Little Miss Ava Layne

Born March 22nd weighing in at 8lbs 2 oz our little mama is finally here!! She instantly melted our hearts and we are beyond excited to start this new chapter. Thank you again for all the love on Facebook and Instagram! I will admit life adjusting to a new born is a bit rough and still a work in progress but hope to start updating again soon!!!

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  1. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!! Enjoy every sweet second with her, it goes by too fast!! So happy for your sweet little family!

  2. yay! Thanks for taking the time to post, Andee! She is soooooo cute! Love all the pics, there is such an air of freshness and serenity! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing and all the best in this great new chapter of life!- tiffanycastro (instagram) xoxo

  3. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEWEST ADDITION!!! She is absolutely beautiful! Hopefully you have lots of support from your friends and family to give you even just an hours rest! Best wishes!

  4. Awwww Congratulations Andee!!!! She is just so precious!! It was so exciting to see her little photo on instagram. You three make a beautiful family:) Wishing you all the best and hope momma and baby are feeling well! God bless!! xoxoxo

  5. She's beautiful Andee congrats to you and your husband, and best of luck adjusting with your little babay.

  6. Congratulations!!!!!! may this baby bring joy and happiness to your life. Best wishes. so happy for you and your new bundle of joy.

  7. Congratulations Andee! She is a beauty of course and you and your husband look so happy. Wishing you all the luck getting through the first few weeks adjusting to your sweet little girl. =)

  8. I hope your hubby is mentally preparing for all the boys who are going to come around wanting to date Ava! She's going to be a heartbreaker! Mazeltov!!

  9. Oh, such a good day to be born! My 1st child, also a daughter, was born on March 22nd 9 years ago! Congratulations and I hope that your daughter will be as much of a joy to you as mine has been to me!!

  10. Congrats on the new beautiful addition. I'm sure she'll grow up to be gorgeous just like her mother.

  11. Yay!!! You are going to do great!!! Just love her to pieces, even when she's crying, and you'll do fine! And your manicure is stellar even right after having a baby- you go Andee!! Take your time getting back to blogging and enjoy that little angel, your followers will wait. "Babies before blogs" I always had to tell myself!!!

  12. congratulation may God Bless that little one and bring her health happines and lots and lots of love her whole life does are my best wishes , and congrats to you and husband

  13. thank you ladies so much for all the love!!! Im still am adjusting to mommy hood but think I'm getting the hang of it! Hope to update her birth story and baby update as soon as I get in the swing of things xo

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