately (and will be sharing another new favorite on next weeks Loving Lately post) but definitely wanted to share this one with you girls!

Okay hope you girls enjoyed this quick little round up and let me know if you’d like to see these style posts weekly!

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