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Being 3 1/2 months pregnant is kind of the “in between” stage as far as dressing. I don’t have a very distinct tummy yet. It just looks like I have a beer belly. Lately I have been wearing more flowy tops until my tummy is a little more prominent. In the mornings my pants fit fine. By the end of the day I look much bigger and definitely have to unbutton! Here is a look I wore yesterday….

(Chaser tee, Rachel Pally high waist maxi skirt, Horn pendant from a boutique in NYC, Alexander Wang bag and Cartier bracelet)

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  1. Andee once your pants stop fitting what you can do is put a rubber band halfway through the button loop, stick the loop inside the other loop so that it ties then put the left over side on the button 🙂 my pregnant friend did that and wore her normal jeans throughout her entire pregnancy!

  2. You look lovely Andee. I'm pretty sure you will have a nice belly with thin body, and your face will look full of glow (well it does now, but…) you know what i mean.
    Can't wait to see your pregnacy advance. i'm so excited for you girl. Congrats again honey.

  3. You look GORGEOUS, the first bit is the most awkward because u don't actually look pregnant, I think ur going to be like me, u will prob start actually looking pregnant after 6 months and then once u hit 36 weeks just *POP* I feel like a whale right now at 39weeks and 3days! I'm so excited for you, you will make such a stylish mum, I can't wait to see what ur nursery will look like! I'm looking forward to lots of mummy updates, Im so happy so many bloggers are pregnant! 😀 xx

  4. LOL, beer belly! I see no beer belly, nothing, you´re such a beautiful (pregnant) lady!
    That´s what I had during these early weeks of my pregnancy. My co-workers used to say: first came belly belly belly and then Doro. I was a skinny minnie during both pregancies but the belly was HUGE!
    You look amazing! I think it´s a….. BOY! Can´t wait the baby bump. Awwwwww …;)

    xx, much love from 2 on plateaus!


  5. You still look gorgeous as always 😀 And maxi skirts have been a lifesaver throughout this pregnancy, I wish I put up some more fashionable photos of me but oh well. I've also turned maxi dresses into maxi skirts skirts by wearing a top over them…I'm too cheap to buy maternity clothes haha.

  6. @Butterfly you know that has been a bit of a battle for me! I have totally been lagging on my workouts since moving to Miami and being preggo! I havent really got on a routine yet and not really loving my gym so thinking about checking out another in the area. Right now I am doing cardio twice a week (light jogging or elliptical machine) and one or two days of strength training. i definitely get out of breath much easier than before so I have just made my work outs less intense. Im hoping to feel more motivated once i get into a new gym xo

  7. @Maria totally agree im hoping to not have to wear maternity clothes! (not sure if that is realistic. I may have to give in down the road 😉
    @Mushine I have loved all your baby posts too! I cant believe you are so close to meeting your little one!!! xo
    @Noelle and @estfania thanks girls, you two always make me feel great!
    @Liana I think i purchased it from singer22.com. Just google Chaser tees and im sure some will come up.

  8. @Dani thanks for the tip love! I just purchased a "belly band" which i think is a similar concept. You leave your current jeans un buttoned and place this elastic band over top of it. Keeping my fingers crossed it works! if not ill def get that a go! xo

  9. Hello there hun, was just passing by and had to post on your blog
    If you didn't mention on this post you were preggers it would have never crossed my mind You are so gorgeous and Love the whole outfit is lovely
    I would wear that anytime! I love the versatility on your blog and definitely following you!
    I invite you to check out my blog Hope to see you there!

    blessings and best wishes on your pregnancy!


  10. Wow, I am late to the gate..but sweetie, CONGRATS! How exciting. I just celebrated my little man's 2nd bday…it is insane how the time flies, so enjoy it all…

    You look beautiful as always…and I don't see a bump yet..but I am sure it is there….I know for me I LOVED the little bump because it made me actually feel pregnant…for the first 3 months it was like nothing changed and I had to keep reminding myself that I was preggers (didn't have morning sickness either).
    Best of luck throughout your pregnancy…can't wait to see your fashionable self…I am sure you won't need maternity…I wore Old Navy maxi dresses the entire time when I got big. C

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